Hilarious Pets Acting Like Humans Will Make Your Day!


Almost everyone has a soft spot for animals, and it’s no news that watching them do crazy stuff or acting like humans can be not only fascinating, but also pretty funny sometimes!

You might be thinking that some stuff are only reserved for humans, and that it’s hard for a pet to act like we would in certain situations, but these photos are here to prove you wrong! 

From cats babysitting, to dogs riding bikes and monkeys shaving, our list with pets acting like regular people and doing everyday stuff will certainly make you laugh!

Shopping Time!


This smart little dog looks like a 3 year old kid on his first day at school! All dressed up and with a backpack on his shoulders, he is even walking on two legs to impress us even more!

This cute furball literally walked into a crowded shopping mall with his owner and was going into every single store trying to find his next great outfit! Apparently this wasn’t his first time there because he seemed to know his way around without his owner ever worrying about his whereabouts!

When shopping was over they went to Starbucks to enjoy a nice cup of coffee! Well, at least the owner did! The dog asked for water this time!

Sleep Tiny Human!


Nothing much! Just a cat rocking a baby to sleep!

For all you parents out there anxiously looking for a nanny, we have news for you! Stop freaking out! Your pet can do the babysitting after all! Like this cat over here, who has been looking after this baby girl since the day she was born!

Whenever she wakes up crying, the cat runs to her to put her back to sleep, giving her parents a chance to get some rest!

According to the baby’s mom, they never had to train their cat to take care of their newborn!

Don’t Poke The Bear!


There’s nothing weird about this photo! It’s just a bear playing with a dog!

These two have been friends forever and their owner says that it has never been difficult to have them around!

OK, we get the dog thing, but…how does someone end up having a bear in his house? The owner, who lives in a small cabin in the woods, (now it actually makes more sense!) explained that the bear just showed up at his doorstep one day and he decided to let her in, because he sensed that she wouldn’t hurt him! (What? I thought this only happened in movies!)

I’ll Do It!


I told you that pets can be great babysitters! This little guy insisted on pushing the baby’s stroller while walking to the park for the first time!

Even though it was a long walk there, this sweet dog never let go of the stroller and kept on walking on his two feet! When they finally reached the park, this furry friend sat next to the newborn for an hour to make sure he was safe and wouldn’t let anyone sit too close to them! 

But if you think that a dog taking care of a baby is not weird, then what do you think about a dog exercising every day?

Workout Buddies


People work out all the time, why can’t dogs do the same?

These two dogs were watching their owner getting on the treadmill every day in an effort to get in shape before his wedding! 

When a few weeks later he noticed that the dogs were waiting for him to get off the treadmill so they could jump on it, he decided to let them have some fun!

Expecting that they only wanted to play while the machine was off, he was surprised when he realized they actually wanted to work out as well!

After that, the owner and his dogs started taking turns on the treadmill every day!

Modern Day Picasso!


Who said animals can’t draw? This elephant is living proof that anything can happen!

I’ll admit, it’s not common to own a pet elephant in most countries, but this “little” fella has been living in a guy’s backyard for years!

When his owner realized that his “pet” was particularly smart, he decided to give him a paintbrush and a piece of paper in an effort to better communicate with him! As it turns out, the elephant loved to draw! 

That’s right! Painting is not only a human talent! You can tell from the photo that this elephant knows how to work with a brush and, in case you were wondering, he ended up drawing a tiny elephant!

Let’s Go For A Ride!


If you don’t have a car but you really need to get places with your beloved pet, don’t stress! Apparently a dog is happy to jump on your motorcycle with you!

When a woman was driving to work, she was shocked to see that a dog was riding at the back of a motorcycle without being strapped to his human friend! Worried that someone could get hurt, she got closer to warn the owner, but quickly realized that the dog seemed happy and was enjoying the ride!

A few minutes later, the dog’s owner pulled over at a supermarket and the happy dog waited outside for his treats!

Piano Lessons!


This furry friend loves playing the piano while his owners are lying on the couch after a tiring day at work!

This 3 year old dog was adopted by a young couple a few months back, and even though they thought that it would be hard to train him, he turned out to be a model pet in no time!

According to his owners, the dog noticed the piano as soon as they brought him to his new home and he quickly took a seat and started playing!

Amazed by this move, they decided to let him “practise” his talent every day and they say that they enjoy watching him because they realize how happy it makes him!

What Do You Want?


I get it! Everyone wants to sit back and relax while watching Netflix, why should this dog apologize for it?

His owner took this photo one afternoon when he realized that his dog was actually sitting (not lying) on the couch with the remote next to him, watching cartoons!

The guy tried telling him that he was sitting on his spot, but apparently his dog gave him an angry look to let him know that he wasn’t going to move any time soon!

Dogs need their own space, and some time to relax, just like we do, and the next photo is proof of that!

Some Me Time!


As you can see, everyone needs some “me time” and this pet is no exception!

Seeing her owner taking bubble baths every day apparently made this dog jealous so she asked to have one as well! How? Well, she kept going in the bathroom with her while she was taking her bath, and crying to let her know she wanted in!

Of course, the young lady wasn’t about to disappoint her best friend, so she decided to prepare a nice bubble bath that same day! The result? Candles, music and cucumbers made this dog feel like a princess and she later slept like a baby!

You Missed A Spot!


Monkeys can be pretty cute pets too, and this little guy is more than we can handle!

Wearing his red pyjamas and fuzzy elephant slippers, he’s obviously getting ready for  bedtime after a relaxing shower, but not before he gets a proper shave!

Apparently his loving owner had missed a few spots though, so the monkey made sure he pointed them out and expected a perfect result before going to bed!

When this ritual was done, the monkey gave him a hug to thank him and went off to bed looking fresh and clean!

Where Is The Bus?


There is absolutely nothing weird about this photo! It’s completely normal for a chimp to be all dressed up and wait for the bus to come!

This cool little chimp wanted to go out with his owner, but not before wearing his new pair of jeans and his new shirt!

People were shocked when they saw him approaching the bus stop like it was just another day out, and putting his tiny arms around his waist in frustration when the bus was late!

Apparently he and his owner were going to the supermarket to do the groceries and this little guy just couldn’t wait!

By The Pool!


There’s probably not a single person on this planet who doesn’t enjoy the summer and hot sunny days!

We knew that dogs are also pretty happy to lie down and relax under the sun, but this cool guy over here took things to a whole new level!

Lying on his own chaise longue, he doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone and is wearing his sunglasses to show it!

Of course, after a tiring day with his buddies, he also needed a cigarette to relax by the pool and enjoy his afternoon in peace!

I Feel Sick!


Sometimes we’re having one of those days, you know? When everything seems pointless and we just want to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing!

This is exactly what’s going on here! This baby was simply having a bad day and wanted to feel safe and to be treated like a queen! 

She jumped into her owner’s bed, pulled the covers so she wouldn’t be cold and just stared at the ceiling while waiting for her human friend to pay her the attention she demanded!

Needless to say that she spent the entire day there, refusing to go to the kitchen for dinner so her owner had to bring her food in bed! Sounds like a hotel I’d like to go!

Potty Training!


Now this is some serious potty training right here!

If you think that it’s hard to potty train your kid, then you should probably get motivated by this puppy who insists on going to the toilet every time he has to “go”!

His owners were surprised when they realized that he wanted to jump on the toilet seat and act like a person, but they eventually decided to let him give it a try!

According to them, he knew what to do from the very first time so they agreed they had to place a small ladder in the bathroom to help him get up every time!

It’s My Show!


This little guy refused to go to bed, and the TV in front of him is the reason why!

Apparently TV in the bedroom is a bad idea not only for couples, but also for their pets! This dog realized that there’s a whole new world in there and got obsessed with it!

He would wake up in the morning and cry until his human turned the TV on and refused to get out of the room to go for a walk! Kids these days, right?

This is him refusing to go to bed until his favourite show (probably “Lassie”) was over!

I’m Thirsty!


Some dogs don’t want their bowl of water and prefer drinking out of the tap, or in this case, the fridge!

This tall fella walks into the kitchen like he’s the king of the house and heads to the fridge for some cold water, even though he has a bowl of water next to his bed!

According to his owner, he started doing this a few months back when he realized that he was tall enough to do what his human was doing everyday!

Dogs like to imitate humans sometimes, and what this next dog was doing really reminds us of a toddler at the park!

Keep Pushing Mommy!


The playground is not only for kids, and this dog over here is clearly very excited about this!

His owner was expecting just a walk to the park but when her dog saw the playground he couldn’t resist the temptation and run for the swings!

This is them 1 hour later! The girl is trying to convince him that it’s time to head back home but he refuses to listen and is apparently asking for some more swing fun!

But not all pets are as active as this little furball! Some just like sitting around, doing nothing!

TV Time!


We’ve seen animals watching TV again, but this is truly hilarious!

This cat sat like a person on the couch to watch Christina Aguilera’s video clip one more time before going to bed!

According to her owner, this cat is a huge Aguilera fan and refuses to go to bed without listening to one of her songs! Look at her staring at the screen like there is nothing more important in this world!

The only thing missing is some popcorn and a soda in her paws!

Apparently sitting like a human is not only a cat thing though, and our next photo will probably freak you out!

What’s Wrong?


OK, so we’ve seen cats and dogs sitting on a chair and acting like humans, but this guy over here should get an award for this!

This is the first time I see a frog sitting on a chair like that, and it really took me sometime to understand that this is an actual pet and not a stuffed animal placed there for the sake of a photo! 

Obviously this little fella is used to hanging around with humans and has taken a seat by the pool! 

His look is priceless! If he could speak, he’d probably say “What do you want from me man? Why are you looking at me like that?”!

Let’s Chat!


Obviously this dog is busy on the computer and hasn’t noticed that his owner has walked into the room!

What is he doing though? Because it looks like he’s trying to find a date for the party! Is he chatting with someone on FB or is that Tinder?

I honestly think he’s checking out her photos to decide if she is worth talking to! That’s not weird at all! We do it all the time, so why shouldn’t our pets do it as well?

What this dog is doing might be just for fun, but the next one really means business!

I Need Some Money!


If you’re not sure what this is exactly, then let me explain!

This is a dog withdrawing some cash from an ATM, and it’s by far one of the smartest pets we have ever seen! 

His owner is there of course, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive! Apparently this smart dog watched his human getting cash from the bank so many times, that he learned how to do it too!

According to the owner, he now gives him his credit card and the dog goes to an ATM, puts the pin number, gets the cash and then hands it to him! What a great friend!

What A View!


This cat is all dressed up and ready for a fun day out with his owner!

Sitting in the front seat with his buddy, he’s looking outside to see if there’s anything that could be of his interest, like a lady cat!

After all, he didn’t put on that shirt for nothing! He wanted to impress everyone and he’s obviously achieved his goals! 

But wait! Wearing fancy clothes to look like a human is nothing compared to the next pet on our list, who clearly knows his way around a supermarket!

Grocery Shopping!


Grocery shopping can sometimes become pretty boring, especially if you have many things to check off your list, or if you don’t have any company!

But this is not the case for this dog owner apparently, because his dog is happy to join him and help him out!

All he has to do is tell him what he needs and his furry friend finds it and puts it in the basket! Obviously the dog sometimes grabs some things that are not on the list, but we can’t really blame the poor thing for wanting to get some extra treats to enjoy at home, right?

Fancy Lady!


Now this dog over here is a true lady and anyone who gets to see her from up close is instantly impressed by her looks and attitude!

Apparently living with a female owner has its perks, and this dog gets to enjoy a fancy wardrobe and cute accessories for every outing! Even though this was supposed to be just a quick walk to the park, this “lady” insisted on looking her best and asked to wear her new yellow dress!

Actually, I bet that the outfit she’s wearing cost more than mine! Look at her walking down the street on two legs like a person, and showing off her new pink clutch bag and her fancy sunglasses!