Crazy Things Billionaires Have Bought Just To Show Off!


Don’t get us wrong! It’s great being able to afford pretty much anything you desire!

Living like a billionaire is something we probably can’t really comprehend! Most of us don’t know what it’s like having all that money and buying whatever we want without even thinking about it! 

But there are some people out there, who are so rich they are able to spend a ridiculous amount of money on things that no one else would, just for the fun of it! And we’re not talking about cars or houses! We’re referring to stuff that our poor little mind would never understand!

We have found the craziest things billionaires have bought, and we’re warning you…it’s going to get weird!

Wipe Out!


Yes, this is an actual photo of a toilet paper made of gold!

Apparently, a billionaire’s bathroom should be elegant and luxurious at all times! And we get that! They probably have sinks and toilet seats made of gold too! And although these things sound too much, we can’t deny that we have seen them in movies and they kind of make sense for someone with so much money!

So what would ruin a rich person’s perfect bathroom image? Toilet paper! Why bother wasting so much money for an out-of-this-world bathroom, when you still have regular toilet paper like any other person?

Enter gold toilet paper! In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t do anything more than the ones we have at home! It’s just worth thousands of dollars! Also, you still have to throw it out after using it, just like the regular one!

That’s what I call money down the toilet!

Say My Name!

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Owning a private island is not something new! We’ve heard of rich people buying small islands in the middle of nowhere and building a house there, just to have their own little piece of heaven away from everyone!

But this is nothing like that! Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a billionaire from Abu Dhabi, wanted everyone to know his name! But apparently he also wanted everyone to be able to SEE his name!

So what did he do? He had people dig as deep as possible throughout the sand on his private island to spell out his name! Why? So that we could see it from space! Now that’s not too much, is it?

Shark Tank!


You can put whatever you want in your house when you’re a billionaire! Expensive furniture, weird (and costly) paintings, statues made of gold, you can even put a giant fish tank if you like!

But a fish tank wasn’t enough for this billionaire! Steven A. Cohen, a hedge fund manager, wanted something more spectacular! So he decided to get a shark!

But wait! Not just any shark! A dead 14-foot long tiger shark preserved in a huge tank, for about 12 million dollars! That’s right! That’s what he wanted to have in his living room and we can’t judge! (Yes, we can!).

The Pianist!


If you’re a good piano player then this one’s for you!

This beautiful crystal piano was played by a renowned Chinese pianist during the Beijing Olympics in 2008! Clearly, it was worth a lot of money so it took some time to later find a wealthy buyer!

The price of course would have been higher than any other regular piano, not only because it was made out of crystal, but also because it was featured in the Olympics!

In 2014, this piano was sold for 3,2 million dollars and I’m seriously hoping that whoever bought it knows how to play it and didn’t just buy it to decorate his living room!

Car Collection!


Why even bother being a billionaire if you don’t get to have hundreds of cars in your garage, right?

It’s true, when you hear the word billionaire, you imagine that a person will be able to afford anything! So why just have 1 or two expensive cars, when you can have as many as you like?

In fact, why not have your own private collection of cars? That’s the case for the Sultan of Brunei, who’s car collection cost 5 billion dollars and contains around 7.000 rare cars!

My only question is…does he ever get to drive them? Because it seems like it would take some time to get the one he likes out of the garage!

Sparkly Car!


And while we’re talking about cars, let’s stick to that subject a bit longer! 

Apparently, when you’re super rich, you don’t only get to have as many cars as you like, but you also get to buy cars that no one else would ever afford! 

Let’s take a look at this Mercedes for example! Believe it or not, it’s covered in over 300.000 Swarovski crystals and it’s worth around 1 million dollars!

According to some rumours, a Saudi Prince named Al Waleed Bin Talal was the proud owner of this luxurious car, but he released a statement denying its purchase!

Da Vinci’s Journal!


What you’re watching here is not just an old journal found in a museum! This is actually Leonardo Da Vinci’s journal called “Codex Leicester”.

You might be wondering who would ever want this, but you couldn’t be more wrong!

Bill Gates apparently had his eye on this special item for some time, and then he realized he could just buy it!

Of course it would be expensive, but who cares, right? Bill Gates is a billionaire and he can have ANYTHING he likes! Da Vinci’s journal now sits in Gate’s library after paying the tiny amount of 30.8 million dollars! Totally worth it!

Ugly Shirt!


If you’re looking at this photo and the only thing on your mind is “OMG, what a hideous T-shirt”, then I’ll have you know that this awful piece of clothing is worth more than your house!

That’s right! This T-shirt is actually made of gold and it belongs to a billionaire who likes to call himself the “Gold Man”! But what kind of Gold Man would he be, if he didn’t own a gold shirt!

This thing took 2 weeks to make and it’s so heavy, that it’s very uncomfortable to wear! It also takes some time for it to get cleaned, because obviously you can’t put it in the washing machine, or the dryer!

This purchase cost 250.000 dollars and it’s safe to say that it’s by far one of the most useless purchases we have ever seen!

The Game Boy!


Now this looks interesting, especially if you’re a 90’s kid!

So everyone knows the famous Nintendo Game Boy, and almost every kid was begging his parents to buy it for him back in the day, even though it was rather expensive! 

But this is no ordinary Game Boy! If you take a closer look you’ll realize that this is made of gold and diamonds, and costs over 25.000 dollars!

Now this might be hard for us to imagine, but rich people out there had no problem buying this for them, or their kids even though they knew it would be destroyed within a couple of days!

Tiny House!


In case you’re wondering why we’re showing you the picture of a building, then let me enlighten you!

This is not a building full of luxury apartments! This is a house! This entire thing belongs to only one person and each floor is used as a different room!

Consisting of 27 floors, this skyscraper in Mumbai belongs to a billionaire who obviously had no problem throwing a billion dollars for it to be constructed!

Swimming pools, gym, private theater, spa, 9 elevators and many more are included in this modest house, and over 600 people work there to make sure it’s sparkly clean every day! Not too bad!

Gold Pill!


That’s a pretty pill right here! Oh, and it’s also made of gold!

So apparently if you’re sick of those white pills you take every day, now you get to order these beautiful 24 Karat gold ones to cheer you up!

For only 425 dollars (yes, I was being sarcastic) you can get 3 gold pills! And I haven’t told you the best part about them! They do absolutely nothing! They were not made to cure anything or to make your headaches go away in under 5 seconds!

They were made to look pretty! So you’re actually buying decor for your stomach! That’s it! Once again, another great buy!

Gold iPhone!


No this is not a case for your iPhone! This is the actual iPhone made of diamonds and gold! 

Just like those pills we just saw, this iPhone 5 doesn’t have any special features or anything! The only major difference is that this one is made of gold and covered with gems! Oh, and a minor detail! It also costs 15.3 million dollars!

But here’s a question… What happened when all those iPhones came out after the iPhone 5? What are you supposed to do with a phone that is no longer up to date but you paid millions to have?

The Batmobile!


If you loved Batman as a kid, or still do as an adult, then you’ll definitely like this one!

Driving the Batmobile is probably every boy’s fantasy, but a billionaire fan of the hero (and his car) was able to make his dream come true!

Samuel Cathy, the billionaire founder of the fast food chain Chick-Fil-A, was a huge car collector and apparently the only thing missing was a Batmobile!

But not just a Batmobile! This is the actual Batmobile that was used in the famous Batman movie in 1992, which makes it even more special, not to mention expensive!

But what’s 250.000 dollars for a billionaire, right?

Diamond Bag!


Every woman loves a great purse and most women have a bunch of them at home in order to use each one for a different occasion! 

But who cares about regular handbags when you can have one that costs more than a huge house? If you don’t know what we’re talking about, then we’re here to let you know that a Hermes White Himalaya Crocodile Diamond Birkin handbag was sold for almost 380.000 dollars!

Who was crazy enough to buy it? Apparently a billionaire who wanted his wife to have an outrageously expensive bag just to go out for coffee with her friends! After all, what’s a few hundred thousand when you have billions, right?

Let’s Go Fishing!


If you love fishing, then you should really check this out!

Everyone has hobbies, and fishing is something fun for almost the entire family! So if your hubby likes to go fishing on Sundays, then you should definitely consider this fishing lure! Granted, of course, that you have a million dollars to spare!

This lure is covered in gold, platinum, rubies and diamonds and it’s a gift that every billionaire husband would love!

I wonder if they actually use it to go fishing or if they just keep it in a safe, along with all their valuable possessions!

Ice Ice Baby!


So imagine you’re a billionaire and you invite people over for some drinks! Surely you’ll have your house staff around to fulfil all of your guests’ requests, but what happens when they request ice cubes for the million dollar whiskey you just offered them?

Tap water turned into ice is not really ideal for a billionaire’s party, right?

So what do you do? Thank God there is a company selling luxury, individually made ice cubes to cover your needs! Each bag costs “only “ $325 and you can stop worrying about not looking like a billionaire around other people! Great news!

Anything For My Dog!


All you dog lovers, gather around and admire this piece of jewellery that your four legged friend would surely appreciate!

If you’re the kind of person who loves to buy toys and accessories for your dog, then collars are definitely one of your most frequent purchases!

So if you’re constantly changing your mind about the colour of your dog’s collar, then you should definitely buy this!

It might seem a bit too much, but that’s only because it’s 52 carats and is covered with over 1600 diamonds! 

Are you excited about this? If you are, then let me give you another piece of information before you start looking for it online… It costs 3.2 million dollars! Still excited about this?

Royal Trash!


If you think that billionaires are normal people just like you and me, who still have to take their trash out, then think again!

These people lead a luxurious life, so they are not about to let anyone say that their garbage is “normal”!

Even trash can be covered in money, but just because they’re not about to glue 100 dollar bills on them, that doesn’t mean that they can’t buy something to show their billion dollar lifestyle!

Enter Louis Vuitton garbage cans and trash bags! Now this is what I call style (NOT)!

On Board Luxury!


We have already seen celebrities and rich people owning private jets that can fly them wherever they please! But have you seen them buying a Boeing 747?

The Sultan of Brunei strikes again and this time he’s not joking! What is he going to do with a small private jet when he can have a huge one that reminds us of a luxurious hotel?

And when we say luxurious, we mean made of gold! Bathrooms, chairs, tables; almost everything has a golden touch! 

This plane cost 220 million dollars, but that means nothing to him!

Watch It!


Many people are obsessed with watches, and some men really like to have a great watch caressing their wrist! After all, a watch is one of the few accessories that a man can have!

It’s also no news that Patek Philippe watches are very expensive, but apparently a watch carrying that name can also cost millions!

Who would buy it? An American businessman, and billionaire, demanded to have the most complicated watch in the world, and he got exactly what he asked for!

Of course, this came at a price, but this billionaire had no problem throwing 25 million dollars for his new accessory, which is obviously made of gold!

Underwater Fun!


Most of the people we’ve seen so far are businessmen or Sultans who have all the money in the world to spend on anything they desire!

But we also have a famous billionaire on our list, who decided it was time to waste some money on his hobby and make the experience even more fun!

James Cameron, the Titanic film director, has a thing for submarines so he realized it was time for him to get his own! 

How much does a submarine cost? Nothing much! Just around 1.5 million dollars! No big deal!

They See Me Cruisin’! They Hatin’!


If you love the sea and jumping on a boat for a relaxing cruise, then you’ll probably get a little jealous once you see this!

What you see in the photo above is not a cruise ship! It’s a yacht, and a rather big one for that matter!

Of course, it’s not owned by a regular person who loves the sea! The proud owner of this sea monster is Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the United Arab Emirates and it’s the largest private yacht in the world!

Of course it would be! Why else would he pay 600 million dollars for it?

Fancy Bike!


Riding a bike is a very good exercise, not to mention that it gives you a chance to relax and enjoy the outdoors!

But the bike in the photo is not like any other, nor is it meant to be ridden by just anyone!

People who are not millionaires, or billionaires, should not even bother to consider buying it! Why? Because this is a 24 Karat gold bike and it costs a small fortune to have!

That’s a lie actually! Small is not the word for it, since it costs over half a million! Best thing about this bike, is that it offers nothing more than any other $100 bike found in stores!

Tea Time!


Almost everyone loves a hot cup of tea after a tiring day at work, but I bet no one would ever think to keep a tea bag after using it! Unless of course the tea bag cost a fortune!

Yeah, this could happen! The famous tea company, PG Tips wanted to celebrate its 75th anniversary and decided to make tea bags encrusted with hundreds of diamonds – 280 to be exact!

The price for each small tea bag? Nothing major! Just 14.000 dollars! But who cares? It’s not like we’re going to throw them away afterwards! Oh wait, we are!

We’re In Truffle!


I’m sure rich people want their meals to be prepared with the best, most natural ingredients! They probably have chefs preparing every crazy meal or cake they can think of, and butlers right by their side ready to take their orders at any time!

But using the best ingredients for their fancy meal comes at a cost! And sometimes, it can cost as much as a small apartment!

Take this white truffle for example! A Russian billionaire bought it for almost 100.000 dollars! Sure, it was one of the biggest white truffles, but was it really worth all that money?

I really hope that his dinner tasted like a little piece of heaven!