Extreme Makeup Transformations To Avoid Plastic Surgery!

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I’m pretty sure that you all know how hard it is for a woman to look beautiful and sexy 24/7! 

Makeup has become a woman’s best friend the past few decades and the techniques used now are way more advanced, sometimes giving a result that no one would expect!

Some say that you can’t actually know how a woman really looks like if you’ve only seen her with her makeup on, and they are right!

We have gathered the most extreme makeup transformations and the photos you are about to see will probably make you wonder how a person’s face can change so much without having plastic surgery!

The Doll


The good thing about this young lady over here is that she is already beautiful even without her makeup!

However, if you know your way around a makeup kit then you can probably do wonders! Don’t believe me?

Take a look at what she did here! She made her skin glow, her eyes look huge and her lips are so juicy! The colours she chose are very close to her dyed hair colour and she honestly looks like a doll you would find in a window shop! Cute and sexy at the same time! Not bad!

The Tomboy


Looking like a tomboy at first, she turns into a rather hot and beautiful woman before our eyes in a matter of minutes!

With her shaved hair and her baseball hat on, we would never think that someone could look so feminine after makeup, but the photo above proves us wrong!

Her eyebrows, skin tone and lips have completely changed, giving her that sexy catwoman look and when she’s finally done, we don’t even care about the baseball hat on her head anymore! She is definitely a stunner now!

The Cool Girl!


Her pale face looks cool after applying her makeup and the colour of her hair creates an impressive result! 

To be honest, the way she’s posing afterwards also helps with the wow factor but we have to admit that whatever she did to her lips, eyebrows and cheekbones has really changed her image!

Looking like a femme fatale after her makeup, she’s clearly ready to go out and flaunt her natural (not so much!) beauty to everyone! Not bad if you consider it only took her a few minutes to look like that!

Natural Look!


We have to admit, she didn’t have to work too hard to have this result, only because she went for a semi-natural look!

But you know what happened after she applied her makeup? I mean, besides the obvious fact that she was able to cover her spots…

She went from cute little girl-next-door type to sexy lady ready to steal your man with just one look!

The big eyebrows make her blue eyes pop even more than before, and her big, red and extra juicy lips make her irresistible! 

Now this is one of those times when makeup can really turn you into a different person! But nothing compares to the next makeup transformation!

Cleopatra Makeup!


Remember when you wanted to go out for a drink with your girlfriends and made an entrance as Queen Elizabeth?

No? That’s because no one does this! Well, actually that’s not true! This woman over here apparently does it like it’s just a regular night out!

When she started applying her makeup we thought “OK, so she’s going for a cat eye effect!”

Well, clearly we were wrong! It’s not that she was putting all her skills to the test just to make her eyes pop! She was just trying to be Cleopatra!

But makeup wasn’t enough apparently! Cherry on top..the Egyptian Goddess braided wig!

The Model!


Did you know that you could become a model just by applying some makeup on your face? No? Well, then just take a look at this woman over here!

We’re not implying that she was ugly before putting her makeup on, but seriously…who was expecting she could look like this in just a few minutes?

We weren’t even paying attention to her eyes when she started, but then, magically, we realized that she has beautiful blue eyes!

Her eyebrows also played a part in this, and after making them bigger (again with some makeup techniques) her whole face lit up!

She really does look like she just popped out of a magazine!



Let’s go back, shall we? This beautiful lady over here was kind enough to let us see how she really looks like by removing her makeup!

Looking like a whole different person in the end, it’s insane how much she had removed in a couple of minutes just for us to be able to see her true face!

Eyelashes, eyebrows, and duct tape were gone and we were left wondering why a woman would go to all this trouble every single day just to go out!

I honestly hope she doesn’t have to do this every morning before going to work!

The Doppelganger!


Reminding us of a young Renee Zellweger, this young girl only needed a professional hand to look like a movie star!

Although she looks really young to be needing all this makeup, she apparently wanted to cover her spots!

The result transforms her into a sexy woman and contouring has also worked it’s magic, making her look like Renee Zellweger’s doppelganger (we mean 20 years ago!).

Not too bad for someone who is clearly way too young to have ever watched one of the famous actress’s movies!

Hey Sexy Lady!


Let’s be honest guys! If you saw this lady walking down the street you wouldn’t bother to give her another look! Not because she’s ugly or anything! It’s just that she doesn’t stand out!

At least not until she puts her makeup on! What a dramatic change in just a few minutes!

Contouring has worked it’s magic again and her cheekbones seem higher, making her face slimmer than before! Her brown eyes look sexy with a lot of eyeliner and her new (and fake) eyelashes and her lips look even bigger (and a lot juicier) than before with that red lipstick!

The hair of course completes her new look and if she’s walking down the street now, you probably won’t be able to take your eyes off of her!

The Dotted Makeup!


OK, what is she even doing? 

It was kind of creepy to watch at first! We couldn’t even understand what she was trying to achieve with all those creamy dots she applied on her face with a Q-tip before even putting on her makeup!

But as it turns out, she really made it work! Looking like a 40 year-old woman at first, she turned into a pretty 20 year-old without undergoing any plastic surgery!

She was able to change her skin tone and look like a china doll and then contouring did the rest! The hairdo also helped with the whole 20 years younger effect!

The Artist


You might end up looking like a whole new person with some good makeup, especially if you have a makeup artist doing it for you!

This girl-next-door type of woman looks really natural before applying any makeup on her! But she ends up looking like a million bucks once the makeup artist is done with her!

The shape of her face has really changed – not to mention her skin tone – and her eyes are hard to ignore once she turns your way!

I’m pretty sure that people at work will have a hard time recognising her after this! I bet her boyfriend will be asking her a few personal questions just to make sure it’s really her!

The Schoolgirl!


How come she looks 20 years younger after putting on some makeup? 

Makeup can really do wonders when you know how to use it! No more wrinkles and spots for this lady over here! She looks flawless after makeup and also way younger, in fact, it’s like we’re watching the photo of a 15 year-old schoolgirl!

How do people achieve such results, I’ll never understand! I wouldn’t even be able to change the shape of my eyebrows by myself, and if I did they would probably be completely destroyed afterwards!

The Feather Earrings One!


It’s insane how a woman is able to completely transform herself with a few good makeup techniques!

But this woman was able to hide her incredibly crooked teeth in the process as well! She changed her skin tone, covered all of her face’s flaws and even put duct tape on her cheeks to pull them up, giving herself a little facelift without having to visit a plastic surgeon!

How do they come up with those tricks? Do they teach these things at school or was she just improvising and managed to make it work?

The Red Carpet One!


Makeup can work wonders, and this time the result made a woman extremely happy!

Makeup is not just about looking more glamorous or hotter, it’s also about covering some skin issues that are not so easy to conceal!

Take this woman over here for example! The white spots on her face and neck (perhaps due to vitiligo) were probably making her everyday life much harder, not to mention that she was most likely not feeling very happy with her image!

But with the help of a professional makeup artist, she was able to cover them up! Her skin tone was also altered for a more natural look and her eyes now look radiant by using eyeliner and fake eyelashes!

Magic Marker!


Once more, a person’s face (and mood) is transformed with the help of professional makeup!

For this woman over here, the task was even harder! Acne is not easy to deal with, especially if medical treatment hasn’t really done anything for you for some time!

The process of covering up all the spots was longer this time, but the result was definitely worth the wait!

Makeup not only made her skin issues go away, but it also made her look younger and sexier!

With some contouring techniques she ended up looking like a movie star and the smile on her face proves how happy she feels after this transformation!

The Movie Star!


Impressed? So are we! The woman in the photo above was able to turn into an out-of-our-league hot lady in less than an hour using only her makeup techniques!

Where do we start? The eyebrows that are now bigger, the fake eyelashes, the big red juicy lips, or the fact that her cheekbones now seem higher, giving the impression that she is slimmer than she was a few minutes ago?

Makeup or makeover? She looks like a movie star about to have her pictures taken for a magazine! Well done!

The Pale One!


We have no clue how on earth she managed to look like that, but she completely transformed!

Her once pale face now has a cute rose tone to it and, although at the beginning she looks like a 30 year old woman, she ends up looking like a teenage girl about to go out with her friends – and probably without her parents’ permission!

Her makeup techniques make us wonder if she’s a professional makeup artist or if she is just a self taught genius! 

Either way, great job lady!

The Age Gap!


If I’m being honest, when I first saw her I wasn’t sure if she was a woman or a man! Her short white hair combined with her pale and tired face really made me wonder if it was a she or a he!

But once the process began, everything changed! Makeup helped show her true self, not to mention that she now looks 10 years younger! No need for plastic surgery anymore people!

The contouring and rose colour on her cheekbones really improve her image and the work done on her eyes make her look stunning! 

Looking like a whole new and improved version of herself, she seems shocked and definitely happy with the result!

Grandma Style!


What just happened here? Apparently makeup can also turn back time and this lady managed to look like THAT after applying it!

She looks like a 60 year-old woman at the beginning, but when she’s finally done she manages to look like a 20 year-old about to go in for her first job interview!

Wrinkles are gone, so are her dark circles! Fake eyelashes have been placed and contouring has once more worked it’s magic, creating the perfect shape!

It’s just one of those moments, when you start feeling embarrassed about still not being able to put the eyeliner right when people out there can do so much before going out in the morning!



Now this was done for a very good cause and the fact that this makeup artist was able to cover this young girl’s birthmark is truly amazing!

Looking unhappy at first, and a bit timid, this woman went through an extreme makeup transformation and in just a few minutes she looked like a completely different person!

The birthmark was gone, her eyes looked bigger and her skin tone healthy and natural just the way she wanted!

Feeling beautiful and fearless, she then happily posed for the camera in order to show her incredible transformation!

Missing Teeth!


What looks like it could only be fixed with the help of a dental surgeon – and maybe even a plastic one – was saved by makeup!

This woman over here takes the before and after version to a whole new level, making us wonder what kind of makeup makes you look like that!

And we’re not just talking about the face! Look at her teeth! It looks like she’s missing a few – or maybe they’re just SO crooked! 

We don’t quite understand how she was able to fix all those flaws in under 10 minutes but the result is truly impressive!

The Zit Queen!


OMG! I’m just at a loss for words! How did we get here? How did she do it?

How was she able to cover all those zits and then look like THAT? That’s really impressive and, honestly, kind of creepy!

Why? Well, picture this… you’re a guy and the girl you just went out with (who looks gorgeous by the way) stays over (lucky you!). But then before going to bed she decides to take her makeup off and join you in bed!

You’ll probably start screaming when she comes out of the bathroom! Who is she and what has she done to the one you just brought home?

Freckles Off!


Being able to cover up some skin issues was probably the first reason makeup was invented, but this lady over here managed to turn herself into a different person!

Freckles are now considered cute and sexy, but a few years back they were seen as flaws! Apparently this woman still thinks like that and wanted to make them go away!

How do you achieve that? Well, no need for a dermatologist anymore! Makeup can “cure” everything! 

She managed to hide all her freckles, changed her skin tone and made her lips look bigger with her bold purple lipstick! She definitely looks good… we just think that the freckles didn’t have to go away!

What Just Happened?


This is just too much! It seems really hard to believe that this is a photo of the same person, before and after makeup!

It honestly looks like she just had surgery and liposuction! Her transformation is so extreme that we are seriously starting to wonder if makeup kits in Asia are years apart from what we currently have here! 

Skin tone has changed, face shape has been altered, eyes look wider, lips are fixed, she looks younger, and it also seems like she lost a bunch of weight in the process!

OK, let’s just cut to the case here! Ugly duckling turned into the belle of the ball!

Who Are You?


This woman definitely deserves the first spot on our list and you can see why from the photo above!

Her transformation is so extreme that we’re left wondering how a few makeup brushes can do so much!

Her reddish skin tone, moles and pimples completely disappear after a while, the shape of her eyebrows is different and makes her eyes look bigger, but what changes everything is the shape of her cheeks!

Using a contouring technique to create high cheekbones, this woman appears to now have a thinner and way more youthful face!

Of course, the hairdo gave the last touch and she now looks like a supermodel!

This is by far the most amazing transformation on our list!

After all of these photos, you’re probably wondering if all those beautiful women you were jealous of are actually naturally beautiful, or if they look like that because of some makeup techniques!

Truth is, it’s kind of disturbing not knowing how a woman really looks like after removing her makeup so if you’re really freaking out right now about the new girl you just met… there’s no way out of it! You just have to wait and see! Good luck with that!