These Are The Worst Hoarders Of All Time!

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I’m sure you’ve all heard of the term “hoarding” before! It’s when someone can’t stop filling up his house with stuff and is unable or unwilling to get rid of junk!

But do you actually know what it’s like being in a hoarder’s house? The amount of stuff piling up, even the gross ones, is insane and we honestly wonder how they are still able to live in a house were it’s almost physically impossible to even sit on a chair or sleep on a bed!

The following hoarders are the worst ones you’ll ever encounter and photos of their houses will probably make you think that you’re the tidiest person on earth!

The Possessed Hoarder!


It’s bad enough living in a house full of boxes and junk you’ll never use, but what happens when you also think that your house is possessed by demons?

This woman over here was certain that something weird was going on in her house – apparently hoarding was OK though – and felt that she and her children weren’t safe there anymore!

Yes, kids were living in this house, no matter how hard it is to imagine! Toys, furniture and clothes were being kept there for years, and this mom wasn’t able to get rid of anything because of her hoarding disorder!

Human Waste!


Yes, people with shovels and masks on their faces are removing the garbage from this woman’s house! 

A whole crew had to get in there to try and clean up that mess, which was basically years and years of hoarding!

The weird thing is that these people are sad to see their stuff go, even if it’s just leftover food and tissues on the floor that have been lying there for months!

While the crew was trying to remove everything from the floor, they even found human feces! Apparently this woman was doing EVERYTHING in the living room! Talk about not being able of letting go of stuff!

Sweet Grandpa!


This 79 year-old grandpa from Plymouth, UK, looks like a pretty normal guy that would live in a cute little house, but he is not just that! He is a hoarder and recently his entire neighbourhood found out!

You might think that you can tell someone is a hoarder just by looking at him, or seeing the exterior of his house! But you’re wrong!

No one knew that this old man was a hoarder until a neighbour noticed that his windows were covered with flies! The neighbour was worried that the old man had died in the house and called the police to make sure!

That’s when everyone saw what was going on inside this grandpa’s house! The situation was that bad, that he was barely able to fit through the stairs anymore! Piles of stuff from years of hoarding had barely left any space to move!

The Ridiculous One!


Now this is one of those cases where hoarding is so bad, that a cleaning crew refuses to clean the entire house!

Considered as a bio-hazard house, the team was wearing masks and uniforms in an effort to remove the piles of garbage all over this woman’s house!

During this process, the owner of the house kept yelling that some stuff should not be thrown away, even though they were broken or so filthy that they would never be able to be reused!

When the crew had had enough with the house – and her – and refused to clean the second floor, she said that their reaction was “ridiculous”!

The Storage Unit


So this sweet old lady managed a storage facility, which was the main reason her hoarding obsession began!

When the owner of a unit would stop paying for storage, an auction would be held to get rid of it, but if it had a value of less than $300 then she could do whatever she liked with the unit!

That’s when she started taking things home with the intention of holding garage sales to make some money out of it!

But when her husband died, the hoarding started! A specialist who went to visit her had to go through the back door because apparently the living room was so full of stuff that the old lady couldn’t even reach the front door!

Don’t Take The Stairs!


In this case, the owner’s hoarding got so bad that the cleaning crew was forced to wear protective masks and uniforms to get in!

All the rooms were filled with junk, garbage and clothes – not to mention feces on the stairs!

The bathroom was packed with clothes which even covered the gross toilet seat and filled the bathtub!

The crew struggled to make sense of this mess and this two-floor house took some time to get cleaned and look proper!

It’s honestly insane how hoarding can destroy an entire house!

The Computer Lady!


If you thought that your house becomes a mess when you’re working from home, then you should check out this lady over here!

She says she’s sitting in her living room – but we can’t even see it anymore – and adds that she loves spending time there, mostly because she gets a lot of work done on her computer – which has turned brown by the way!

She thinks that she’s living in a normal house, like every other person, and we can see her dogs walking on her pile of clothes while she’s describing her life! She says they love it, so who are we to judge, right?

Twin Hoarding!


It’s bad enough when there’s a hoarder in the house, but what happens when there are two? Even worse, how do you deal with twin hoarders?

These two sisters have been hoarding for years! While being asked about the condition of their house, one of them says that it has been almost two years since the last time they saw the floor and goes on to admit that she didn’t like it before because it had carpeting!! What?  

Clothes, food, even an old TV set, and boxes filled with junk were covering the entire living room and the two of them were standing on piles of garbage while being interviewed!

Recycling Fan!


This hoarder had to ask for help when his girlfriend told him that she could no longer deal with the situation inside his house! 

Believe it or not, this guy started hoarding because he was obsessed with recycling! Apparently keeping stuff that should be recycled can turn you into a big time hoarder!

Even when the cleaning crew started working and was throwing all the garbage out, his only concern was to put in a separate corner the trash that needed to be recycled! Wow!

I didn’t know recycling could do this to anyone!

Where Do I Sit?


This house was actually condemned and foreclosed so the cleaning team had no idea that this used to be a hoarder’s house before going in! This guy is a member of the cleaning team who was struggling to find a place to sit! 

When going in the house, the first thing that the team encountered were huge piles of…dirty diapers!

What you are seeing is the owner’s bathroom full of small bottles and hundreds of cigarette packs! The kitchen was also filled with junk; basically everything that a person would buy to make some food without ever throwing away even the empty containers!

The Doctor’s House!


If you thought that hoarding was only for people who can’t even hold a job, then think again because this guy is here to prove everyone wrong!

This retired orthopedic surgeon moved into that house after his divorce and set up his practice on the first floor of the house!

Although he hasn’t worked for some years, he still keeps all of his patients medical records on paper – apparently storing it on a computer wasn’t an option that time! So picture hundreds of files on the floor, along with old furniture and medical supplies!

On the second floor, the situation is even worse! Nothing has been thrown away for years, not even food, so thousands of insects are now his pets!

The Broken Beam!


This guy’s house was a mess due to years of hoarding, but when the cleaning crew went in to remove all the junk, they realized that it would be harder than they thought!

The house was filled with stuff everywhere and the crew couldn’t even move around to remove all the junk!

But that’s not the worst! While trying to clean the garage, a beam broke because of all of the weight on the second floor! 

Years of hoarding done by the owner were about to tear down the actual house and everybody needed to get out of there as soon as possible!

My Husband Is A Hoarder!


This couple has been living like that for years!

In this case, the husband is the hoarder and the wife had no option but to accept it for decades! But when their house got so packed with stuff that it was nearly impossible to live in, the wife called the experts, hoping that they could help!

Her husband was finding it hard to let go of anything – even old videotapes – and things kept piling up! In the photo above you can see her trying to get up the stairs, where only a narrow path is left for her to walk through!

Where Is My Floor?


You can see for yourselves that a hoarder’s house is very difficult to live in!

Take this one for example! Underneath all those piles of garbage there are furniture that we’re no longer able to see – and the owners can’t even use anymore!

The fact that the woman living in the house hasn’t seen the floor in 4 years is impossible to imagine, and it’s no wonder she is no longer able to clean it properly!

Cleaning specialists actually went in after a complaint was received about bad smell coming out of her apartment!

Piles of garbage and cat feces were found and the cleaning crew couldn’t believe their eyes!

The Quiche Lady!


This one really freaked us out, although she’s not the first hoarder we’ve encountered on this list!

With a smile, and pride, on her face she welcomes us into her kitchen – yes, that is an actual photo of her kitchen – and walks on garbage to show us around!

The creepy expression doesn’t go away, even while saying that she loves cooking and baking, and having friends over for dinner! How is that even possible?

She then goes on to show us some of her favourite kitchen utensils, used to make food or bake cakes! Needless to say that they had turned black and we can’t stop wondering how she is able to make her famous quiche that she can’t stop talking about!

Family Hoarding!


An entire family had been living in that house for years and apparently they really didn’t see anything wrong with it!

In fact, they were quite upset when the cleaning crew went in with masks and gloves because they couldn’t figure out why they were treating the place like it was a waste dump!

A psychologist was actually trying to talk to the family while the bio-hazard team was inside the house, struggling to remove huge piles of garbage, clothes and empty boxes!

In the photo above you can see the mother crying when seeing all of her “treasures” being thrown away!

The Cockroach Bowl!


The owner of this house is an old woman who wasn’t willing to let go of her stuff even while her daughters were there trying to throw away things that had gone bad in her fridge!

Upset and furious with the whole situation, the woman went out because she couldn’t stand watching them throw away things that she had kept for so many years!

Worst part was clearly the bowl of cockroaches found sitting on her kitchen counter!

Clearly, even that was difficult to let go of! This was actually one of the most upsetting situations and it’s hard to believe that someone could live like that for so long!

Who Let The Rats Out?


That’s right! Those are rats! Everywhere! Running on the floor and hiding in the boxes because the cleaning crew disturbed their happy life in this “perfect house”!

While trying to remove some furniture, hundreds of cockroaches started running around as well, so it’s safe to say that this house wasn’t a piece of cake for the poor team!

Filled with trash, this house’s owner couldn’t understand why people were so disgusted while trying to get rid of his “precious” belongings and he insisted that he is NOT a hoarder! 

The Pyramid Trash!


According to this man’s brother, he could be the “Donald Trump of hoarding”, and he’s right!

His house is filled with newspapers, magazines, boxes and clothes, leaving almost no room for someone to walk!

In fact, it seems that this hoarder has been walking on the piles of garbage for some time, without being able to see the floor anymore, and not caring about his head banging on the ceiling – yes, the piles of garbage almost reach the ceiling!

The thing about this man is that he once lived a normal life and had a full time job which kept him rather busy! According to him, working long hours is what kept him from becoming a hoarder sooner! Wow!

Indoor Climbing!


When a psychologist went in this man’s house to discuss about his hoarding issues, she realized that there wasn’t even a place for her to sit!

Clothes and garbage were lying around, and piles of furniture and boxes had left no open space!

When the psychologist decided to have a tour around the house to see how bad things were, she realized that she would have to climb the piles of junk that covered the entire apartment! That’s her at the back, trying to get in the bedroom!

Clearly this is nothing compared to the next hoarder though, where the biohazard team had to intervene to clean up the mess!

Grandma Hoarder!


This old lady over here was even having trouble opening her front door to go out, but apparently that wasn’t reason enough to stop hoarding!

The bio-hazard team had to go in to remove everything, and the things that they found in there were disturbing, to say the least!

Piles of garbage, food and human waste were only some of the perks of their mission!

But if you think that old ladies are the worst hoarders then you should probably check out the next hoarder’s house!

The Jar Lady!


What looks like a normal – but just a bit old – house on the outside, is actually a hoarder’s house!

And if you thought that women hoarders are more than men, then you were probably right! This woman’s house is filled with stuff she has never used and will never be able to use! 

Boxes of clothes take up the entire house and, to make matters worse, she has kept cans and jars of food for over 30 years!

When the cleaning team saw the jars, they decided to open them (I don’t really understand why!) and they immediately regretted it! 

Our next hoarder is a man though, and his hoarding habits were so extreme that they actually changed his everyday life!

Car House!


This man’s lifetime of hoarding shocked the experts!

When they reached his house, they realized that the piles of junk were reaching the ceiling just by looking through the windows!

The situation was so bad that they couldn’t even get into this man’s house! So how does the owner manage to get in?

Well, apparently he doesn’t! He has been sleeping and eating in his car for some time, since the stuff he had been hoarding left no more room for him to live inside!

What’s amazing is that even his car is now full of junk and there’s barely any space for him to lie down! Wow!

Sleeping On Garbage!


This New Yorker has more junk than we can handle today, and apparently more than the cleaning crew was expecting!

Garbage, cartons of 7 month-old milk, clothes, boxes and rotten food were everywhere in the house, making it extremely hard to get through!

The reason why a cleaning crew came in is because she was actually looking to sell her house, but who – in their right mind – would ever buy a “dumpster”?

In the photo above, we see her climbing piles of garbage to get into her bedroom (how can she even know she’s in the right room?) and lying down on them when she reaches her bed – which we can no longer see!

Refusing Help!


The owner of this house wasn’t ready for change! So when a psychologist came in to talk to her about hoarding and how things need to go, she turned her back at her!

This woman’s kids were trying their best to help her realize that all this junk needs to go away but she wasn’t so willing to accept their views on this matter!

Years of hoarding had filled her house with garbage and piles of junk left no room for people to move!

She could no longer use her kitchen and the specialist couldn’t even see the dining room anymore!