Most Hilarious Photoshop Fails That Will Probably Make You Cry!


Using Photoshop to “improve” our lousy pictures is no news! In fact, Photoshop has become very popular these past few years, and many people use it to edit their photos! 

But when people decide to jump into the fascinating Photoshop world to show something completely unrealistic, then the result can be pretty hilarious, especially if they have no Photoshop skills!

We have found the most epic Photoshop fails of all time, and we can’t wait for you to see them!

Too Fit!


When you want to post your photo on social media, but you think that you don’t look skinny enough!

Photoshop can really work wonders, but only if you know how to use it right! Truth be told, this lady over here was so close to achieving a perfect result… but then, bricks happened!

Don’t you just hate it when your bricks start changing shape while you’re taking a perfectly good photo?

She obviously didn’t notice that by slimming down her tummy, she also ruined the wall behind her, or else she wouldn’t be smiling the way she does!

Oh well! Better luck next time!

Shower Neck!


Remember all those times you tried to take a shower and broke your neck? No? That’s because it doesn’t work like that – unless you’re playing in a horror movie!

This ad probably wanted to show how great this shower head is, but the person who photoshopped it obviously didn’t know basic anatomy!

Would it hurt you to place the shower head a bit higher? Was it really that hard to think?

Anyway, this woman over here seems pretty happy with her shower, even though her neck is broken, so who are we to judge?

Head N’ Shoulders!


This guy obviously wanted to look like a workout hero, but didn’t have any Photoshop skills!

Looking like his back, neck and shoulders have all merged into one big mass, we wonder why he thought that no one would notice it’s fake!

He also looks like he’s in pain, because his head is now so tiny and held back!

Of course, we don’t want to be mean! We get how hard it is to build a perfect athletic body, but no one would ever look like that in real life, no matter how hard he tried!

Me And My Bike!


So you bought a new bike, but have no one to share it with! No problem! Photoshop is here!

This guy’s Photoshop skills were so bad, it’s hilarious! He found the photo of a hot chica and just put it on his bike! The best part about this, is that the model in the photo was probably posing on her bike before this guy found her! That’s why her hands look like that!

The only problem is.. She’s too far away from the bike handles! Maybe he should be the one sitting at the back! Not that it would make the photo more realistic, but just an idea!

The Hulk!


Another guy who desperately wanted to have a great body, but didn’t have time to hit the gym every day!

But who needs to work out when you have Photoshop on your computer? However, before you adjust your photo, please make sure that you actually know how to use it!

Apparently this guy was trying Photoshop for the first time and got too excited! He realized that he could make his arms a bit bigger and decided to go overboard! 

He later thought that his chest should also match his arms and 5 minutes later…Boom! He became Hulk!

If only he had put some green colour on his skin! He would have been the perfect hero!

Polo Award!


I’m not sure yet! Is this the sexiest Polo on the market, or the creepiest one? Let’s vote by a show of hands (the right one, if yours wasn’t chopped off)! 

Everyone knows that a great picture of your product is bound to increase your sales! So what happened here? And, most importantly, why didn’t anyone notice that there was an arm missing before putting this online?

The person who photoshopped it was probably fired after this, and if he wasn’t then maybe this fail was so creepy that it actually helped with the sales!

Tattoo Award!


So you wake up one day and realize that a tattoo would look great on you, but your mom would never let you get one!

What do you do? You Photoshop a bunch of different tattoos on your body! And if the tattoo is too big, that’s OK! No one will notice, right? Wrong! 

This guy has obviously done a lousy job and the result is ridiculous! Take another look at your photo before posting it on social media man! Maybe it will save you the embarrassment! 

But if you think that this is bad, then our next Photoshop fail will probably make you cry!

That’s The Latest Style!


No harm in selling underwear! Just make sure your model is facing the right way!

If you’re not sure about what went wrong with this photo, then just take a closer look! They just put a cropped underwear photo on a guy who has his back turned to us!

The result is so disturbing that it makes us wonder how no one realized that such a huge mistake was done!

Or maybe this wasn’t a mistake? After all, it says that this is the latest style for 2014! Maybe this was the style 5 years ago and we just didn’t know!

All Natural!


Once more, a guy is doing his best to look super fit but fails! Actually, Photoshop failed him! 

Looking like he swallowed a baby kangaroo is not the only issue here! The background was also distorted!

Hadn’t noticed it at first? We don’t blame you! That’s because you couldn’t take your eyes off of his bulging chest!

But take a look behind him! Central heating doesn’t usually look like that! Unless it’s melting!

But this is not the first time a guy’s Photoshop was so bad, the entire world knew it was fake! In fact, the next one is even worse!

Me And My Bros!


Your friends aren’t cool enough? So what? No one has to know! You can Photoshop whoever you want in your photos without anyone finding out!

Nop! That’s not how it works! Especially if you chose Vin Diesel and Jason Statham to be your new BFFs! 

The sad part is that this guy’s Photoshop skills weren’t as bad as the previous ones! He just really messed everything up with the celebrities!

Just him, Vin and Jason, hanging around in his kitchen…waiting for the beef to cook! True story!

But if you think that hugging celebrities is no big deal, then you should check out the next guy and his new purchase!

My New Car!


All this poor guy wanted was a new car! But since he couldn’t afford it, he decided that Photoshop would give him the solution!

So, voila! He is now the proud owner of a shiny red car where he can lean on! Except for the fact that his Photoshop skills were terrible and everyone can tell that this is fake!

If only you had found a better way to pose, then maybe the result wouldn’t be so terrible! But then again, if the result was good…then why would we post your photo here?

What Happened To My Arm?


Being a model can be hard! It’s not easy being perfect and skinny all the time! It’s even harder when they have to cut your arm off!

This beautiful woman posed for an online shop but apparently, she wasn’t skinny enough! Or at least her waist wasn’t!

So what did they do? They used dear old Photoshop to slim her down and really give her that hourglass shape! Except that they also botched her arm!

But making people slimmer is no news! However, flying with a two wheel plane, is!

Don’t Get On This Plane!


There is nothing more exciting than getting on a plane and flying to an exotic destination!

But there is nothing scarier than realizing that your plane is missing a few wheels! How does this thing even balance? Why is not falling on the ground?

And how did the famous airline not notice before putting huge billboard ads everywhere? I’m guessing that tickets weren’t selling after this, and that by the time they realized that their Photoshop guy was drunk while working, it was already too late!

The entire world had seen it!

The Extra Leg!


Would have been a perfectly legit picture, except that it’s not!

So despite our hesitation, we could have bought that two hot chicas run into this guy’s arms wearing nothing but their bikinis in the middle of the street! After all, miracles do happen!

But then…a leg came out of nowhere and destroyed the fantasy! Hadn’t noticed it at first?

Well, check again and prepare to be creeped out! There is an extra leg between the happy woman’s legs! This Photoshop fail could have been prevented, and thank God (for us) it wasn’t!

This proves that men will do just about anything to get hot women or fancy cars! Like our next pal!

I’m Everywhere!


So this guy’s Photoshop was so bad, it’s insane!

Not only did he put his picture outside the car, to look like he is actually leaning onto it, but he also put his face inside the car, to show that he’s driving it…all at the same time!

How is that even possible? Not to mention that it’s obvious it has been photoshopped (and badly)!

The fact that he looks like a giant next to the car is also pretty creepy! But we really love the fact that he chose to lean on the car barefoot! Don’t want to destroy a perfectly polished car, right?

The Model!


When hiring an actual model to advertise your new headphones is too expensive! 

Apparently not everyone has the budget for huge, costly campaigns in order to sell a product! And we get it! So what do you do? You start using Photoshop! 

Except that whoever did it, obviously had no clue and the headphones look like they’re floating over this guy’s head! 

Poor guy has no clue that his face was used to sell a product! That’s a lie! This product was probably never sold! Who would buy it?

But social media isn’t the only place you can use Photoshop! Magazine fails are common as well! Like this next one!

Best Hotel Ever!


This was probably an article about the best hotels in the world offering the most amazing views! But what went wrong?

If this looks like a perfectly good photo to you, and you’re having trouble locating where Photoshop went south, then take a closer look at the swimming pool and the reflection in the water!

Did you see it now? They were so close to convincing us that this is a legit photo, but then…umbrellas happened!

How come we can see them in the swimming pool but not in the background? Such a fail!

Thank You Babie!


Either she is a very big woman, or that is a very tiny car! No wait! There’s a third, more plausible, explanation! A huge Photoshop disaster!

Putting herself on top of that fancy car wasn’t enough apparently! She also had to post it on social media with the caption “Thankyou babie for the present”! Yeah, everything was wrong in this photo! Even the spelling!

She thought she could make it look like she’s casually sitting on her new car (which apparently was also a gift) but she really didn’t think this through!

You Lift Me Up!


Apparently all that lifting paid off! But only on one arm! Also, why did it turn yellow? Was he also drinking the Superchlor? 

Poor guy, he just wanted to look more muscular! But he chose the wrong arm! Was it just copy pasted there?

Someone missed leg day for about a month probably, because that’s the only way we can explain the one huge arm combined with those skinny pale legs! Oh well! It’s the effort that counts!

But if you think that this guy messed up with the wrong skin tone, than you should really check out our next Photoshop fail!

Wrong Abs!


It honestly looks like he’s wearing a costume underneath! One that is glued onto his body!

All this cool guy wanted was a six pack! But why waste time in gyms and diets when you can use your Photoshop skills to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger?

You know what the problem is though, with this scenario? It’s that this guy had NO Photoshop skills!

The torso he used is so different to his skin tone, it’s insane! Maybe he should have taken his sunglasses off before posting this photo!

Where’s the rest?


So this was probably an ad about baby bath toys, but it obviously went south!

Either mommy’s body was cropped out of the picture, or the arm was put later on when they realized that they would get in trouble for showing a baby left alone in a bathtub full of water!

Either way, a hand floating over there is really not safe either! That baby looks so happy over there, playing with his toys! But poor thing has no idea there’s an arm wandering around in the room! Apparently neither did the company selling these toys!

Maybe we’re wrong though! Maybe this was a scene from a horror movie! Because if it is, the floating arm makes complete sense!

Let’s Stand Here!


I’m guessing this young couple was posing for their prom photo a few minutes before the big night! Apparently they loved their picture so much that they wanted it to be everywhere!

That’s not bad! What’s bad is their Photoshop skills! Who stands in the middle of the road to take a photo while a car is passing by? Did they want it to look like they were posing next to their brand new car? Cause that didn’t work either!

It looks like they are floating in the middle of the road, and the girl seems to be standing on her boyfriends shoes! Also, how big are they? Because it looks like they’re taking up half the road!

Shakira Fan!


Remember when Shakira was on a tour and decided to leave the concert just to take a photo with a fan in front of his car? No? Neither do we!

This guy’s Photoshop is so messed up, it’s actually hilarious! He must have used a photo where he was actually leaning on his car (let’s hope it’s actually his) and just put Shakira in his arms! But his arm wasn’t there to begin with! It was cut into the photo!

The creepy huge arm is now the only thing we can see in this picture! Well, that and what looks like Shakira’s cardboard cutout!

The Tourist!


What a disaster! This guy wanted to show that he went to Paris but he really chose the wrong picture to Photoshop!

Here’s an idea! Before attempting to use Photoshop for the first time, and then posting your work on social media, do a quick research first!

Did he know how big the Eiffel Tower is before posing next to it? Take a look at the trees, dude! Didn’t you notice that it looks like you’re about to step on them? What kind of giant are you?

I also love the fact that he’s looking away! Like “I don’t really care that the Eiffel Tower is next to me! This is a random photo!”.

JLo And Me!


This guy looks like he’s not really comfortable with the paparazzi taking his photo while Jennifer Lopez is touching him!

Was their relationship a secret? Did he not want his girlfriend to find out about this? Was this his first time using Photoshop? Probably!

But posing next to this hot celebrity isn’t his worst mistake! Did you guys notice the creepy hand around her waist? Yeap! That’s an extra hand right there! Who’s is it?

It probably belongs to the guy who was actually hugging JLo! Our Photoshop expert over here must have forgotten to remove it! Ouch!