Most Embarrassing Prom Photos That People Want To Forget!


Prom is always a big deal! Teenagers have been waiting for it ever since they started high school so when it’s finally time to prepare for this big event, some girls freak out about finding the perfect dress and end up with something completely ridiculous! Others realize that they don’t have a date and decide to improvise, making things even worse!

Of course we also have those that even though they planned everything, they still ended up with a terrible prom photo that they’re too embarrassed to show anyone!

It’s a good thing we have our way of finding those photos that everyone would want to forget! Here are the most embarrassing and awkward prom photos you’ll ever see!

I’m My Own Date!


Have no date for the prom? Don’t sweat it! There’s a solution for everything!

Let’s take this girl over here for example! She was hoping that the school stud would’ve asked to be her prom date, but apparently that never happened!

Instead of staying home and crying about it, she decided to attend her prom wearing a dress that would certainly catch everyone’s attention!

In a half dress, half suit outfit (thus creating a full disaster), she posed for her proud parents with a smile on her face thinking that she’ll probably have the best night ever!

Katy Perry Doppelganger!


This is so bad, it actually looks like a joke! When was this photo taken and why does the girl look like Katy Perry? (You can’t unsee it now, can you?)

Is the guy wearing a wig, or is that his actual hair? Cause if it is, we need to know where he got his hair done – and sue that place!

And the girl, with that tiny smile which makes her look like she just had a stroke! Maybe she’s just upset because her boyfriend managed to die his hair blond, while she ended up with a weird orange colour!



This photo looks fine at first glimpse actually, just because this is just a cute couple posing! Until we noticed that guy behind them!

Just a useful tip guys! Before posing for what looks like the most important photo you’ll ever take, you better take a quick look around first!

These two are probably regretting not doing this, because they ended up with a prom photo that they can’t show off, nor put on display in their house!

A crazy friend ruined everything for them and now they’re stuck with his face on the photo!

My Little Pony!


I have no clue what’s happening here and to be honest, I’m not sure I want to know!

This girl posed in her pink fancy prom dress inside her family’s barn (at least I’m praying she didn’t just find her way in a random barn), hugging a baby horse! Why?

Was she trying to show something? Is there a meaning behind this photo? Is that her date for the night?

Teens these days are really hard to understand, aren’t they? But there are worse things than posing in a barn with a horse! Just have a look at our next photo!

I’m Amazing!


So what do we have here? I’m not sure yet! Is she posing or is she just pissed off because her date didn’t show up? And most importantly…what is she wearing?

She kinda looks like Christina Aguilera, if Aguilera was being stood up because she looked like a clown!

What was she thinking? And the tan? Did she count the Mississippi way and stayed in there longer than instructed? (Yes, I was thinking about Ross from Friends!)

If she’s wondering why her date hasn’t shown up yet, we have news for her! He probably saw her and decided to go back home! “That’s not the girl I asked out!”.

But wait, we just realized that getting dressed like a pink candy isn’t the weirdest thing that could happen! Just have a look at these next girls!

They Chickened Out!


Is this a professional photo shoot for the prom? Did they request this? What is wrong with the world?

I don’t know if these girls are just friends or if they’re sisters living in the woods with chickens and horses, but this photo is disturbing no matter how you look at it!

Were they going for something completely out of the box (more like out of the barn) or is it that they didn’t have dates for the prom and decided to grab a chicken each and pose with them?

Maybe they had a date but they got dumped at the last minute! Perhaps this was their way of saying that their dates had chickened out! (Get it?).

Bad Choice


This is such a mess, I almost feel bad about them!

How do people choose their prom outfits? I was under the impression that prom is a big night, and that girls are supposed to put on a fancy dress and guys a nice suit! You did too, right? So what went wrong here?

I don’t think they know how ugly their outfits look, because they look really happy and excited for their big night to finally start!

It’s not enough that they chose those colours, the girl also decided that a huge a★★ bow on her dress would make it look even better! Wrong choice lady!

Peek A Boo!


It’s prom night and you already know that you can’t get to anymore trouble than the one you’re in now! So what do you do? Do you skip prom just because you’re pregnant at 17, or do you choose a dress you’re comfortable in?

This girl over here obviously chose option number two, and the result is not only hilarious, it’s also pretty disturbing!

Don’t feel bad about her not posing next to her prom date! She’s obviously not going to prom alone anyway! Too bad she’s not going to be able to party like all the other girls though (well, to be fair, she did some partying before the prom, so she’s probably not too bothered)!

Hell Of A Night!


OK, seriously what is wrong with some people? This is prom night, not Halloween! Why did they get dressed like that?

Of course, I have to give them some points for their matching outfits (I’m such a kind person!), but other than that this is a complete disaster!

How did they even come up with the idea? And let’s not skip the most important part…did the guy really have to paint his face as well? This couple is just weird!

This is not the only couple that decided to wear an outfit that is a bit “exaggerated” though! Apparently many people think that it’s appropriate to wear costumes!

The Patriots!


What do you do if you love America? Well, you make damn sure everyone knows! How? That’s easy! You just go to prom looking like a flag! Easy peasy!

Like these two over here! I honestly don’t know how people come up with these ideas, but I’m guessing they were drunk when they made this choice!

I’m pretty sure the fabric is latex and that it wasn’t easy to dance in that! Just look at them, posing both happy and proud! Just like they should when wearing the US flag!

Getting dressed like it’s a carnival party, is apparently way better than posing like this next couple did!

Pull My Hair!


Did they improvise? Weren’t they grounded, or kicked out of school after this horrible photo?

The things that teenagers nowadays think of, are beyond me! Who, in their right mind, would get on the floor while a guy sits on her pretending she’s a horse? Is he pulling her hair to make it look more realistic? Are they serious?

Then again, who are we to judge right? The girl looks really happy, so she’s probably enjoying this! I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that these two got married 9 months later!

Looking Good!


You know that cool afro-hair guy from school? The bad boy that no girl would talk to, but secretly everyone had a tiny crush on? I think that this is him!

Of course he’s too cool to ask any girl to the prom, maybe thinking that they’d all be asking him out eventually! But apparently that never happened! Obviously, he wasn’t going to skip prom just because he didn’t have a date, so what did he do?

Apparently he’s also quite the craftsman (he really isn’t), so he made a creepy doll that looks like a person (it really doesn’t) and posed for the camera before his big night! Great job dude!

The Stud!


So apparently it’s now OK to ask two girls to the prom! I’m guessing that this is the school’s stud, the guy every girl talks about, and he apparently deserved more than one date for that grand event!

Judging by the photo, the two girls didn’t mind sharing him and the three of them even took a photo that is by far one of the tackiest we have ever seen! 

One is offering him some grapes, while the other is holding a tissue for him (don’t want to get a stain on his suit!) and he’s just standing in the middle with a glass of wine! Classy!

The Weather Couple!


Did they make their own outfits? Because it sure looks like it!

Just look at them, with their colourful costumes, posing like they’ll never regret this moment! That’s so cute! And naive, because they’re probably looking at their photo albums right now regretting ever thinking that this is a good idea!

What impresses me the most is that everything was thought of! She’s dressed as a rainbow on a clear blue sky, while he’s dressed as a thunder! Cherry on top is the yellow umbrella of course to look like the sun! What a great idea you guys! (NOT!)

I’m Right Here!


This is one of the creepiest photos on our list and if you can’t understand why, then you probably didn’t notice the guy in the corner!

We’ve seen trashy and tacky dresses before, so it’s not like we were shocked by this young lady’s dress! She actually looks like she wore a show dress! You know what I’m talking about, right? The ones they wear in Vegas… while hanging from a pole!

But the thing that scared us a bit, was the short guy standing behind them and waiting for his date to finally come over so he can give her the damn flowers! At least I hope one of them is his date, and not that he’s staring like that for no reason! Stalker alert!

Our Handsome Dates!


Aww! That’s both cute AND sad! Mostly sad actually!

These 3 friends (or maybe they’re sisters?) unfortunately didn’t score a date for the prom, but didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, nor ruin the big event by not attending!

Their mom probably helped out with this life-size fake dates, and I honestly don’t know if it’s funny and if the girls are actually enjoying this joke, or if it’s just plain sad! Poor things, they even dressed them up! Perhaps they used their dad’s clothes? Well, I just hope they had fun that night!



What is happening? So many things went wrong with this photo, it’s actually hilarious!

Let’s start with the girl! We really don’t need to mention the dress because what’s happening on her head is way more weird! This lady shaved her hair, and just left a long fringe hanging over one eye! The fringe is also purple by the way!

Now let’s talk about her date! The animal print suit with the bow tie is too much for me to handle, so I’m just going to talk about his face! Is he freaked out because of his date, or is this his actual smile? Freaky doesn’t begin to describe this couple!

I’m Watching You!


I don’t know who I feel more sorry for? The poor dad watching his girl going to prom, or the poor guy who has no idea that the dad is thinking of ways he could kill him and make it look like an accident? Yeah, definitely the guy! 

This cute couple posed for the camera without knowing that the girl’s dad was standing right behind them! It’s not enough that they won’t have a proper photo of just them posing before the prom, the dad also makes it even worse with his look!

Staring at the teenager who’s taking his daughter to prom, he’s not only worried about what’s going to happen that night, but he’s probably also thinking of ways to hurt him in case he touches his precious little baby! 

But there are worse cases than this one! Just take a look at our next photo!

Don’t You Dare!


Now this dad is ready for everything and he’s not afraid to show it!

Standing behind his daughter and her date with a gun, he makes it clear that he means business!

His daughter probably didn’t see what was going on behind her back and is just blissfully happy – ignorance is bliss after all!

The poor guy however did see the gun and is now freaking out and regretting ever stepping foot in that house! It’s OK buddy, just make sure you have her home by midnight! Then maybe the sweet old man behind you won’t hurt you!

Trashy Date!


What a great photo! The girl is posing before her prom and she looks stunning with her sparkly red dress! Nothing could ever ruin this photo! Except for the trash next to her! What?

Why is there a huge garbage bin full of trash next to her? Did she have to take it out before her big night? Was that part of the deal?

Or maybe it’s symbolic? Perhaps her date didn’t show up and she wanted to show that he is trash! Or even better…maybe she never got asked to prom and she wanted to let everyone know that all men are trash! Yeah, that’s not weird at all!

Winnie The Pooh!


OMG! This is so bad, it’s not even funny! Why would anyone think to wear a Winnie the Pooh dress or suit? How obsessed do you have to be with this cartoon to do all this?

I honestly don’t know why anyone would even consider Winnie as a theme for their prom outfits! Is there a reason behind everything? Maybe her name was Winnie and she wanted to get creative with it?

Even so, this is a lousy prom appearance and I’m pretty sure that her date wasn’t too excited about having a teddy bear on his suit! You can tell by his look!

50 Shades Of Blue!


Is this 50 shades of blue? Cause it looks like 50 shades of wrong! Why did you do this to yourselves kids?

This is your prom, not a funny costume contest! Were they thinking that they would have a shot to win the title of prom king and queen if they dressed the part? Cause I’m pretty sure that’s not how it works in this world!

Look at them posing and pretending to be all happy and excited, when in reality they just realized that this was a huge mistake and that they should probably just stay home and watch Lord of the Rings again!

My Baby (Brother)!


I’m confused! Isn’t prom for high school kids? What are these two doing here?

It honestly looks like these two are about to sneak into a prom because they heard it’s a once in a lifetime event! OK, so maybe they’re not THAT young and I’m overreacting!

But don’t tell me that you haven’t thought that the guy looks like a 10 year old that his sister is taking to the prom because she couldn’t find a date! Poor kid is probably wearing his dad’s oversized suit because his sister told him that he was going to be her date 10 minutes before she left the house!

That Looks Fishy!


Did he lose a bet or something? Why is he carrying a fish in a white dress? What is happening here?

I don’t know about you guys, but this really looks fishy (Get it?)! All jokes aside though, I really don’t get what he was trying to achieve here! If he didn’t have a date, why didn’t he just go alone, or make a fake life-size woman like all the other weirdos we’ve seen on our list?

I can’t even tell if this is a real fish or not! Maybe he’s a science freak and this was an experiment? I don’t know, the more I see it, the more freaked out I get!

You’ve Been Warned!


We’ve seen dads staring at their daughters’ dates before, we’ve even seen them holding a gun behind their backs! But this dad over here is a whole different kind of scary!

This guy means business, and he even got between his daughter and her date for the photo so that they would have a lasting memory of this!

This dad is not joking when he says that he wants the guy to keep a safe distance from his daughter, and the poor guy is freaking out at the sight of the gun pointing at him! 

The girl obviously doesn’t care about any of this, and is just happy that she’s going to prom to show off her new black dress! What a great ambiance!