You Had One Job Dude! People Who Failed Big Time At Simple Stuff!


Mistakes happen all the time! But some people really don’t know how to do their job right and end up destroying everything in an instant!

Worst part about this, is that some don’t even bother to fix the mess they’ve created and give us the chance to “admire” some true “works of art” with their lousy job!

Here are the worst examples of people who had one job to do and failed miserably at it!

Long Yellow Things!


This is what happens when you don’t eat fruit, or when you live on another planet maybe!

So I get it, we don’t have to know everything, even though bananas are really not that hard to remember and I’m guessing everyone has seen one at least once in his life!

But if you don’t know what they’re called, why don’t you ask your supervisor? Or any other co-worker? Or even a kid for that matter?

Long yellow things? Seriously? 

But if you think that not knowing the name of one of the most popular fruits ever is weird, then you should really take a look at our next photo!

Well, Hello!


You had one job, man! And look what you’ve done!

Why would anyone put a door like this in a public restroom? It’s not enough that the urinals were placed there, allowing everyone to see EVERYTHING as soon as they walk in; they also did the huge mistake of putting a glass door?

This in not a conference room dude! This is a restaurant’s bathroom! How is anyone going to feel comfortable enough to use it? 

While we’re on this subject though, let’s check out this next restaurant’s epic fail!

Great Name!


So you walk into a nice, fancy restaurant on Friday night, after a long hard week and you can’t wait to order something really delicious. The waiter hands you the menu and you realize that this place probably doesn’t really care what they serve you!

I’m honestly trying to figure out an excuse for this incident, and the only thing I can come up with is that this is the restaurant’s first day! But still… didn’t you know that you’re supposed to put YOUR restaurant’s actual logo there?

Who was in charge of this? Why didn’t anyone notice?

Such A Long Week!


Now this store really offers more than anyone would expect!

This store apparently is all about customer service, and they decided to stay open not only for the 7 days of the week! In fact, they thought it would be a great idea to stay open for 9 whole days! That’s a totally different week! 

Of course, it must be really tiring for the staff to have to work there for 9 days instead of 7, but who cares right?

No! Some guy obviously didn’t even pay attention to what he was putting on the wall! That guy got fired by the way! But the sign is still up there!

My Job Here Is Done!


I can just picture the conversation that went down before this accident happened!

Boss : “Paint 2 yellow lines there, Jim”! 

Jim : “No problem boss!”

13 seconds later…

JIm : “Done!”

Boss : “You’re fired!”

How does anyone not notice that there’s a car in the way! Maybe they did, but still had to do the job the were hired for. Ask around first, man! Or ring the bell maybe! Don’t paint a guy’s car and act like everything’s OK!

The things that people might do when they’re bored are sometimes hard to believe! Like our next guy!

Super Lock!


I’m guessing that this company’s owner asked the locksmith to make it impossible for someone to break in! Well done! Now not even the owner can get in! 

But we really shouldn’t blame the locksmith for this, should we? The door handle is the problem here and the guy who put it didn’t even think that someone would also have to unlock before pushing the door inside!

Apparently when he realized, it was already too late! It was time for his lunch break and he didn’t want to waste more time on this! After all, who would ever notice?

Adios Dude!


Now this one is really hilarious, although I’m pretty sure that the people who went in that store to look for a condolence card didn’t really appreciate it!

I’m really hoping that the problem here is the guy who had to separate the cards into categories and not that someone made an “Adios” card for this occasion!

The dog with its sobrero really does look cute though, and it would probably cheer up anyone who’s grieving, right? No? Not a fan? Don’t blame me! I’m not the one who placed it there!

Are You Sure?


I’m no expert, but I think that there is something wrong with this Batman bag! It’s not like it’s the end of the world, but Superman is on it!

Or maybe it’s a reference to the movie “Batman V Superman”? And they’re clearly choosing Superman?

This is such a fail, I honestly don’t know how to justify the guy responsible for it! I’m wondering if this mistake was done on thousands of bags, or if this was a one time thing! 

I hope the store is selling it at a lower price because no one is going to buy this any time soon!

3st Place!


What a punch in the face! It’s not enough that you got third place, the medal you got was clearly not thought of!

Let’s think this through together! So, first of all, the guy responsible for it clearly didn’t have basic English in his skills. Then, he clearly had no supervisor so no one really checked if everything was done accordingly!

And what do you do when you receive this? Do you complain to someone in charge about the fact that it’s supposed to be 3rd and not 3st? Or do you just sit in your corner and say nothing because you really can’t brag about third place anyway?

Super Easy!


It’s no news that the world has only just recently started to realize that something needs to be done in order for people with disabilities to be able to lead a normal life and have access to everything!

Some countries completely neglect this issue, while others have put in place some good rules when it comes to facilitating people in a wheelchair!

Then there are other places, that clearly don’t get the concept of easy access or wheelchair ramp! Like this one for example!

They just put stickers on the stairs  to show that the spot is reserved for wheelchairs, but without installing a ramp! Give this man an award!

Shared Bathroom!


Well, this is interesting! I’m curious to see this restroom in action! How does it work exactly? 

Whoever did this must really be proud of his work, and we applaud him! It’s not easy doing this kind of job nowadays!

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this guy was probably instructed to make a gender neutral restroom at a restaurant. The point was to have toilets for both men and women in one place, but this guy obviously missed the mark!

How is anyone going to use these, ever? Is it for friends only? (NO, we’re not that close with our friends anyway!)

Looks Great!


So you’re a model and you find out that one of your photos is going to be placed on a building and you can’t wait to drive by and admire yourself! You also make sure that you let all of your family and friends know so that you can brag about finally getting your big break!

And then this happens! You look cut in half because someone made a huge mistake and was too bored to fix it! 

Your realize that your big break isn’t coming any time soon and stay home refusing to take any calls because you know that it’s your friends calling to make fun of the situation!

Window Falling!


This is probably one of the worst things we’ve seen so far, especially because nothing can be done to change it now! How did this even happen? How is it possible that no one noticed before finishing the project?

Is this apartment sold at a lower price, or are they trying to convince people that this was intentional and advertising it as a special apartment to sell it at an even higher price?

In case a poor sucker already moved inside, did he notice it from the start or did they close the curtains and acted like nothing’s wrong while they were showing him around?

I bet you get dizzy when looking outside!

Now Jump!


We all know by know that it’s important for bikers to have their own lane in the road or even on the pavement, and it has taken many years for the authorities to actually do something about it!

But when they do, apparently they mess up! Take this street for example! How is this ever going to work? Or is it just the thought that counts? Because I don’t think that anyone will appreciate the thought behind this!

What are the bikers supposed to do with this? Jump with their bike when they reach this point so they won’t get hurt?

Stairway To Heaven!


This mall offers anything one might need, except for access! 

This group of friends wanted to get on the 3rd floor of a new mall when they realized (a little bit too late though) that the escalator was leading them to a wall! How is that possible?

Didn’t anyone notice that it was impossible for people to reach the next floor? Maybe a warning sign would have been helpful, since there was now no way to fix this lousy job!

Just put a sign guys! “Heads up! Escalator leads to dead end!” to avoid having a bunch of people stuck on that thing with nowhere to go!

Public Call!


How is this even possible? Who was paid to have this done and why didn’t anyone fix it?

This phone booth was just recently installed, even though everyone uses their cell phones, to give a more retro vibe to the city! However the guy who was in charge of installing the phone was clearly too young and had no idea that it should be placed on the inside of the booth!

Didn’t you watch any movies when you were a kid, man? And if you didn’t know, why didn’t you just ask before destroying the entire project?

Real Men Only!


Wow! What a great fail! This picture was taken at a clothing store that I’m guessing will probably shut down in no time!

We’ve seen logos like this one before, so there is nothing strange about what’s written on this T-shirt; in fact, it’s for a very good cause! We do, however, have a minor objection about the colour of the T-shirt!

How is it possible to write that “Real men wear pink” and have it placed on an orange shirt? You had the easiest job, man! How could you mess this up again?

Hayyp Birthday!


All I keep thinking is that no one is ever going to buy this poor birthday card, and that it will probably sit on the store’s shelves for ages, before someone decides it’s time to throw it away!

Or maybe there’s a better explanation for it? Maybe they didn’t mean to say happy birthday! What if there is actually someone out there who’s called Hayyp and he’s celebrating his 16th birthday?

So it would be like saying “Hayyp 16th birthday!”. Still doesn’t make any sense, right? Oh well, at least I tried to make up an excuse for the guy who messed up!

Leg Space?


There’s actually a good explanation for this! Just kidding, this is just another example of someone doing the complete opposite of what he was asked to (literally)!

This bus is probably getting a lot of complaints by people who would like to take a seat, but unfortunately can’t! Why? Because a guy messed up again!

This chair was placed in such a wrong place, making it completely useless for everyone! Except of course if they want to place their groceries somewhere? Or maybe their dog?

I don’t even know why I’m trying to make up excuses for the people who can’t do their jobs properly (or at all)!

Great Shirt!


So you’re almost done for the day and you can’t wait to go home and chill after a long day doing a job that you hate! But then your manager asks you to put a shirt and a tie on that mannequin to promote the store’s new collection! What do you do?

Option number 1: You consider that it’s part of your job and that you should do it even if you’re tired and hate that place!

Option number 2: You say that you’re going to do it and then just pin the shirt on the mannequin and throw a tie on it!

Guess what this guy chose!

Thanks Guys!


This is another example of people trying to accommodate people with disabilities and completely failing at it!

The plan was to make a parking space reserved for people with disabilities but they, once again, completely missed the mark! How are they going to get their car in there?

I’m really trying to understand how the person who made this mistake was thinking, but I only have one possible answer here… he clearly wasn’t! He messed up big time!

This list gets even more hilarious with this next fail that will probably leave you wondering!

Back To School!


You only had one job, dude! They told you to place some pencil cases under the “Back to School” section! How on earth did you hear knives? Or perhaps they told the person responsible to just find some space for these new knives and he went ahead and placed them there?

Didn’t he notice that this was the kids section though? Was he just too bored to look for a better place? Probably!

So now parents have to explain to their kids why they can’t buy them that new knife they found at the store! “Why mommy? It says it’s for school! All the other kids are getting it!”.

Great job, man!

Men Or Women?


Make up your mind already! Which one is it? Cause I have a lady over here who really needs to pee, but doesn’t know which door she should open!

Mistakes do happen, but this one might just take some people to court for harassment 

It’s like watching a wildly inappropriate situation about to happen, but you keep staring because you just want to see how it ends up!

In this case, people kept going in the wrong bathroom because they weren’t paying attention to the sign above the door, which we later found out was the correct one!

Yellow Poop!


When you only have half an hour left before your shift ends, and you stop paying attention to the small details! Or in this case, the stinky ones!

This public worker was apparently not paying any attention to the street he had to mark and ended up covering some poop with yellow paint! 

News flash! Poop will not stay there forever so I’m guessing that your job was not completed correctly! That’s me trying to be nice by the way! What I wanted to say is that you completely failed at the only job you had to do, and that you should really pick up the mess (literally)!

Just Thank Us!


This was supposed to motivate new gym members, but it ended up freaking them out instead!

These stickers were supposed to be placed in a completely different order to make some sense! The goal was to tell everyone that 3 months from now they would be thanking the gym for their results!

Apparently the guy who only had to place the stickers though wasn’t aware of that, and obviously wasn’t paying attention to what was written on them! They were put in a random order, and I’m guessing that the gym owner wasn’t too excited when he saw this!