Friend Zone Level: Infinite! People Who Will Never Escape From It!


We’ve seen it before, haven’t we? Two people looking perfect for each other, but declaring to the world that they are just friends! It’s OK when they are both feeling the same way, but what happens when one of them actually has a crush on the other and is desperately trying to show his feelings?

There’s only one answer here! Nothing happens! If the other person doesn’t feel the same, you are bound to live in the friend zone until the end of time!

The next few photos are proof of that, and you’ll probably feel sorry for those who are trapped in the zone and are desperately trying to claw their way out!

The Gift Bearer!


This poor guy! He is totally in love with her and she has no idea! Actually, scratch that! Of course she knows! She just doesn’t like him that way!

Even though he is clearly doing his best to win her over and escape from that friend zone she put him in, she really goes out of her way to tell everyone that they are nothing more than friends!

Look at him smiling and offering her flowers and chocolate on her birthday! I bet he was thinking that he would be finally getting his big break! But nop! So sorry dude!

The Shoe Boy!


Some women will take advantage of a guy’s feelings to get everything they want! In this case, this girl obviously wanted a slave, and she got one!

She didn’t even have to beg! I can just imagine the conversation that went down before this incident!

Girl: Oh no! My shoe is untied! I can’t even bend over to fix it! What should I do?

Guy: Don’t worry, I’ll do it for you! I’m here to take care of you!

Girl: Oh, you are such a good FRIEND!

Boom! And just like that, his soul is crashed!

He Already Knows!


Now this is a whole new level of friend zoning someone!

This woman is honest about it and it sounds even more brutal! She knows that he likes her, but she keeps hanging out with him and stating to everyone that she is friend zoning him!

The fact that she wants to post a picture of them together on social media, but not without writing “thank you for not hating me for friend zoning you” is really bold! 

She’s lucky to have such a good “friend” who puts up with her!

Mega Best Friends!


This is absolutely hilarious! Don’t act like you don’t know what he’s trying to say you sneaky lady!

This guy clearly stated that he wanted to be more than friends with a girl he had been trying to win over for ages! He decided that it was time to let her know about his feelings (even though we’re pretty sure that she already knew!) so he sent her a message telling her that he wants them to be more than friends!

Her answer? Ridiculous! She acted like she didn’t understand what he was talking about not once, but twice! Yeah, mega best friends is exactly what he meant! This was so brutal! Just give up dude, it ain’t happening!

Poor Johnny!


Poor Johnny! All he wanted for this New Year’s was to go out with the girl he has had a crush on for ages, hoping that she would finally realize that he doesn’t see her as a friend!

But nop! That obviously didn’t happen! Even though this woman posted a cute photo of them on social media, with her kissing him on the cheek (clue number 1), she also put a caption saying that he is her best FRIEND in the world (clue number 2)!

Johnny doesn’t look very happy now, does he?



Mega burn! This is one of the worst friend zone situations in history and it’s really hard not to laugh!

Her best friend (who’s secretly in love with her) bought her a car as a birthday gift (yes, I said car!) and she posted a photo of her next to the car on social media to let everyone know about this out-of-this-world gesture!

It’s not enough that she said that he is the best bff, her actual boyfriend put a comment under the photo thanking the guy for getting his girlfriend a brand new car!

Is it me, or is this really starting to look like a conspiracy?

Table Bestie!


When you are willing to do anything for the girl you love, even if that means turning into a table for her laptop, while she’s trying to write an essay!

This guy has been best friends with her for years! But that’s not what he wants, is it? He has been waiting for the moment she realizes that he’s in love with her and hopefully reciprocate his feelings!

We have news for you buddy! She already knows and she doesn’t care! As long as you’re willing to do basically anything for her to be happy without getting out of the friend zone!

Valentine’s Day Backup!


I feel so sorry for this guy, who obviously has a crush on his best friend!

This sweet man got back from a trip to Hong Kong and the first thing he did was take out his “bestie” for a late Valentine’s date to make up for the fact that he was away on that day!

She is obviously single, so no one there to shower her with gifts on that special day, but no worries! Her best friend has everything under control! 

He wore a nice suit and asked her to put on a fancy dress so that he could take her out! Such a nice guy! And such a cruel caption above their photo on social media! Stay strong buddy!

Good Looking Friends!


What a hilarious burn!

This woman posted a picture of her and her best friend on social media with the caption “There is a reason we are besties”. That was strike one!

But that wasn’t enough to crush his ego apparently, until someone posted a comment that they “make such a good looking couple”.

Of course, she wasn’t about to let this one slide! She answered as fast as she could to correct him by saying that they are “good looking friends”! That was strike two by the way!

You just couldn’t let him have a small victory, could you?

Pedicure Boy!


Attention! You are approaching a dangerous friend zone and you will never be able to escape! Do not enter!

Obviously our little buddy over here didn’t listen and he went in anyway, thinking that he would be able to claw his way out of the friend zone! Nop! That’s not happening any time soon, or ever for that matter!

It’s not enough that he sat with his crush for more than an hour to give her a pedicure, she then posted about this on social media to let everyone know! But wait, that’s not what made the situation worse! She bragged about her best friend giving her a pedicure and then wished that she could find a boyfriend like him!

Your prayers have been answered lady! Stop acting like he’s not there!

Best Guy Friend!


So let me get this straight! You wake up and someone knocks on your door to deliver a bouquet of roses along with a note telling you how beautiful you are, and the first thing that pops into your head is that this guy is a great friend?

Get a grip lady! He is not your guy friend, and he doesn’t want to be, so don’t act like you don’t know it!

What kind of guy would ever send you flowers just to cheer you up if he didn’t have a crush on you? Let me answer this for you! No one! There is not a single guy on this planet who would do this for a friend!

Is He Chinese?


All I can do is laugh with this one, and I’m pretty sure that you’re doing the same!

This conversation went downhill pretty fast and it’s all because this guy is clearly not the smartest man we’ve seen! 

His “friend” obviously started a conversation about how to tell your crush that you’re in love with him, and he was giving her some solid advice! The great part about this is that he mentioned that “if he’s smart he will know”!

Well, clearly he isn’t, because when she told him to read that first word again (“You”) he asked if the guy was Chinese! What? How the hell did you come up with that?

Makeup Stand!


Once more, guys doing whatever they can to please their crush without ever reaching their goal!

Like this poor guy over here, who had to sit there with a tiny mirror stuck on his face, so that his “friend” would be able to put on some makeup before her big date with another guy!

Talk about a selfless act! What were you thinking, man? That she would realize you’re a great guy with this gesture and dump the other guy, who will never treat her the way you do? Of course not! This is not a Hollywood movie, so just give up and find someone else!

I Got Your Back!


Now this is what I call having someone’s back!

These teenagers are hanging out at the mall and while the girl is there with her boyfriend, her “best friend” is sitting behind her so that she can put her back against something and be more comfortable! What a lady!

But it’s not her fault! This guy should’ve understood a long time ago that he was in the friend zone and that he would never be able to escape from it! She’s there with her boyfriend, dude! What more do you need to realize that it ain’t happening?

Looks Like It!


Here we go again! Girls posting pictures on social media with their “friends” and making sure they mention that they are NOT together!

Like this cute couple right here! Oops, sorry I didn’t mean to offend you like that! They are not a couple, they are just two friends hugging and posing for a picture!

Except that the guy is clearly in love with her and you can tell by the way he is gently kissing her on the forehead! Of course, she can tell as well! She just doesn’t want to let him out of the friend zone quite yet!

Keep Rubbing Friend!


Poor kid! To find out what rejection is in this age is really hard, isn’t it?

Although this kid here, who can’t be more than 14 years old, looks pretty OK with it and honestly it’s kind of creepy!

Look at him! He’s just sitting there, rubbing her feet while she’s lying on the couch in the arms of another guy! Life can be so cruel sometimes!

The couple looks pretty happy and in love, while the poor kid is realizing that he is destined to forever live in the friend zone that he was put against his will! Don’t worry, kiddo! It will get better one day!

Cooking Buddy!


Yeah sure! Because all guys just love spending their nights in the kitchen and baking cookies and brownies for no reason!

Don’t pretend like you don’t know it lady! He’s there for you and he’s hoping that if he makes cookies for you at 2 a.m. because you had a craving, then he might just win you over!

News flash mister! It’s not going to happen tonight, or any other night actually! But you probably realized on your own, when she told you that she wanted to take a photo of you and post it on social media saying what a great friend you are! That’s why you look like you want to kill yourself, isn’t it?

He’s Not Gay!


He’s not gay and he is also not your friend!

We’ve seen guys giving their “best friends” a pedicure before, but this dude went all the way and gave his crush a mani-pedi to match the 4th of July celebrations! Do you know what this means? It means that this guy spent hours painting each nail a different colour just to please his crush!

And what was the result? Did she realize she should actually let him out of the friend zone and finally be with him? Nop! She just posted this photo with the caption that her best friend is not gay!

Happy Holidays!


What do you do when you don’t have a boyfriend, but still want to send Christmas cards to your friends and family posing next to a guy? That’s simple! You call your best friend, who you know won’t say “no” to you and ask him to join you for picture time!

The poor guy said “yes” without even blinking and she got what she always wanted! A man who will do anything to please her without ever having to sleep with him!

It’s not enough that she posted these photos on social media, she also felt the need to clarify that they are not a couple! They are just besties in love! Slow clap please!

Just Friends!


She managed to have a date for the prom and not looking like a loner on this important night, because her best friend asked her out!

That’s great so far! Unless you count the fact that her best friend has been in love with her since the age of 7 and she is still refusing to see him as the good looking guy he really is!

Of course she won’t do that! She wants to keep her options open and use him whenever she needs something, without ever getting him out of the friend zone! What a master plan!

Be My Bridge!


OK, this is just mean! Not to mention that it’s also pretty disturbing to watch and probably violates some human rights! Just kidding, we all know that the friend zone doesn’t offer any rights!

This is watching the saying “cross some bridges” turning into reality! This lady used her “best friend” as a plank to cross a river and she looks pretty excited about it, although the guy has probably just realized that this was a huge mistake and that she’s literally using him as a stepping stone! See what I did there?

Get up and leave, man! She’s not worth it!

Let Me Walk You Back!


Wow! Burn! 

Now this is what I call being straight forward! This lady isn’t about to hide the truth from him and she chose some tough love to teach him a lesson!

The guy was obviously trying to give her a compliment with the hopes of slowly and smoothly finding his way out of the friend zone, but she wouldn’t have it!

As soon as he called her beautiful, she knew she had to put him back in his place, without even trying to sugarcoat it! She just asked if he needed her to walk him back to the friend zone he tried to escape from! That was hard to watch!

Prom Friend!


You fool! He’s doing all these cute and romantic things for you and you still won’t let him out of the friend zone! Who is ever going to treat you this way again? No one! 

You’re all happy and excited about prom, when he’s probably at his house freaking out about giving you the perfect night and maybe admitting his feelings to you, refusing to realize that it’s never going to happen!

And you know why it’s not going to happen? Because he already went all out to please her, that she really doesn’t need anything else from him anymore! She got the attention she wanted and now it’s “adios muchachos” for him! Friend zone is his new home!

It Didn’t Work!


What a gentleman! He is doing the whole prince charming act and it’s still not working with her!

Those two had been friends for some time, but only one of them had a crush on the other! Can you guess who? Hint hint, it’s not the girl! Yeap, that’s right! This poor guy has been trying to show her he’s in love with her, but she won’t have it!

The worst part is that she knows all about it and she’s not afraid to let the whole world know! The above photo is proof that nothing will ever change, since the caption clearly states that “he tried to carry her out of the friend zone but it didn’t work”. So sorry dude!

It’s Official!


From a scale of 1 to 10 how friendzoned are you? With this “friendship engagement” I’d say probably 100!

Poor guy, he is so in love with her, he went out and got her a ring! You’d think that she would come to her senses after this grand gesture and realize that she should stop friendzoning him and finally give him a chance!

But no! That’s not how this lady works! She posted a picture on social media, flaunting her new ring, and when she realized that someone could see this and assume that they’re a couple, she wrote a comment to clarify that this is just a “friendship engagement”!