Weirdest Guinness World Records That Will Definitely Creep You Out!


For those of you who, for some reason, never heard of the Guinness World Records, it’s a book where you can find anything extraordinary done by humans, or even animals, that is worth an award!

This could be anything! From a man’s height to a woman being able to run in heels for 3 hours straight!

However, things have significantly changed over the years, and the awards granted sometimes leave people wondering why a person would get a Guinness World Record for something that anyone could do (or something that is just weird)!

25.Bubble Trouble!


Let’s take this guy for example! He must have been on his couch doing absolutely nothing and just chewing a huge Bubble Gum, when he thought that he could waste some time practising his bubbles! When he finally made a huge one, he must have realized that this would be worthy of an award and called the experts!

It’s weird how you can win a Guinness World Record just by chewing your gum! OK, to be fair, this guy won it because he made a huge bubble out of it – as huge as 50.8 cm… but don’t tell me that’s not something anyone could do at some point – or that someone hasn’t already done without even realizing!

24.The Post-It Man!


Love using post-it notes at work? Well, now you can even become a record breaker just by playing with them instead of actually taking notes like you’re supposed to!

Let’s take a look at this guy over here! He was featured in the Guinness Book of Records because he did something so extraordinary (NOT!) that it made the judges give him an award! What did he do? Well, he covered his body in post-its! That was it! He is now in the Guinness Book because he had the time to play with them!

23.Bear With Me!


Who didn’t love his stuffed teddy bears as a kid, right? But apparently some people decided to hold on to them forever! Like this lady over here who won a Guinness record for the biggest teddy bear collection!

Just look at the pride on her face! She’s now a holder of a Guinness World Record for something that could barely be called an achievement! In fact, I dare any woman who has kept her childhood teddy bears to start counting! For all you know, you might be the next Guinness Record breaker!

22.Ice-cream Lover!


A fan of ice-cream? Then you should definitely get this guy’s phone number – he’ll probably make you one you’ll never be able to finish on your own! Most ice cream scoops on an ice-cream cone! Looks delish!

In case you were wondering, this guy managed to balance a crazy 121 scoops of ice-cream in a cone for 10 whole seconds! It kind of makes you wonder what happened after those 10 seconds! Did it fall on the ground or did everyone gather around and started tasting it? Hopefully it was the latter!

21.StraWnger Things!


If you can’t find a straw for your soda, it’s probably because this guy took it and stuffed it in his mouth along with another 458 straws just to get into the Guinness Book of Records!

This is what I meant when I mentioned that some records are just plain weird! Why would anyone think it would be amazing to stuff an insane number of straws in his mouth? What was the initial thought? How did we end up here? As for this guy, apparently that was his ultimate goal in life!

20.The Can Head!


Also known as Can Head, this guy got into the Guinness Book of Records because of his “superpowers”! He can stick bottles and jars on his head without them falling off and as extreme as it might sound, experts believe that this is due to his body temperature which exceeds 37.8 °C!

His high body temperature “converts” the pores on his skin to suction cups and that’s why everything just sticks to his head! Apparently this guy also makes a lot of money out of this!

Now this is something that not anyone could do, so I actually believe that he deserved his spot in the Guinness Book of Records!

19.Watermelon Crash!


Now this is the kind of woman you would want to marry, and I’ll explain why!

Not only is she attractive, but she can also cut a watermelon! Actually, cutting is not the accurate word! What she does is called crashing and she can do this with her thighs! In fact, she was able to crash 3 whole watermelons in 14 seconds! Wow! 

This Ukranian athlete set the record on a show with audience watching live while the Guinness judges were overseeing the act! That must have hurt afterwards!

18.Mr. Hugsy!


Are you a hugger? If yes, then maybe you should be participating in this contest as well! This couple was hugging for almost 25 hours straight without ever letting go! Madly in love couple or just plain creepy?

If you think that this is easy to do, then think again! Let me remind you of some basic stuff that you would want – better yet, need –  to do in those 24 hours!

You would want to sit and after a while you would also need to sleep! But guess what? You can’t do any of those! You are allowed to eat but should not take your hands off of each other! You would also be able to drink but keep in mind.. What happens when you want to pee? Nothing! You can’t! So it’s better you limit fluids while attempting this!

Still think it’s easy peasy?

17.My Bread And Butter!


Remember how much you liked buttering your bread? No! That’s because no one would ever think like that! Except this beautiful US citizen over here who holds a world record for buttering 10 slices of bread in under 27 seconds!

Apparently buttering bread is not as easy as it might sound, especially if you want your slices to be perfect and not completely destroying them while applying the butter!

This record was only set in 2016, so if you have some time during the morning, I suggest you get practising and you might be the next Guinness record breaker!

This Guinness book definitely has some extraordinary stuff in it (NOT!).

16.The Nutcracker!


If you enjoy breaking nuts, then maybe you should give this a try! Granted, you should also be able to break them without using your hands! Like this guy over here, who thought it would be nice to crack some with his head!

And before you jump into any conclusions, thinking he just broke a couple and that you could also do it, let me give you some more information about this record!

This Indian nutcracker (see what I did there?) managed to crack 217 nuts in under one minute! I’m guessing he also got a concussion after this, but it was worth it apparently! Guinness record…check!

15.The Bigger The Better!


And you thought people were staring because you’re a double D? Honey please! This woman definitely deserves a spot on this list especially because they are ALL natural! All 43 inches of them!

Annie Hawkins Turner from the US has it all apparently! Her under breast measurements reach a whopping 43 inches, and an amazing 70 inches around the chest, so it’s safe to say that this is a record that will be hard to break!

My guess is that this is probably very damaging for her back but she looks really happy, so who am I to judge, right?

14.They See Me Crawlin’!


Guinness records can be really gross some times! Take this 11 year-old kid for example! When his parents asked what he wanted as a birthday gift, he said… a Guinness World Record!

Apparently, all he needed to get his name in the Guinness Record book was to put 43 snails on his face and keep them there for 10 whole seconds!

This might sound simple enough, but take a minute and think of how you would feel if you had snails crawling on your face! Disgusted much? I wouldn’t even pick one up if my life depended on it!

13.Copy and (tooth)Paste!


You know how people collect all kinds of things because they are either unique or beautiful? Some like stamps, others think that coins from all around the world are fascinating!

And then there are some people who think outside the box, and come up with the craziest collection ideas!

Well, this guy thought that toothpaste containers are pretty special so he decided to start collecting them, finding toothpastes from all around the world, and apparently it paid off! He won a Guinness record for his 2037 toothpaste tubes and I’m guessing his teeth will always be shiny!

12.Run Toilet! Run!


Sometimes you just have to run to the toilet! Other times, the toilet does the running! How? This guy created the fastest toilet ever with a speed of 55 miles per hour! Best part? He can flash it while he’s driving – to work probably!

Now this is not your typical kind of Guinness record! How did this guy even come up with the idea? Was he always late for work and decided that this toilet would be the answer to his problems?

And then who, in their right mind, would ever dare to actually use this?

11.Naked Record!


In the UK, a bunch of people decided to get on a roller coaster for a thrilling ride… nothing weird about that right? Except that they didn’t have any clothes on! Guinness record just for taking your clothes off! That’s nice!

But that’s not exactly what happened here! This ride was actually for a good cause this time! This 100 naked people got on this roller coaster in 2010 and were able to raise £22.000 for a breast cancer charity!

Now this is a well deserved Guinness Record!

10.The Smoky Man


Here you are, thinking that you should probably quit smoking because it’s dangerous, when you suddenly see this guy smoking all those cigarettes at once! That’s when you reconsider, because a few per day probably won’t hurt you!

As you can see for yourselves, this guy has a big mouth (literally)! In fact, he has the biggest mouth in the world and for this photo over here he was able to stuff a whopping 130 cigarettes all at once!

However, the number was even higher in 2003, when he won the Guinness World Record for stuffing 159 cigarettes in his mouth! That sounds unhealthy!

9.The Real Rapunzel!


Thought you needed a haircut because your hair now reaches your shoulders?

This woman from Atlanta, Georgia, hasn’t cut her hair in 25 years! When Asha Mandala decided to start growing her hair in her 20s, I bet she didn’t think that she would be setting a world record for the world’s longest dreadlocks!

It might sound cool but, trust me, it’s not as fancy as one might think! Why? Well, it takes 2 days for her hair to dry after a shower and the doctors have warned her that she is causing serious damage on her spine!

8.Plane Eater!


Talk about unhealthy eating! This guy started eating metal, glass and rubber when he was just 16 years old and kept this unusual diet for almost 5 decades until he passed away in 2007 from natural causes (didn’t see that coming)!

He ate practically anything that no one else would ever dare to try, like bikes, televisions, beds and even a small aircraft!

This French man didn’t do it because these objects were yummy though! In fact, he was suffering from a mental disorder that makes people crave non-food items, like rocks or glass!

7.Ice Ice Baby!


The things some people do to get their name in a book, are sometimes unbelievable!

This dude buried himself in snow for over 46 minutes to get into the Guinness Book of Records and from what we have seen from other world-record winners, he could have achieved this in a less painful way! We’ve even seen people winning a Guinness record just for making a bed really fast!

One award wasn’t enough for this guy though! He also won a record for the longest ice-bath, with a time of two hours! Ouch!

6.The Bearded Lady!


Have facial hair and desperately want to book an appointment to the nearest beauty salon because you’re a woman and that’s what women usually do? Don’t worry about it cause it might earn you a spot in the Guinness book!

This woman is the youngest female with a full beard, but for her it was never a matter of getting her name in the Guinness Book of Records!

In fact, Harnaam Kaur decided to intentionally let her beard grow after being bullied for her facial hair!

5.Stick Your Tongue Out!


The things that could get you into the Guinness Book of Records are sometimes insane! Like this guy, who won a Guinness record for having the longest tongue in the world!

Nicholas James Stoeberl has an unusual talent! Well, we wouldn’t actually call it talent! He has an unusual tongue! Holder of the Guinness record for longest tongue in the world, this guy doesn’t only use it to eat his ice-cream faster than anyone!

Apparently, he thought that he should get creative with it and started making…art! Dipping his tongue into a colour pallet, he paints on canvases thus creating something unique! Not bad!

4.The iPhone 6 Tongue!


Apparently having a really long tongue is not the only thing that can give you a spot in the Guinness book! As it turns out, your tongue’s width could also be a record-breaker! Take these two for example! His tongue is 8.6 cm wide and hers is 7.3!

If you’re having trouble understanding how wide this is, then get your iPhone 6 out! Yeap, that’s how wide the guy’s tongue is!

Her tongue, on the other hand, is larger than a credit card, and if you think that this is not too big, then just get your credit card out and put it on your tongue to compare! I bet your credit card doesn’t look too small now, does it?

3.Eye Popping!


Remember all those cartoon characters we used to watch when we were kids, where their eyes would just pop? Apparently it’s a real thing and this woman can do it! I’m guessing it happens when she gets excited!

All jokes aside, this is pretty disturbing to watch, not to mention that it looks painful!

This woman is able to pop her eyes as far as 11mm and holds the title for the farthest eye pop in the world!

Not that this is a useful talent, but since it’s so rare (and creepy), it gave her a spot in the Guinness Book of Records!

2.Cancelled Manicure Appointment!


Cancel your manicure appointment and let your nails grow forever! Apparently this can also get you a spot in the Guinness book – as slow and gross as it might sound! This woman over here had the patience required and her nails now reach a whopping 18 feet of length combined!

It really makes you wonder how she is able to do everyday stuff, like take a shower, get dressed, drive or even eat like any person would do!

How does she manage to sleep without breaking them? And how will she ever be able to have a normal conversation with a human being without the person constantly being destructed by her scary nails?

1.Stretch it out!


The phrase “That’s a bit of a stretch” takes a whole new meaning with Gary Turner from Lincolnshire who deserves first spot on our list! Because of a rare disease he is able to stretch his stomach as far as 6.2 inches (ouch!)!

But his stomach is not the only body part he can stretch! In fact, he can do this almost everywhere on his body and, needless to say, it’s probably the creepiest thing we have ever seen!

Winner of a Guinness record, Gary Turner is now a sideshow performer, “flaunting” his “talent” to the creeped out world! Thanks Gary!