People Whose Luck Is Unreal!


Sometimes a person’s day turns out way better than expected and it’s all thanks to their lucky stars! Somehow, for no reason whatsoever, someone has a close call or ends up finding something that completely changes his day, or even his life!

The word “lucky” doesn’t even begin to describe the people we’ve put on our list today and if you’re someone who thinks that luck has never been on your side, then this will either make you jealous, or cheer you up!

What The Quartz?!


Imagine stumbling on this baby over here! It was just another day for this Arkansas farmer when he suddenly realized there was a huge chunk of…quartz on his front yard!

I’d panic if I ever saw this thing in the street! I’m wondering if this guy knew what it was when he first found it. What was the first thing that popped into his head? Did he say “Wow! This is a huge rock! Maybe I should check it out?”.

The great thing about the story is that when this sweet man called the experts in to have a look at his finding, they gave him the best news ever! This piece of quartz over here is worth over 4 million dollars and it’s safe to say that he is one lucky man!

Them Glasses!


So imagine going to work one day and then getting blind while doing your job! That would have been the case for this guy except, luck got in the way! Well, that and the safety specs!

Apparently there’s a good reason for wearing them and thank God this lucky fella remembered to do so before the angle grinder disc exploded! A huge piece would’ve landed in his right eye if it hadn’t been for his specs! A few inches closer and he would be blind! That was a close call!

But if you think this man was lucky, then you should really check out what happened to the next guy!

I Got The Power!


Accidents happen all the time, but this one was a really dangerous one that almost cost the life of a guy while on the job!

It was probably just another day for him when, while standing next to a utility pole trying to fix a power issue in his town, one of the cables was removed and nearly hit him! What you’re seeing here is him trying to avoid the wire – and death – by moving as far away as possible! 

Luckily, the wire missed him by a few inches and it’s probably one of the scariest things we have seen so far!

The next lucky person is a woman, and what happened to her will definitely put a smile on your face!

Carrot Ring!


Apparently luck grows on trees for some people! Or on carrots!

A woman, who had been married to her husband for over 50 years, lost her wedding ring while working on her family’s farm! When she realized what had happened she tried to look for her ring, but to no end! Afraid that she would upset her dear husband, she went out and bought a fake ring, similar to the one she had and never told anyone about it!

10 years later, her sister in law was plucking carrots from the garden when she found something really special! A carrot had grown through the missing ring and found its way out of the ground!

Good things happen to those who wait, right?

My Lucky Bike!


This was so scary to watch, but at least no one got hurt no matter how hard it is to believe!

A person riding his bike without a care in the world, decided to go ahead and cross the road while a high speed train was fast approaching! That was clearly a stupid idea and it’s a wonder the train didn’t run him over!

Actually, it was luck! It was NOT a well calculated move or anything! That guy just didn’t think twice before crossing the road, but luck was on his side! A second later and that guy would’ve been history!

Pizza Night!


So it’s Saturday night and you can’t wait to sit on the couch with your friends and watch Game Of Thrones all over again! So what more do you need? Food and drinks, of course! And since pizza is always a good idea, you decide to open that box of frozen pizzas you bought this morning, and boom!

You were supposed to have two frozen pizzas in that box, but as it turns out, you got 3! Someone in that frozen pizza factory was probably feeling generous that day and now you’re the lucky person who gets to enjoy it!

The Workout Tree!


If you thought that trees are harmless, then you obviously never watched one falling down!

But once again, luck intervened just in time! A guy was driving his car, going to work when he saw a tree falling right on top of his car! He must have freaked out and probably started crying, waiting for it to just crash him, but then nothing happened!

The tree just magically stopped over the car, creating a small bridge above it! Now, this is one lucky guy!

Nothing compares to our next “little” driver though!

Baby Driver!


Kids do some really dangerous stuff sometimes and it’s really hard to keep an eye on them all the time! But this kid’s mom probably wasted too much time window shopping – and not paying attention to her son – that he managed to get away and ride his toy car in the busy streets!

Hundreds of cars were passing by him and the fact that the kid managed to get out of there alive is a miracle! Drivers must have been freaking out and trying to figure out a way not to hit him without causing an accident!

As far as the kid is concerned, ignorance is bliss! So is luck apparently!

Lucky Train!


You get on the train for the millionth time, dreading this whole process when you could’ve taken a flight instead (if you had the extra cash)!

But then something totally weird happens! Johnny Depp is sitting a few meters away from you and, even though you feel like a complete stalker, you decide to go over there and say hi!

What are the chances? Well, normally zero! But this couple was so lucky that Johnny Depp actually sat with them for the entire trip and even bought them a bottle of champagne! We have to start taking the train more often guys! Who knows?

Nature Loves You!


Once again, trees prove to have a thing for cars and decide not to crash them! 

This lucky man had parked his car right outside his house like any other day, except that the weather was so bad, a tree fell off and landed right above his new car!

You can all see how easy it would have been for his car to get smashed into pieces, and only a few inches separate it from the tree! Everyone is just standing there, trying to figure out how this happened! Stop wondering people! It’s called luck and NO it couldn’t have happened to anyone!

Close Call!


This was too much to even watch and I don’t know how this guy made it out alive! But first, let me explain!

There’s a bridge in China for people who want to test their limits – and ours apparently – and all you have to do is cross it without falling into the abyss! The planks connecting the two sides are not close to each other, making this crossover quite dangerous! But that’s OK because everyone is strapped up to a rope, to prevent any accidents!

Except that this guy’s rope just broke! What happened? Well, he was lucky enough to have reached the other side of the bridge when this happened!

Still Ringing!


We all love our phones! We love it so much that we feel the need to take it everywhere with us! Even to the toilet! Don’t ask why, that’s just how we do things nowadays! 

According to a study, 1 out of 10 people drop their phones in the toilet by accident! That’s a lie actually, why would anyone do a research on this subject? But you’ve probably heard about people dropping their phones in there just because they can’t put it down for a second, right?

This guy got lucky, though! The phone got stuck before “drowning” in the water! So close!

IKEA Rings!


A woman was doing her shopping from IKEA when she found more than what she was looking for!

Apparently she wanted to get a new trash can and opened one to see how large it really was when she found not one, but two, diamond rings wrapped in a shopping list! What?

I’m guessing she didn’t bother buying the trash can after all! She probably just ran out of there with her new rings before the true owner realized and started looking for them! 

Some people are apparently so lucky that diamonds just pop up out of nowhere!

Lucky Bite!


That is NOT a tattoo on her back, and YES it really did hurt!

But this is what luck looks like and if you don’t believe me then let me explain the story behind these marks! A woman was swimming in the ocean when a shark attacked her but apparently she wasn’t good enough for his teeth! 

The shark took one small bite and realized that she probably wouldn’t make a great meal and just turned around and left! So this woman might be skinny, but that’s one fat luck over there!

Double Pleasure!


Eggs anyone? 

Imagine buying a dozen eggs to have a nice family breakfast on Sunday and then realizing that each one has two yolks inside! You’ll probably consider yourself lucky and you’re right to think so!

Not only is this very rare, but two yolks in one shell are said to bring good luck! Well, if this is true then the person who bought them is probably never going to run out of luck! He has enough for a lifetime!

But if you thought that double yolks are lucky, then what would you call this next board game?

What A Game!


A woman wanted to surprise her boyfriend with an old board game and she ended up surprising herself!

This lucky lady bought a used board game that her boyfriend was talking about and when she opened it up to make sure that all the parts were there, she realized that there were even a few extras inside!

Over 10 diamond rings were in that game and it’s safe to say that this was the best purchase ever! Not to mention that she no longer needs a diamond ring from her boyfriend! She got it herself! Of course, he can keep the board game!

Lucky Needle!


That was a close call! This guy (at least I hope it’s a guy because of the hairy legs!) was walking in his backyard when he felt something on his foot!

He had stepped on a needle but luckily (of course) without it ever puncturing his foot! How is that possible? Apparently, if you’re lucky enough, the needle might just scratch the thin layer of your skin! So it just got stuck there without causing any pain!

A few millimetres closer and that thing would have hurt like hell, not to mention that he would have had to take a ride to the hospital to have it removed! Lucky step!

Bigger Surprise!


Who doesn’t love Kinder eggs? That yummy egg-shaped chocolate we used to eat when we were kids (OK, so we still eat it!) containing a lucky toy inside for us to play afterwards!

But what is better than a Kinder egg? The answer is easy! Two! Especially when you were expecting just one! Now this is what I call a surprise!

The lucky lady over here couldn’t wait to post this on social media and brag about this once in a lifetime chocolate treat!

However, the next person on our list will probably freak you out with his luck!

The Curvy Tree!


What on earth happened here? How lucky can a person be?

So a lady parked her car here to go for a quick coffee with her friends! Two hours later she came back only to see that a tree was almost hugging her new car! Can you imagine how freaked out – and happy at the same time – this woman must have been?

While falling, this tree chose to spare this lady’s vehicle and not crash it as expected! 

But if you think that these lucky stuff only happen in the US, then you should check out what happened to this next Italian family!

Lucky Boulder!

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This beautiful house is actually in Northern Italy and a small family was living a quiet and peaceful life there, until this happened!

What you’re seeing in the photos is a giant boulder that rolled down from the mountain and landed on this family’s farm house! Luckily, no one got hurt because the boulder only hit the barn – of course we wouldn’t call the animals in there “lucky”!

But that’s not the end of the story! A few minutes later, another boulder came rolling down, hoping that this time it would really hit this family’s house, but stopped a couple of feet away from the house! That was close!

Just Take Everything!


Vending machines are everywhere now and they make it pretty hard for us to resist buying something, just because everything is on display!

But some lucky guy at work who put money in this machine to get a candy bar got more than that! Way more!

The machine accidentally distributed everything and the guy couldn’t believe his eyes! What did he do after that? Well, he called all his work buddies to give him a hand with all that food and apparently they all had a very long lunch break together!

This guy should probably test his luck in Vegas!

Where’s My Ring?


The guy who owns that ring would’ve been in a lot of trouble if he went home without it!

Can you imagine the questions his wife would’ve asked? “What were you doing when you lost it? Were you alone? How can a ring just fall off with no reason? Is that perfume I smell on you?”

Yeah, that would not have been a fun discussion! This guy’s ring would’ve literally gone down the drain if he hadn’t been so freakin’ lucky!

Apparently luck can follow you everywhere, even underwater, like the next lady on our list!

I’m Bendy And I Know It!


Free diving might be quite the experience but it’s not the safest thing in the world!

Unless of course you’re as lucky as this young lady over here! This was her first free diving attempt and thank God her boyfriend was there! Not that she needed protection of course! It’s just a good thing that he could capture this moment with his camera! Other than that, he is basically useless to her! 

A stingray got right in her face and she just bent backwards to avoid it, smiled at it, and then went her way! How is that even possible?

Lucky Safe!


Anyone who’s dreading their house’s renovation should definitely check this out!

A family decided it was time to renovate their 20 year old house and while removing the floor they found a safe box hidden inside!

After the initial shock, they decided they had to see what was in there! When they finally managed to open it they found old books and stacks of money and it’s safe to say (see what I did there?) that this lucky couple doesn’t have to worry about the renovation expenses! 

Finding money in your house is definitely lucky, but what would you call our last person on the list?

 Look Who’s Sitting Next To Me!


Now if this is not considered a close call, then I don’t know what is!

A woman was driving to work when suddenly a piece of corrugated tin roof fell from the truck in front of her and landed in her car! Luckily it didn’t hit the driver’s seat and the woman pulled her car over and got out safe and sound!

Of course, she was in complete shock and couldn’t believe how lucky she was! Actually, neither can we! A few inches closer and that woman would’ve been history!