Insane Things That Airport Security Found Just In Time!

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We’ve all been there! Trying to pack a suitcase for our next big trip and wondering whether we’re allowed to take that small bottle of perfume, or our kid’s toy that looks like a gun but it’s definitely not! 

There are so many rules and restrictions now, that we don’t know what’s safe to pack anymore without worrying that the airport security will throw it away before we even board the plane!

Yet, there are some people who definitely knew that what they were stuffing in their luggage was NOT allowed, but went ahead and did it anyway! Obviously, they also got what they deserved!

Here are the craziest things found by airport security just in time!

Yummy-Money Croissant!


It’s not uncommon to carry pastries with you at the airport! Maybe you’re feeling hungry, or you picked some up before flying back home to treat the relatives who can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

But these croissants were really not meant to be eaten! Security guards probably wanted to take a bite at first sight, but when they took a closer look they realized that something was off!

This incident happened at an airport in Germany, and the guard who decided to cut a piece of this delicious pastry was probably promoted afterwards, since rolls of cash were found inside! Yummy!

Cuban Skull!


The things you might find in an airport suitcase are sometimes insane! 

At the Florida airport, a woman coming back from Cuba had to explain herself when not one, but two, human skulls were found in her suitcase!

Turns out, she wasn’t a killer or anything! She only had them in there to protect herself from evil spirits! That makes total sense! Who doesn’t do that for some good energy around the house, right?

My only question is, how was she able to travel with those things without being stopped before going on that plane?

The iPhone Carrier!


Of course we always travel with our phones! We need to be able to talk with our loved ones, and post on social media at all times!

But who needs to take more than one phone on their flight? Well, maybe a businessman has two, but that’s a completely different story!

This guy over here was stopped before getting into a plane, and was caught carrying over 100 iPhones! Of course, the phones were not in his bag!

They were strapped onto his entire body, because he probably thought that he could cover them with his clothes! Wrong!

Did he forget you would have to pass through airport security?

Oh, Here He Is!


Yes, this happened! This poor kid was luckily found before getting into the plane!

In case you’re wondering, the kid did NOT get in there voluntarily, nor was he kidnapped though!

The strange, and awful, thing about this case was that his own dad put him in the suitcase thinking that no one would notice! What? How is that even possible?

What was he trying to do? Was his plan to avoid paying for another ticket? Also, the blanket that he gave him to cover up, wasn’t going to help AT ALL on the plane, where all the suitcases are placed! The kid would have freeze to death!

That’s some good parenting right there! Give this dad an award!

Cow Poop!


Apparently, some tourists bring some crazy things back home! Just ask the New Zealand security staff!

So many things are forbidden in an airport, and consequently on a plane, that it’s honestly kind of hard to keep count! So it’s only normal that sometimes we get confused and have something in our suitcase that is not allowed! 

But is it really that hard to think that cow poop is not allowed on a plane? But, let’s say that the guy carrying this had no idea! The bigger question is…what was he going to do with cow poop in the first place?

Fish It Out!


A woman thought that she had everything figured out for her big trip, but then it all just fell apart!

This lady was stopped by security guards in the Melbourne airport after they realized that she was walking a bit…strange!

The guards were right, because while physically inspecting her they discovered that under her clothes, she was wearing a special apron with big pockets where she had put 51 tropical fish in small plastic bags!  

Needless to say, she was never able to take these fish home to fill her fish tank!

The Baby Tiger!


So some people like travelling with their beloved pets, and that’s not a crime!

Some take their dogs, others travel with their cats, some even fly with their parrots! All they have to do is notify the airline and the airport, pay some money and have all their documents in place in case someone asks for them! Also, the pets have to be in their cage, and they are usually placed in the cargo area of the plane!

Of course, there are some people who think they can get away with almost anything!

Like the woman who tried to fly with a two-month old baby tiger in her suitcase like it was a toy! To be fair, she also had a stuffed tiger toy in there as well! Probably to keep the baby tiger some company!

Mickey Gun!


While we’re on the stuffed toys topic, we should probably mention this poor Mickey Mouse!

Of course, this Mickey had no idea that a gun had been placed inside him by a dad who was travelling with his kid! What?

It’s not bad enough that this guy tried to smuggle a gun, he also put it in a stuffed animal and gave it to his kid to carry around!

How was this ever going to work? And why was this guy even allowed to be left alone with a child? Parenting at its finest!

How Did I Get Here?


Good friends will sometimes do anything for one another! Even if that means stuffing them into a suitcase when they really need to leave the country but have no money to do so, or no legal documents!

Like this guy for example! Apparently travelling on First Class, or even Coach, wasn’t an option for him so he asked his buddy to stuff him in a suitcase and put him on a plane!

Sounds like a solid plan, right? Wrong! How was he ever going to pass through airport security? His best bud was so freaked out while carrying the suitcase that the guards noticed and decided to take a look inside! Kinder surprise right there!

Snake Time!


Weird stuff can happen at the Miami airport as well! A guy was about to travel to Brazil but, before getting on the plane, airport security realized something was wrong! And they were right!

The guy, who was trying to act cool, hadn’t realized that everyone could tell that something was hidden under his clothes, and more specifically, under his pants!

Before you start cracking jokes, let me inform you that the story gets even better!

When he was forced to pass through a body scan, the guards saw that he was carrying 7 snakes, along with a couple of tortoises!

Itsy Bitsy Spider!


No, these are NOT toys, and YES they were found in someone’s luggage!

It’s scary enough finding a spider in your house, let alone in your suitcase! It’s probably even worse if the spider is venomous, like these cute little tarantulas over here (Yes, I was being sarcastic)!

But this was no accident of course! In Amsterdam, a German couple was about to take a flight back home when the airport security stopped them for a quick check!

Thank God for that! 200 tarantulas placed in small bags were found in their suitcase and we don’t know why they thought they would ever get away with this!

I Want My Boyfriend!


What do you do when you can’t handle a long distance relationship? Well, there’s only one answer apparently, and that’s stuffing your boyfriend in a suitcase and putting him on a plane with you!

I seriously don’t understand why she thought she would get away with it! And also, why did she put him in that tiny suitcase? Didn’t she know that there are bigger ones, so that her amore wouldn’t have to turn into a pretzel for a few hours?

Not that a bigger suitcase would have fixed the problem! Security would have stopped those two anyway!

The Gold Digger!


In case you’re wondering, those are actual gold bars! But here’s the weird part about this situation!

These gold bars were not found by security guards at the airport; they were actually found on an airplane, when the staff was doing end-of-the-day checks! When they went into one of the plane’s bathrooms they found plastic bags which clearly weren’t there before!

Afraid that something dangerous might have been hidden in there, they carefully opened the bags and saw the gold bars!

But not just a couple! In total, there were $1.2 million worth of gold bars that someone had somehow managed to smuggle in there without anyone realizing! How is that even possible?

Monkey Business!


On his way back from Thailand, a man was stopped by airport security in Los Angeles when an exotic bird flew out of his bag! What? 

Trying to act cool about it obviously wouldn’t work, so when asked if he was carrying anything else that they should know about, he admitted to having a couple of other stuff hidden in there!

He opened his bag and gave them the 50 rare orchids he was taking home and then asked if he could show them the two monkeys hidden in his underwear! Is this a joke? Who puts two monkeys in there? No matter how small they are!

The Vintage Grenade!


Being safe at an airport is no joke! With everything happening in the past few years, it goes without saying that security guards must be extra careful with every weird item they find, and be able to spot anyone who looks suspicious!

So the panic caused when a grenade was found in a man’s bag, was absolutely normal! The grenade however, wasn’t!

Even though the owner of the grenade tried telling them that he didn’t intend on doing anything with it, and that it wasn’t active anymore, specialists were brought in to investigate the weapon!

Turns out, the guy was telling the truth! But still, don’t bring bombs into an airport man! It doesn’t matter how small or harmless they are, or even if they are fake! Weapons are just a big NO-NO!

Who Let The Dog Out?


We’ve mentioned it 100 times people! Don’t stuff your pets in your bags and walk through airport security like nothing’s up!

Just notify them in advance and your sweet furry friend can fly with you safely!

Apparently a woman trying to get on a plane didn’t care about that though! When airport security started looking through her bags her dog jumped out from under her clothes! When asked about it, the woman said she had no clue the dog was in there, and that he must have sneaked in while she was packing!

Yeah, right! Like we’d ever buy that!

African Snails!


Apparently the Los Angeles airport is a hub for weird findings!

A man who had just come back from his trip to Nigeria was stopped by airport security for a good reason! While the staff was searching his suitcase, they found several giant African snails! 67 of them to be exact, packed in two picnic bags!

The guy who had some explaining to do, eventually told them that he was intending to sell them to a restaurant to make some money!  

But if you think that this is gross, then you should prepare yourselves for the next crazy thing found by airport security!

Expensive Implants!


A woman had just arrived in Spain, when Spanish authorities realized that something was wrong!

When they started asking her some simple questions about her trip, the woman’s weird answers made them realize that she was hiding something so they decided to body search her!

That’s when they saw that she was bleeding from her breasts! She told them that she had recently undergone breast surgery, but that didn’t stop them from sending her to the hospital!

What they found there was shocking, to say the least! Her implants were filled with 1.5 kg of cocaine! What happened next? Did she say that she thought the implants were filled with silicone and that they should blame the doctor for this?

The Mask!


Some people just can’t help but take weird stuff with them at the airport!

Take this mask for example! Who would ever think that putting this in a carry-on bag would be a good idea?

But the man who was stopped at the Miami airport before getting on a plane, had a different opinion! When security asked him why he was taking a spiked gas mask with him, he simply replied that he was attending a party and that this was part of his costume!

What kind of sick party was this? Of course, the mask was left at the airport and the guy probably had to wear a Cinderella costume after all!

You Came In Like A Cannonball!


What did we say about weapons guys? Why doesn’t anyone listen?

No matter how old, or harmless you think they are, never try to travel with them! Even worse, don’t even think of smuggling them in the plane! Chances are, someone is going to notice it! 

A guy thought that he could get away with smuggling this big, and rather old, cannonball (Your eyes are not playing games, I really did write cannonball!) but airport security stopped him before getting on the plane!

Apparently though, this is nothing compared to what this next guy tried to smuggle!

Snakes In A Jar!


I already gave my speech about not stuffing your pets into your suitcase and acting like nothing’s happening, so I’m not going over that again!

But that’s only because our next weirdo decided to stuff dead animals into his suitcase, instead of living and breathing ones! In fact he placed 30 venomous snakes in jars and bottles and packed them in his suitcase! 

That’s totally normal, right? Why wouldn’t you carry venomous snakes on the plane with you? What could possibly go wrong?

But let’s see an airport finding that is much more fun than snakes, even though I’m not sure if it’s less weird!

Different Kind Of Belt!


In case you don’t know what this is, then please let me enlighten you! This is a chastity belt and it was worn by women ages ago to prevent them from getting too physical with men!

Apparently, the trend is back and a British woman, who was about to catch her flight back home from Athens, was stopped by airport security for having this chastity belt in her bag! What? Why? 

The woman explained that she was planning to surprise her husband with it (Yeah, I’m sure he’ll love it!) and that there was nothing more to it!

Of course the airport staff didn’t care about this lady’s love life and didn’t let her fly with it! I’m guessing the only gift dear hubby got from her was just a hug after all!

Grenade Number Two!


So we’ve already seen someone trying to fly with a dead grenade in his bag, but when this guy attempted to get into a plane with a live one, things got a little bit out of hand!

But let’s get things straight! The man carrying this very active 40 millimeter grenade was a soldier at the Dallas airport who claimed that he had forgotten this thing was in there! 

OK, so sometimes we leave things in our bags and we completely forget about it, but a grenade is not something simple! Hence all the panic caused afterwards!

Of course, the soldier was required to leave his accessory at the airport and I’m guessing he would have some explaining to do to his supervisors later!

The Eyeball Jar!


Some people collect stamps, others collect rare coins, but the guy who was about to take a flight from London Stansted airport had a whole different kind of collection!

Imagine working as a security guard at an airport and searching, what seems like, a regular suitcase when you find a glass jar full of…eyeballs!

Yes, that’s right! And not the fake ones, not some kind of toy! Human eyeballs; 10 of them, to be exact! Freaking out yet? You probably are, and I can’t blame you!

These eyeballs were, of course, not intended for medical purposes since they were just placed in a jar like that! Creepy!

Baby In A Suitcase!


As awful as it might sound, people still do this and, for the life of me, I don’t get why they think that it’s OK!

We’ve seen a kid being stuffed in a suitcase before, but this is even worse since we’re now talking about a 5 month old baby! Shocked? So are we!

Apparently the baby wasn’t legally allowed to enter the country so his parents thought that the best solution would be to just put him in a suitcase and check him in! What is wrong with you people?

Didn’t they know that the baby would never survive in there? Thank God the suitcase went through an X-Ray scanner and the baby was found! Not that X-Rays on a baby are a good idea, but it’s better than being on a plane locked inside a suitcase for hours!