Most Hilarious Sign Fails Ever That Will Make You Look Twice!


We see signs in the streets all the time, and most of the times we just pass by without really paying attention because we pretty much know what they’re saying!

They’re usually there to warn us about a sudden turn, a bumpy road or driving while under the influence! However, there are some signs that really caught our eye, either because of a spelling mistake or because people decided to really write what they were thinking!

This list contains the biggest sign fails, and the most hilarious warning signs you’ll ever see, so prepare yourselves! You’re about to see some really amazing stuff!

No More Please!


We just had to stop and take a picture of this hilarious sign!

This was put up by a Chinese restaurant and apparently a lot of people were going in and asking if the staff had seen their pet cats!

Thinking that Chinese people would cook and eat just about anything, obviously scared some neighbours when their cats suddenly started disappearing! 

When the restaurant owners got fed up of answering questions about missing cats, they put up this sign, and the funny part is that they didn’t even bother writing it in proper English!



Let’s make a mental picture, shall we?

So you’re driving to work and you’re stressed as hell because you know you’re going to be late again, and your boss already hates you!

You think that nothing could make things worse for you when you suddenly realize that there are roadworks taking place! That’s when you make sure that you’re definitely going to be late for work!

Now picture this! It’s not enough that roadworks are stalling you, workers also put up a sign saying  that “You’ll never get to work on time” and laughing at you! Great! Thanks guys!

Just Fake It!


When a family decided to have a picnic near a lake, they thought that a great day was in stored for them! Instead, they found this sign which prevented them from enjoying what was supposed to be a fun day out!

Of course, the sign made their trip there worthwhile! So what if alligators showed up out of nowhere? At least they had clear instructions on what to do in case they attacked! Faking it is always better than getting eaten, right? 

Thanks for the advice, guys! That was really helpful!

Be Safe!


Truth is, we were expecting a different ending to this sentence! This sign was put up by the zoo’s staff and even though it’s kind of raw, it’s also pretty hilarious!

Apparently many people were trying to get a closer look at wild animals, so they were climbing on the zoo’s fences or leaning inside to take a great photo!

This warning sign specifies that it’s dangerous to do this kind of things, but not for the people! It’s actually dangerous for the animals, because if they eat us, they might get sick! 

Yeah, I get it! We don’t want the animals to get sick, right?

Hot Down There!


Keep preaching! That’s a really good motivational speech!

Apparently some AC units were stolen, but this Baptist church didn’t mind that much! Why? Because they knew that whoever had done it, would get the punishment he deserved in the end! That’s why they didn’t call the police when it happened!

Instead, they put up this sign to give the thief a piece of advice; to keep one for himself because he would be needing it where he would be going! In case you’re still wondering where the thief is going (according to the church).. It’s Hell! It can get really hot down there!

Super Shoes!


This is one of the best things that could happen in this small town! Obviously this is not the store’s actual name, but the fact that one of the lighted signs burned out made it hilarious!

Super Shoes has been shining bright for so many years and when the letter “s” switched off, the store got a whole new meaning!

Suddenly people were stopping to see what this store offers and they were probably pretty bummed out when they discovered that the only thing they could go home with were shoes! Such a party pooper!

Just Don’t!


Don’t drink and drive! Also, maybe you shouldn’t drink and work, because that’s probably what happened here!

This road sign is pretty common, but a spelling mistake turned it into a hilarious fail! Aren’t signs like this one supposed to be double checked before they are put up for everyone to see?

Now who is going to take it seriously if it looks like someone wrote it while being drunk himself? 

Of course, there are much worse signs than this one! Like the next one on our list, that will definitely make you wonder!

Great Name!


Where is this road and why aren’t more people living there?

Whoever thought of this is a genius! If you want to attract people in your neighbourhood, then this is probably the way to do it! Find a name that no one else would think of and put it there for everyone to admire!

Is this a long road? I’m not trying to be funny or anything (Yes, I am!)! I just needed some more information, that’s all!

I honestly hope that no kids are living here, because one day they’re going to be old enough to ask what this means, and how are their parents going to explain it?

Slow Children Ahead!


Apparently kids in that neighbourhood love their ice-cream! 

The person who did this was probably not aware how road signs really work, or didn’t know that this was meant to be a sign for cars to slow down because children cross this street often!

This was supposed to be a warning sign for cars, which instead turned into a warning sign about kids being fat because of too much ice-cream! What?

Why would anyone draw a ballooned up kid running with an ice-cream in his hand? Didn’t anyone complain about this? Or are we all just taking pictures and laughing about it?

Go Ahead!


Now this is probably something that will motivate you once you see it!

Road signs are usually there to warn us about something! Like a dangerous turn, or to slow down! Drink and drive warning signs are becoming pretty popular as well, but this one is different than anything else we’ve ever seen!

You know why? Because it actually explains what will happen to you if you drink and drive, and in a very graphic way!

Apparently only jail, the hospital and the morgue are your options and, to be honest, it would also make me think twice before I get into my car if I’ve had a drink or two that night!

Toilet Diving!


I bet you’ve realized by now, that most warning signs are placed for a reason! Most of the times it’s because there were many cases of people doing stuff they weren’t supposed to!

So my question is, how many times has someone tried to dive in this restaurant’s toilet, that the owners had to put a warning sign to prevent people from doing it?

Here’s another question! How drunk were these people? Are they doing OK now? Because they probably had to go to the hospital after their little diving session!

Poor Jessica!


This is just one of those decisions that went so wrong, it’s actually hilarious!

This family restaurant probably started losing its customers, and the owners couldn’t understand why! The food was delicious, and the service was amazing, so why did everyone stop coming in after they put that big “EAT” sign above their restaurant’s name?

So here’s a piece of advice… Before you put signs like that above a store or a restaurant, you better look at the big picture first, literally! Why would anyone want to eat Jessica’s family? What a creepy restaurant!

Everyone’s Gonna See You!


Now this is a proper warning sign these days! Apparently signs also have to keep up with modern day technology!

The authorities in this town put these up everywhere to prevent people from peeing in the streets, and they were shocked to realize that it actually worked wonders!

Showing that there are cameras recording your actions and warning that the video would later be posted on Youtube for the entire world to see, really did the trick! After all, who wouldn’t be embarrassed if that happened?

So next time, before you unzip your pants, you better make sure that there are no cameras recording you!

Your Only Chance!


Now this is truly motivating! That is how you get people to join the church!

This Presbyterian Church obviously knows what women want and they decided to put up a sign about it!

According to this church, cremation is a woman’s last chance for a smoking hot body and I bet this sign was the reason for people to pull over and join the Sunday mass!

Of course, no one was going in to hear someone preach! But everyone had to stop and see who was the guy who had this brilliant idea!

She Still Loves Him!


This has gone so wrong and it’s honestly really hard not to laugh!

This event center used to put up signs like this all the time when a ceremony would take place at their premises! The couples would usually request for something specific and then everyone passing by would be able to see it from the street! 

Except that this couple obviously didn’t think this through! Something that was supposed to look sweet and romantic turned into something completely different and embarrassing!

Apparently Lisa still loves him (or it) after all these years! Congrats Lisa, you’re the best!

Just Try It!


Is this a real burger and can we find it at any McDonald’s restaurant? Because where I come from, this is considered illegal! 

I’m guessing (and praying) that these guys wanted to write “Angus Burger”, but then everything went wrong! I keep wondering how the staff didn’t notice it after putting it up! Unless they did it on purpose because they thought it would be hilarious to watch (they were right)!

However, I really do think that this was an honest mistake, and I’m sure that the guy responsible for it got fired a few days later!

Cow Falling!


Now I would really freak out if I ever saw this sign while driving! OK, so falling rocks you expect, especially if you’re on a mountain! But falling cows? How can this happen?

Apparently it’s a frequent issue in that area though, that’s why the warning sign had to be placed! How many cows fell from up there? Even worse, how many of them landed on unsuspecting cars?

What happened to the people in the car? Or the cow? Or the car? So many questions! No answers! Better avoid that road altogether, instead of worrying about a cow falling on your head!

Great House!


Signs in front of houses are completely ordinary and they’re usually placed there to show that there is a property for sale!

There is nothing weird about that, and we wouldn’t have really noticed the photo if it hadn’t been for that extra sign the company decided to put on top of the first one! 

Apparently, some real estate agencies take it one step further and write a house’s selling point on a sign to attract some attention!

Like this one for example! They thought it would be a good idea to mention that one of the perks of the house is the quiet neighbours across the street! That’s when we noticed the cemetery! Wow! That’s a nice touch!

Funny Mountains!


Who put this up? Cause I really want to meet him! That’s my type of person!

This place was dead before this sign was put up, and then suddenly everyone wanted to go and visit! You know why? Good marketing! Actually, scratch that! I meant to say, hilarious marketing!

This word play is definitely amazing and whoever thought of it should really get an award for his humour! With the intention of mentioning this place’s mountains, the person responsible for the sign decided it would be a good idea to make it more fun and catchy! 

That’s why their hill areas are now hilarious! (Get it?)

Great Company Name!


I cannot stress this enough! You should seriously double check before you put a huge sign outside your store or company! You should also make sure that your company’s name is appropriate in other languages too! 

These people in Spain apparently didn’t think that the initials of their company’s name would be weird and obviously didn’t check to see if it meant anything in English!

The good thing about this bad decision is that it really catches your eye and it’s hard to ignore! So maybe they got exactly what they wanted…people lining up to get in! Good job!

Attention Dogs!


Everyone should understand warning signs apparently! Even animals! 

This sign was put up in North Vancouver and people really loved it, and with good reason!

Actually, probably their dogs thought it was a nice thought as well! Instead of just referring to dog owners about picking up after their pets, they decided it would be a good idea to also “talk” to the dogs directly and let them know that there are a few rules they should respect!

The sign was translated in dog language and “grrr”, “bark” and “woof” obviously “spoke” to them, because the streets were sparkly clean after this!

I Look Yummy!


Zoo keepers really don’t have a way with people do they? We get the feeling that they really don’t know how to speak to visitors and that they’re usually very raw! As raw as that steak looks like on their warning sign!

We get it! Tigers might eat us if we get too close, but do you really have to be so graphic? Apparently explaining the dangers of crossing the safety barriers in simple words wasn’t doing the trick, so they decided to paint us a picture (literally!)!

Truth be told, after seeing this, I wouldn’t even touch the safety barriers! So I guess the sign worked!

Don’t Open That Door!


Now this is the kind of sign that you just can’t unsee!

Apparently the state prison was missing some inmates and I keep wondering how many of you have actually taken some home without even realizing!

As it turns out, it’s not easy finding a ride home (or to Mexico) when you escape from prison! Poor inmates probably had to walk a great deal to get places and after a point hitchhiking seemed like the perfect solution!

Of course, why would anyone suspect that the guy asking for a ride is actually a convict who just escaped? That’s why warning signs had to be put up! Now you know! If you see some guy waving before the state prison exit, just keep going!

Poor Deer!


I don’t know how many times deer have tried to jump in the street to kill themselves, but this sign is hilarious!

Why aren’t there any signs like this one in my town? Are suicidal deer a thing only in that area? Were there a lot of incidents of them jumping in the street while a car was passing by? Probably!

In fact there were so many accidents in that street that the town was forced to put up warning signs to let everyone know that their deer were obviously depressed and suicide was in their plans!

Watch Your Nuts!


This sign is hilarious and I bet it really made an impact on people!

Don’t you just love it when you see some warning signs and realize that a lot of people had probably done some seriously inappropriate stuff, for someone to actually have to place a sign to avoid nasty situations?

Like this one for example! How many people decided to pee in the middle of the road and got bitten by squirrels, where they really shouldn’t, for someone to be forced to explain that there are some pretty safe restrooms they could use instead?