World’s Tiniest Houses That Will Make You Want To Move In Today!

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More and more people are now building tiny houses and we honestly couldn’t understand why anyone would want to live in such cramped spaces! But after taking a look at these photos, we actually felt a bit jealous for not owning something so cute and practical!

So, if you were thinking that your place is too small then this list of tiny houses will definitely make you reconsider!

In fact, it might actually make you realize that you don’t need all that space anymore!

The Tiny Modern One


This tiny house in New South Wales, Sydney, is also one of the most innovative you will probably ever see!

This modern house is surrounded by a forest and its owners, Matt and Lisa, built it a few years back and they seem to enjoy every minute spent inside!

Even though it’s rather small – in fact, the internal area is only nine meters long – the house is rather practical and doesn’t lack anything a normal size house would require!

If you think that this is small though, wait until you see our next finding!

Tiny Family House


If you thought that it’s not possible for a family to live happily – and comfortably – in a tiny house, then this family, and their 196 square feet house, will definitely make you reconsider!

When in 2011, an Idaho mom (and architect) began designing her tiny home, she never thought that it would turn out as great as it did!

Equipped with a lot of storage space to cover this family’s needs, the house has everything they need, just in smaller sizes!

Living is such tiny spaces is not for everyone though, and people who are claustrophobic should obviously avoid it!
But wait! The next house is even tinier! How do they do it?

Off The Grid!


In 2015, this guy’s mother decided to leave her house and live off the grid with her fiance!

They packed all their belongings and found a 480 square feet house in the woods to spend the rest of their lives!

But what does the term “living off the grid” really mean and how easy is it to do? The answer is simple.. It’s not for everyone!

With no public utilities like water or electricity, this house offers quite an adventure, not just because of its size, but also because it doesn’t come with all amenities like other modern houses – even the tiny ones on our list!

The One With The View


Not too bad for a house that doesn’t exceed 250 square feet, right? If you thought that a huge space is required in order for a house to be modern, then this one is here to prove you wrong!

But who needs big when you can have everything you need just a breath away (literally)?

This house was built with sustainable materials and even though it seems really cramped, this is a rather modern home and it’s owners can customize this space based on their needs!

Colourful and stylish, this house also features a nice deck where the happy owners can enjoy the spectacular view!

But if you’re more of a romantic, then you will probably fall in love with the next house!

The Treehouse!


If you loved building treehouses when you were a kid, or always wanted one but your parents thought that it would be too dangerous, then you’ll probably love this house!

One of the most unique homes you will ever find, this is actually a very popular AirBnB tiny house, and we honestly get it!

Ideal for couples seeking to revive the romance, or families with small kids that would definitely enjoy their stay, this is a beautiful place to spend your days and nights!

But if you want something more luxurious, then the next house is probably for you!

The Luxe One


Unlike the rest of the houses that we have seen, this tiny house has no foundation! Why? Well, that’s because it used to be a trailer!

Apparently, you can make a home out of anything, and this construction is the proof!

That being said, this house is beautiful and stylish on the inside and it will probably make you rethink your perfect house goals!

With a fully equipped kitchen and some comfortable furniture, this tiny place is ideal for those who don’t have a huge budget ready to be wasted on a great mansion! In fact, this is actually a “two-floor” house, allowing the owner to comfortably rest in his “master bedroom”!

The Bus House


Who knew that a school bus could be converted into an amazing house?

If you were a huge fan of school day trips and riding the bus every day, then this is definitely something that will make you abandon your house and move in here!

This couple from Berlin decided to move out of their apartment and move to a different continent when they found a bus for sale online! They packed all their belongings and took a long flight to the US just to make their dream come true!

Although living in a bus might sound crazy – and not to mention uncomfortable – the couple changed everything inside in order to turn it into a nice home, and the result is amazing!

Huge bonus : they also get to travel anywhere they want within the comfort of their house!

But since we’re travelling, let’s take a look at a tiny house in Europe, shall we?

UK’s Tiniest!


We thought that tiny and weird houses were only found in the US, but we were wrong! Apparently the UK also has its corky houses!

In fact, this house is so tiny that no one would believe that a person would actually be able to fit in there!

Located in Wales, this tiny house of only 59 square feet was built in the 16th century and it had residents up until the 20th century!

No one has lived there since then, and it’s now considered a major tourist attraction!

The Car House!


You only see two people in front of their car and you’re probably wondering why their photo is on this list?

That’s because you’re not looking at this couple’s car! You’re actually staring at their house! That’s right! Your house can also have wheels and it can be pretty fun to live in!

These two Canadians over here quit their jobs in 2016 and left the country to travel to Australia where they found their perfect house!

Thinking that they didn’t need too much to live a happy life, this couple turned this van into a tiny but practical house that gives them the chance to go anywhere they want, without ever having to pack a bag!

Billboard House


Can you imagine living inside a billboard ad? Apparently a Slovakian architect can, and it’s probably one of the most creative ideas we have ever heard!

Although this house has not yet been built and we can only see some preview images of what it will look like once the project is finished, this is a house many would love to live in, regardless of how tiny it might be!

But before you jump into any conclusions and start asking about prices, you should know that this was done in an effort to help homeless people! Wow!

This tiny house will have two rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom and it’s safe to say that this thoughtful idea might be the solution for many people out there who are struggling to put a roof over their heads!

Soul Box


Also called the Soul box, this tiny house was built in Germany and it’s one of the strangest constructions we have seen so far!

This cute “box” has an internal area of only 8 square meters and it’s made out of wood! Resembling something that we could buy from IKEA and built ourselves, this house has everything one might need – even though it’s hard to believe!

This two-level tiny house has a bedroom, a study and a dining area and it’s also filled with hidden compartments for storage!

The best part about this, is that if you ever get bored you can basically take it down and set it up in a different location!



This small house is called the Yolo cabin and, although you might think that it stands for “You Only Live Once”, the reason behind it’s naming is completely different!

The construction is actually located in Yolo County, California, hence the name! It was Inspired by the local water towers and it’s height offers amazing views!

But what’s even cooler with this house, is that it’s supported by glued laminated timber, also known as glulam beams, which gives you the option to move it if you ever wish to!

Trailer House!


Built on a trailer, this tiny house can also be moved whenever its owners have had enough of their location!

Although this construction is only 160 square feet, the couple who made it (a web designer and his girlfriend) have everything they need in their reach – especially an amazing scenery!

With only 30.000 dollars, the couple is able to move around without ever having to leave their house or pack their bags!

Featuring several windows, their tiny house allows natural light to come in and gives them the chance to enjoy the outdoors!

The Boat House!


Although this tiny house might resemble a boat, according to the owner, it was shaped this way only to have more space on the upper floor – yes, this is a split level construction – where the bedroom area is located!

Once again, a trailer has done its magic and gave this couple the chance to built a house they can travel with!

Made almost entirely out of wood, this house is one of the cosiest and most stylish we have seen so far and we can’t help but feel a little jealous!

The Eco Friendly One


Let’s visit Australia now, shall we?

Inside a park, not too far away from Melbourne, in the land of kangaroos, a photographer and musician built his eco friendly dream house on his own and it’s made entirely out of wood!

Also featuring a small stove that heats the place, it’s also used to cook food and give a more homey and cosy feeling!

Built on wheels, this is also one of those houses that you can take anywhere you wish and we’re beginning to wonder why more people haven’t thought of this!

Stylish and, at the same time, with a bit of a vintage feel to it, this tiny house is definitely a stunner!

The 360 View!


This is definitely not your typical house and it’s not just because of the size!

Although you might not realize it at a first glance, this house is very high-tech and you are bound to be impressed by the construction!

With a 360° view, this tiny house is known as the Sky Sphere and it’s located in New Zealand!

Simple, yet impressive, this house has everything you need and you shouldn’t let its height scare you, because it’s actually one of its perks ; it was actually built this way to withstand earthquakes and very strong winds!

The Skinny House!


In case you thought that size doesn’t matter, this house is here to prove you wrong! And we’re not just talking about the house’s size…we are actually talking about YOUR size this time!

We’ve seen really small houses, but this one is a completely different story! This is probably the most narrow house on the planet and if you have put on some weight lately, then you probably shouldn’t consider this place as your next big buy!

Located in Warsaw, Poland, the Keret House is actually a 3 floor construction which features a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom!

The Tiny Traveller


Not only the house is amazing, but it’s owner as well!

Jenna decided to quit her job a few years back and build this house on wheels with her partner! Their goal was to travel together, be on the road all the time and make photo journalism!

But when she and her partner decided to call it quits, Jenna didn’t want to leave her tiny house! She has been living inside her dream house ever since, and apparently she’s enjoying every minute of it!

And who can blame her? She has done an amazing job decorating her place and it looks perfect both on the outside as well as on the inside!

Lord Of The Rings


What looks like the set of the “Lord of The Rings”, is far from fake!

In fact, this beautiful tiny house is located in Massachusetts and now we can’t wait to pay a visit!

This little gem among the trees is now being used as a rental property and, needless to say, a very popular one for people who wish to enjoy the experience!

This two-floor construction has everything one might need for a few days, including the vintage charm!

The parks and small lakes around the property make it ideal for those who wish to spend a few days in a magic tiny house!

The Toronto One


This tiny house actually only covers the space in between the two normal-sized houses! Built in 1912 in Toronto, Canada, this house has been renovated quite a few times since then!

Although the house seems pretty cramped, it has everything a person needs – always assuming that you don’t need that much!

And if you thought that’s all there is to it, think again! It also has a rather wide outside area of 28 square meters, which could be put to better use if the owners were allowed to extend the house!

London’s Smallest House


If you thought that tiny houses also come with a tiny budget, then London’s smallest house is here to prove you wrong!

We knew that the UK capital isn’t a cheap place to live, but we definitely weren’t expecting that such a tiny space would be on the market for a whopping 275.000 pounds!

When entering the premises you can only see an empty space and that is because almost everything is stored in secret compartments – even the double bed on the ground floor!

Everything was done to save up some space, but since we’re being honest here, this is one of our least favourite tiny houses – mainly because it lacks the charm that you’re expecting when thinking about the British capital!

Forest House


For huge nature lovers, this is definitely a dream come true! Or a dream house come true, if big is not what you were going for!

In Olympia, Washington, there is a guy called Jacob Witzling, who builds amazing tiny cabins for people who wish to live in nature!

With amazing views of the surrounding forest and a cosy internal area, this tiny house has everything you need!

Jacob wanted to make his constructions look like something that came out of a fairy tale and he sure nailed it! It really looks like goblins live inside this tiny house!

The Drina River House


This tiny house might look like it’s about to fall off and disappear in the lake, however it’s been standing tall on that rock for many years!

Located in Serbia, the house was built in 1969 and it’s quite the tourist attraction! We don’t know for sure, but according to the locals, this was built by someone who thought that this would be a great swimming spot!

Of course, no one currently lives there and thank God for that, because it actually looks like a shaky construction although it’s been there for so many years!

The Florida One


Looks like a rather normal and traditional american style house, right?

Wrong! Take a closer look at it and you’ll realize how incredibly small this house is! If you haven’t visited Florida yet, then visiting this house is enough excuse to do so!

When we think of beach houses, we usually picture huge open spaces overlooking the ocean! To be fair, the only thing that this property doesn’t have is big space!

And even though this might look like a flimsy construction, it was actually built to withstand hurricanes!

I would really love to live in this house and have a view of the ocean, but the next house is also amazing even though it’s nowhere near the beach!

Teen House


Number one on our list is a house so tiny that only a kid could live in!

Actually, only a kid does live in this house and he definitely deserves to be mentioned!

This 13 year-old boy built this tiny house with his bare hands and the reason behind it is quite simple… he is a teenager and wanted some alone time, and his own space!

With only $1500 he managed to create his dream house where he can hang out with his friends without worrying about his parents checking up on him all the time! Just brilliant!


I bet this list has made you think that you no longer need a mansion to live a comfortable and luxurious life! As it turns out, we can live in very tiny spaces and still enjoy our time without missing out on anything!

In fact, tiny houses on wheels also offer the chance to travel all the time – something you’ll never be able to do with that huge apartment you’re thinking of buying!