Most Brutal Text Messages That Ended Serious Relationships!


We’ve all been there! Sending messages to the wrong person and making things worse by accident! Or being so fed up with someone that we just can’t wait to end things once and for all, even if that’s done through a text message!

But then again, there are some people who were so brutally honest with their partners, or so careless, that they ended up completely destroying their relationships!

The following text messages were sent by people who are obviously now single, and they are so real it’s hard not to laugh!

What Breakup Talk?


Ouch! This is so bad, it’s actually hilarious!

So this guy wanted to text his bro to find out how the breakup conversation had gone with his girlfriend! That’s not weird, or anything!

Except that he sent this message to his buddy’s girlfriend instead, and apparently she had no idea about it! It was too late to try and fix things so when she demanded some information he caved and told her everything!

This poor girl found out her boyfriend was going to break up with her through a friend! 

To make things worse, this guy also asked her not to tell on him! Wow! What a brave friend!

1,2,3 Go!


What a great way to break up! Quick and easy!

One minor detail though! Her boyfriend wanted to tell her something completely different!

This goes to show that nothing good can come from saying things at the same time! This poor guy wanted to ask his girlfriend to marry him (although a text message proposal is never a good idea dude) while she wanted to break up!

I wonder what happened next! Did she say she was kidding once she realized she could be getting an engagement ring? Or maybe he pretended he was joking to avoid the embarrassment?

It Wasn’t Me!


Well, this couldn’t get any worse! 

A guy texted his girlfriend to tell her that he had cheated off of her during their math test! The fact that he didn’t mention the math test right from the start though was the reason this couple broke up!

His girlfriend misunderstood his text and got furious, so she decided to tell him all about her and his brother! What?

Yes, she admitted she had cheated on him with his brother and by the time she realized what her boyfriend was trying to say, it was already too late!

Of course, as a last effort to patch things up she blamed her little sister, saying that she was the one who texted everything! Yeah right! Like we’d ever believe that, lady! Apparently her boyfriend didn’t either!

Knock Knock Joke!


OK, so we can’t judge anyone for wanting to break up, but there are better ways to do that!

Take this guy for example! He wanted to break up with his girlfriend and decided that a text message would be the way to do that! Not only that, but he also thought that a knock knock joke would be appropriate!

Of course his girlfriend thought that this was a just a joke, so he had to man up and tell her straight  up! Smooth!

Apparently a knock knock joke was his way of not being too harsh on his girlfriend! Great job man!

The Tired Cheater!


Wow! What a great way to find out someone is cheating on you!

This faithful lady over here got a text message from her boyfriend asking where she is, so she lied thinking that he would never find out!

But things almost never turn out the way we expect them to, and this conversation went downhill fast!

After telling him that she was home resting, he explained that he was standing right behind her at the bar, where he watched her making out with a stranger! 

Needless to say, their relationship was over right then and there!

Wrong Wife!


There are worse things than finding out that your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you though!

Imagine finding out that your husband is cheating on you through a text message, like this poor woman over here!

When her husband texted her that he had to break up with her, she answered right back that since they are married they should be getting a divorce, and that he could at least walk over there and tell her since they were in the same room at that exact moment!

Her husband’s first reaction was “oops sorry, wrong person” and although she was relieved at first, she quickly realized that her husband was cheating on her! Nice!

Family Matters!


Guys, you really need to double check before you send a message to someone!

This guy texted his girlfriend to tell her that he couldn’t go out with her that night because of some family issues!

She, kind girl that she is, answered that it’s fine and that she loves him, except that a few seconds later she got another text from him that was meant for another woman. Apparently her boyfriend was trying to arrange a date with someone else later that night! What? 

Check who you’re texting first pal! What a loser!



Quick and easy, that’s how I’d describe this breakup!

Apparently some guys don’t care about sugarcoating anything! Like this sweet man over here (of course I don’t mean it!) who texted his long-term girlfriend the initials “ily”.

She obviously thought that this stands for “I love you” and asked him to spell it out instead, because it’s more special (she’s right by the way), but didn’t get what she was expecting!

This guy clearly had something else in mind so he sent her what he really meant! “I’m leaving you” is not so special after all!

Pregnancy Text!


Oh, wow! Things just keep getting better and better!

Apparently a breakup via text message can occur even if your girlfriend is pregnant!

This woman texted her boyfriend when she realized that she might be pregnant, and all she got was a message back, supposedly from the phone company, saying that the number was no longer valid!

The only problem was that he misspelled a word which made it obvious that he was the one texting back, so when his girlfriend pointed out his mistake, he sent the same text again but this time with the right spelling! What were you thinking man? Just drop it, you’ll never win!

She’s Sleeping!


Just a piece of advice for all you girls out there who think it’s OK to answer your friend’s messages on their behalf…don’t ever do it! You’ll just get everyone in trouble! Don’t understand why? Well, these texts prove that I’m right! 

A guy texted his girlfriend to see if she was having a good time at the party. Apparently she was having a little too much fun and left her phone with one of her girlfriends! Wrong choice!

She answered that his girlfriend was in one of the bedrooms with her boyfriend and obviously ruined everything!

When she realized her mistake she tried to change her story, but it was already too late! Damage was done!

Why Don’t You Get It?


This is actually pretty funny because this guy was obviously doing his best to show his girlfriend that he wanted to break up, but she just wouldn’t take the hint!

He started off by telling her that he wanted them to be like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, so the poor girl explained that those two had broken up!

He then proceeded to mention all the famous couples that had split up, and she kept correcting him so he realized he would have to be upfront with her! 

Why don’t you get it lady? It’s over!

My Favourite Picture!


Now this might be brutal, but it’s also funny as hell! It also proves that women can be quite nasty when they want you out of their lives ASAP!

This beauty sent a photo of her to her boyfriend on New Year’s day telling him that it was her favourite picture of them. Only her boyfriend was confused because he was NOT in the photo with her!

Apparently that was exactly what she was going for, and told him that they were done! Classy! 

But wait, some people use even worse ways to break up!

The Magician!


OK, so we’ve already seen someone getting dumped with a knock knock joke, but this apparently is even worse!

Who would expect to break up with a magic trick, and via text too?

Apparently this guy over here though, has a sense of humour so he asked his girlfriend if she wanted to see a magic trick! She should’ve just said “no” cause 3 seconds later she was magically single! 

Hopefully those two weren’t together for a long time, because it’s not the most caring way to end a relationship!

You’re My Sun!


This was actually quite smart! Still brutal though! 

This guy wanted to use science to explain to his girlfriend (not anymore) that he didn’t want to see her anymore!

Poor girl thought he was going for something romantic when he asked if she wanted to be his sun, but as it turns out he just wanted to tell her to stay as far away as possible from him!

I’d like to think that there was a reason behind this text, and not just that he woke up one day and decided he never wanted to see her again! Who knows? Maybe he found out she was cheating on him!

So Close!


This is so funny, it could easily be used in a comedy movie!

A guy texted his girlfriend by accident and immediately regretted it! He obviously wanted to tell his buddy that he was going to break up with her, but ended up sending the message to her!

When she answered back, he pretended that he was kidding and she believed him, but only for a second! This guy did the same mistake twice and sent another text to her (thinking that he was actually texting his friend this time) explaining how he almost spilled the beans!

Good job dude! Is it really that hard to just check the name on your phone before sending anything?

Poor Mark!


We haven’t seen this before and it really deserves a spot on our list!

What happens when your girlfriend realizes that you’re cheating on her? 

Answer Number 1: She gets furious and breaks up with you right then and there!

Answer Number Two: She texts the other woman using your phone and tells her all about your infidelity!

This hardcore woman apparently chose option number two, and even arranged to meet her at the guy’s house to teach him a lesson! I’m guessing those two will become friends before they know it!

Proud of you girls!

Hi Kathy!


This just proves that a woman can sense when something is going on behind her back! It also shows how lame some guys can be!

Apparently his girlfriend saw him talking to another woman and sent him a message to see if there’s something going on between them! She also asked if he still wants to be with her and he, smart guy that he is, decided to ask for the other girl’s number before answering!

He apparently wanted to make sure that he would be getting the new girl’s number before breaking up with his current girlfriend! What a gentleman!

Oh, OK Then!


Sometimes you just have to admire a person’s honesty!

When this fierce woman decided to dump her guy, he wanted to find out if it was because of something he had done! Or better yet, because of something he had said; like the fact that he had called her sister “hot”!

Apparently his girlfriend didn’t give a damn about that though, and had to explain that she just finds him sexually repulsive! Really smooth! This lady really can’t keep her mouth shut when it’s needed apparently!

I’m sure he won’t be doubting himself after hearing this (of course he will!).

Sorry, Wrong Person!


You guys should really double check before you start sending this kind of messages, because you could really get in trouble!

This guy texted his girlfriend by accident, thinking that he was talking to another woman; the side chick to be exact!

The sad part about this, is that he was actually texting her to break things off, but the recipient (his actual girlfriend) got furious!

She thought that this was actually meant for her and couldn’t understand why, after two years, he would break up with her via text message!

Of course he clarified that he had texted this by accident and when she realized that he was seeing someone else behind her back she demanded some explanation! Ouch! Poor guy didn’t realize he had just made things worse for him!

Emoji Breakup!


Now this guy wanted to keep it short and simple! Actually simple is an understatement, because he didn’t even want to use words! What did he do?

He chose emojis to explain to his girlfriend that he wanted to break up with her after 2 years of dating! Classy! 

We feel sorry for the girl though, who apparently didn’t get what he was trying to say and even thought that it was cute too! 

But let’s be straight, there are even worse ways to tell someone that you want to break up! Like this next guy!

Who’s Behind You?


What a great guy! So his text was no accident and he actually tried to make a joke out of his cheating! 

First he freaked his girlfriend out by telling her that someone is behind her, and when she asked what he was talking about he threw his “joke” like it was nothing!

“I’ve been seeing people behind your back” is really not the way to break things off with a girl you’ve been dating for some time dude!

Apparently though, there are even more brutal ways to show that you don’t care about your partner anymore!

So Funny!


This poor girl texted her boyfriend something pretty sweet, and normal, for someone who’s in love! But his text back was obviously not what she was expecting, or what anyone would expect to be honest!

“I miss you” is simple enough, but it always shows the one we love that we can’t take our minds off of them! At least that’s what this girl had in mind when she texted these words to her “loving” boyfriend!

His answer? He just kept on laughing and then basically told her it was over by replying a cold and serious “Bye”! Wow! Thanks for that babe!

Thinking About You!


What a romantic! This guy’s responses are so brutal, it’s actually funny to read out loud!

His girlfriend texted him that she was thinking about him and, while he said that he was doing the same thing, it was for all the wrong reasons!

We blame the girl for this one actually! Why did she need to find out more? Why did she have to ask what he was thinking about?

Her now ex boyfriend didn’t have a problem explaining though, that he was thinking about how he was going to break up with her! What? Why would anyone answer this way?

Make A Wish!


You poor thing! You thought you were both on the same page, but then you found out that it’s not the case, the hard way!

This sweet girl asked her boyfriend to make a wish and apparently they wished for completely different things!

She wanted them to get married and grow old together when all he wanted was to break up with her before things got too serious! Such a great guy! I wonder if she picked him up at a 7 – Eleven!

Girls are not the only ones who can get their heart broken through a text message though! Men can feel that too! Just take a look at what happened to our last guy!

Nailed It (NOT!)


This was almost saved at the last minute, but the girlfriend messed it up all over again!

She texted “I love you” to another guy, but sent it to her boyfriend by accident! When she realized what had happened, she tried to fix the situation by saying that the name was autocorrected (thank God her boyfriend’s name was similar to the other guy’s!).

Her boyfriend bought it, but then she went ahead and sent a message to one of her friends explaining what had happened and how her boyfriend ended up believing her! Just one minor detail though… she sent the message to her boyfriend instead (again!)! What a fail!