Worst Parents Of All Time That Will Definitely Make You Furious!


Most of us have been there; having a kid and not having a clue on how to raise it!

It’s not easy being a parent and it takes a few mistakes until you realize wrong from right sometimes!

But I’d like to think that most of us know which situations might endanger our baby, or what to avoid so that we don’t mess up our kids!

At least that’s what I thought until I saw these photos! These people will probably make you feel so much better about your parenting skills! They will also make you furious, so be prepared to see the worst!

Look At This View Son!


In which country is this OK to do? How is this guy allowed to carry his son’s stroller on his shoulder – the baby is in there by the way – while he is riding his bike in a busy street?

What was he thinking? Did he say “I have to get places really fast so I’ll take my bike instead of pushing my baby’s stroller”?

This is not only weird, it’s also extremely dangerous even though the baby clearly has no clue and seems to just be enjoying the view from above!

But this doesn’t even come close to what the next parents did to their kid!

No Bed For You Tonight!


Apparently this sweet little angel had been a bit naughty the previous day! But which 3 year old isn’t?

Her parents thought that she should be punished for not obeying the rules and decided that sleeping outside at night would be a good idea!

Who does this? Why would you let your daughter out in the cold with no one watching over her? From the looks of it, this cutie got tired of crying and asking to be allowed back in and finally fell asleep!

At least they gave her a small blanket and her teddy bear to feel “safer”! Good job parents (NOT)!

Best Dad Award!


We’ve seen so many weird things on social media these past few years, that nothing really surprises us anymore! Except that this photo over here really blew our minds!

A dad thought that it would be a great idea to post this online and the reactions he got were clearly not what he expected!

Could his kids even read this? Maybe he told them what he had written and the poor things thought that this would finally make their mom happy again!

Or maybe he just told them that he had written something completely different because the little girl looks really excited about it! Perhaps he said that they would be getting candy with those 1 million likes!

Love My New Doll!


I just have one simple question about this one! Why?

Why would any parent think that this is a good idea? And who even makes these dolls?

The sweet little girl in the photo above is hugging it before going to bed and it’s probably one of the creepiest things we have ever seen!

Did her mom just come home one day and say “Here honey, I got you a gift! This is your new doll and I really hope you like it!”?

Was it supposed to make the little girl feel safe at night and stop her from having nightmares? Cause if it was, this particular doll probably won’t do the trick!

Where’s The Kid?


So someone decided to take a picture of this guy sitting in the subway and, truth be told, it took me a couple of seconds to realize what was wrong with it!

Did you see it yet? Yes, this really did happen! There’s a baby behind that man!

Did he forget that he wasn’t alone when he got on the subway? Didn’t he realize that there was something behind him, probably being squashed the way he’s sitting?

And here’s another question! Isn’t the baby supposed to be strapped in the front so you can check that he’s alright?

But wait, you’ll soon realize that some parents do even worse things! Like the next one!

Just Wait A Minute!


This is so bad on so many levels! 

This mom obviously wanted a Slurpee and just couldn’t do two things at once! We get it! It’s not always easy to carry your baby while trying to do other stuff! But this is nothing like it!

Where is the stroller lady? Why didn’t you tell your older daughter to get you a Slurpee instead? Why is your 3 month old baby on the floor of a 7 – Eleven?

I’m sure it’s OK though! The floor is probably not dirty and there is no chance that someone might accidentally step on it while passing! Of course not! We live in a perfect world!

Let Me Have My Coffee First!


The fact that you just gave birth doesn’t mean that your life is over, right?

A mom should always find some time for herself to do the things she loves, and that’s fine!

Like this mother over here, who wanted to go for a coffee with her girlfriends to probably let them know about the beautiful journey of motherhood and how she just knew how to take care of her baby as soon as she held her!

Of course she wanted to say all that without being bothered by the baby’s crying! That’s why she left it outside while she’s having an Iced Latte with her BFFs inside!

But that’s fine! That’s not dangerous at all!

Help Me Out Baby!


I’m not 100% sure, but I think that it should be done the other way – if at all!

So this “smart” dad heard some noises coming from the house next door and because he wanted to check out what was going on, but didn’t want anyone to see him, he decided to look over the separating wall!

When he realized he wasn’t tall enough to climb it he called his baby daughter to go and give him a little push!

Luckily we don’t have a photo of what happened next because I’m pretty sure that the sight would be disturbing!

Just One More Text!


Oh, the miracle of life! You carry a baby in your belly for 9 months and then spend hours, or sometimes even days, giving birth!

The first thing you want to do when this process is done, is look at your baby and give him a hug, right? Wrong! At least not for this mom over here!

The nurse is holding her baby, trying to show him to her and let her know that she should probably hold him, but this new mom is too busy!

“Wait a minute lady! I have to text everyone that the baby is finally out and that ladies night is back ON this Friday! Jesus! Just gimme a break!”. Yeah, that’s probably how it went down!

Let Me Take A Photo!


This is so disturbing, I don’t know if I should cry or laugh!

This great dad stopped in the middle of the street to take a photo of something – I’m really hoping that it was something spectacular to be able to kind of justify him – and he didn’t know were to put his baby son!

Of course, he couldn’t just hold his son with one arm and take the photo with the other! He had to make sure that the picture was perfect! Just as perfect as the one that a stranger took of him while doing this!

He placed his son between his legs and  applied enough pressure apparently to make sure he wouldn’t fall on the ground! Well, thanks dad!

Thanks Mom!


I honestly don’t know where to begin, so let’s take this one by one! 

The Mom : Everything’s fake on her! Even the hair! In fact, I bet that even the mole on her cheek is self-made to try and look sexier!

The daughter : I’m pretty sure that this little kid is too young to be able to apply makeup on herself! Her mom probably thought it would be a good idea to cover all of her “flaws”! Also, she could look more like her mommy like that! 

The voucher : The girl got a plastic surgery voucher as a birthday gift from her mom! 

 “What a great idea mommy, thank you!”! OMG!

Kids For Sale!


Wow, this is just too much! 

So apparently now with social media it’s super easy to take care of business! This mom clearly didn’t mind giving up her kids to get her boyfriend back! Where was the boyfriend? Where else? In jail! Where she should have been too obviously!

So clearly she didn’t have the money to bail him out! But why was the first thought in her mind to sell her kids? What were the strangers who were offering to pay up going to do with them? This is insane! Thank God people notified the police as soon as they saw this!

Let’s Take A Trip!


It’s vacay time, but this year you had a baby so you won’t be travelling alone anymore!

What do you do? You book your tickets and then start packing everything that your baby might need! But wait! How is it going to be with a baby on a plane? What if he wants to move? What if he gets hungry or starts crying for no reason?

And then a brilliant idea comes to mind… “I have my dog’s cage! Why don’t I just use that to lock my baby inside? This way I won’t have to get up all the time now that he started making his first steps!”.

Some people just need a slap in the face! With a chair!

The Family Pet!


It’s good for kids to grow up with pets! All the experts recommend it! But then again it depends on the pet, right?

Take this one for example! The parents thought that it would be OK to let a snake crawl on their newborn baby! Why would anyone do this to a baby?

The poor thing is just lying there, not knowing what’s happening, or why his parents are laughing while taking one photo after another! Now this is some great parenting over here!

But if you thought that only venomous snakes can harm your kid, then you should check out our next photo!

Here You Go Son!


The fact that this dad decided to post this on social media like it was nothing special is beyond me! In what planet is this OK? 

Your kid is watching you drink and smoke, and obviously after a certain age he might ask to try it as well! Why? Because you’re the parent and your baby thinks that he should imitate you!

So what do you do? Here are two options!

Number One: You explain that this is wrong and that he’s too young to be trying this out! You also make sure to control your habits in front of your baby!

Number Two: You think that this is a great idea, put a beer in his hand and light a cigarette in his mouth!

Obviously this “great” dad chose number two!

Let Me Finish My Beer!


And since we were talking about parents who drink in front of their kids, let’s have a look at this super dad right here!

Why wait until you get home to have a beer, when you can do it while you’re taking your newborn for a walk, right?

That’s what this dad was thinking apparently, when he decided to stop in the middle of the road to have his last sip before heading back home!

That’s not weird at all! The fact that he’s also shirtless is OK too! Maybe it was really hot that day, don’t start thinking that he was drunk or anything!

That’s How We Do It Princess!


Let’s be clear though! Dads are not the only ones to make huge parenting mistakes! Mommies can be quite clueless sometimes too!

Take this mom for example! She thought it would be a good idea to buy her daughter a stripper outfit, dress her up and then try and teach her how to dance on a pole! That’s completely appropriate (NOT)!

Of course, there are some people who think that we have to teach them young and clearly this mom is one of those people! 

Her daughter obviously needed to know that she has to work for it! Give this mom an award please!

Highway Mode ON!


Let’s not freak out guys! We’ve seen people doing this before!

It’s not uncommon for parents to attach a baby car on their bike and take them for a ride to the park or a quite street!

This is clearly not the same situation though! These parents attached the baby car to their motorcycle and of course didn’t even bother to put their helmets on! Why would they after all? It’s not like they were on a highway or anything! Oh wait, they were!

The fact that some people are even allowed to have kids is ridiculous!

Almost There Mommy!


I’m not saying it’s easy having a baby, guys! Everyone knows it’s hard! Especially when they reach toddler age!

They are usually all over the place, they can’t stay still for a single minute and you can not take your eyes off of them for a second because who knows what they’ll do!

This is probably the case with this boy over here who managed to get out in the streets with his bike! Where are his parents though? Because I see no one running after him in panic!

Hopefully someone was able to take this kid off the street before anything happened! As for the parents, they’re probably still drinking their mojitos at the bar!

Let Me Join You Mommy!


Of course, you can’t only teach little boys how to smoke! You have to show little girls how to do it too!

This sweet little angel here looks at her mom and she’s probably trying to figure out why she put that thing in her mouth! Mommie who was probably finding this hilarious thought that she should take a photo and post it on social media for the whole world to see!

Yeah, thanks for that! We couldn’t wait to see a one-year old baby girl trying her first cigarette!

But again, there are more dangerous stuff than cigarettes! Just take a look at the next photo if you don’t believe me!

Can’t Miss My Workout!


Why should parents give up on their hobbies after they have a baby, right? Of course they shouldn’t! 

Whether that’s painting or hiking! One minor detail though… your kids don’t always have to be there while you’re doing whatever it is that you’re doing!

Take this dad for example! He wanted to work out and thought it would be OK to have his son strapped onto him while lifting weights! Was that really a good idea? Let me answer real quick for you! NO!

What happens if you can’t hold that weight anymore and you need to drop the bar fast? Even worse; what if that thing slips from your hands? I bet you didn’t think about that when you put your newborn on your chest!

I Don’t Need A Cart!


Going to the supermarket? Well, great news! No need for a shopping cart anymore!

See, having a kid might be hard, but just think of everything they have to offer! For example, the opportunity to use their stroller as a shopping cart!

Of course, it would be better if this dad didn’t use his son’s stroller to check off some grocery list stuff while his son was inside!

We can’t even see the poor kid’s face anymore! Is he even able to open his mouth and say that he’s uncomfortable? Is he still breathing? Should we call someone?

It could be worse though… Just take a look at what this next mom did!

It’s Safe There Son!


OK, we get it! This mom wanted to put the groceries in the car, but did she really need to leave her baby in the street while doing it?

And it’s not like she’s parked right outside her house! That is obviously a busy road with cars passing by! 

But here’s another option for her! Put the baby in the car first, and then put the bags in the car lady! Which one is more valuable? But if that was too hard for her to think then we even have a third option!

How about you DON’T put your baby in the road? What if you put it closer to you so that a car doesn’t run him over! Just a thought!

1,2,3 Toss!


This is all kinds of wrong!

So remember when we talked about parents wanting to keep practising their hobbies? Do you also remember me mentioning that not everything has to be done WITH the baby?

Well, this is one of those cases that the parents didn’t follow my instructions and ended up tossing their baby from one huge rock to another! What were they thinking? Were they under the impression that the baby would enjoy this? Or did they just count on the fact that the baby was too small to complain anyway?

What happens if one of them doesn’t throw the baby far enough? Or what if the dad isn’t able to catch it on time?

Almost Done!


This is definitely not funny and, for the life of me, I don’t get why a parent would do that to their baby, who doesn’t seem to enjoy this at all by the way!

The proud parents decided to take a photo of their “achievement” and post it on social media hoping for thousands of likes and shares!

Unfortunately for them, no one saw this as a joke, mostly because a baby inside a microwave is not the safest thing in the world! To add to this, the poor thing looks scared and is trying to get out while his parents are watching and taking photos!

Of course they deserve the “Best Parents” Award of the year! Yes that was sarcastic as hell!