Spring Break Photos You Can’t Look Away From!

Spring Break

Ah…. Spring Break. The vacation every college student yearns for! Parties, beach & crazy experiences all in the space of a week.

Hundreds of thousands of college “goers” make their ways down to the hottest beaches the US has to offer. Where almost anything goes!

Being a party animal is hard work, and whilst most don’t remember (or don’t want to remember) what shenanigans they got up to, thanks to the internet, there are tons of hilarious photos to remind them and us!

Some of the best photo fails have been curated across the internet in this single article, with hilarious, funny and plain crazy moments caught on camera!

Photo Ninja Master

Photo Ninja Master

We all have that picture perfect moment, only to be ruined by some interruption or other.

The guy in this photo is exactly the kind of interruption we’re talking about.

Not only did he manage to sneak into the photo at the right time and in the right position, but he also got captured perfectly in the photo.

Out of all the photobombs we’ve seen in our time, this definitely deserves an award for being pulled off in pure stealth mode!

Our next photo combines both mother nature and the element of surprise….

Lookout Behind You!

Lookout behind you!

Ok, I think we can all relate to being knocked over by a huge wave.

Mother nature is a cruel mistress & unfortunately this girl felt her wrath.

Unfortunately for her, she didn’t even see it coming. It may not be the craziest of photos, but it sure took her by surprise (her face on the right is priceless). Now that’s what we call a wipeout!

For our next photo, you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor dude and his lack of luck with the ladies….

A Third Wheel Perhaps?

A Third Wheel Perhaps?

Oh jeez…. This poor guy looks like he didn’t know what he was signing up for. They say there’s plenty of fish in the sea, but this dude seems to have lucked out completely!

We can’t believe he actually stood and posed for the camera! Next time you’re with your partner or “getting lucky,” light a candle for this sorry mooch.

Up next, we have a perfect example of why you should never do acrobatics when you don’t know what you’re doing….

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed

Before you think that she’s attempting to break dance, just stop.

Nope, it’s not some praying mantis yoga type stuff going on either.

Let it be said, if you’re going to drink, don’t try and do any acrobatics, unless you want to face plant midway through. We’re pretty sure she felt that dive later on in the day!

Ever fallen in front of loads of people? Well for our next slide, this lady goes from a failing fall into a strong save….

When in doubt, walk it out!

When in doubt, walk it out!

This next one has “Epic Save” written all over it.

When life gives you lemons, make the most of it, and go all fabulous before plunging into the pool.

Respect for keep your head up high girl! If this ever happens to you, try and top it by busting out some sweet michael jackson moves!

The next photo explains why even though you’re going to jail, you should always keep your hopes up….

Dancing to the jailhouse rock!

Dancing to the jailhouse rock!

Before being taken off to the slammer, this college student thought she could get a few last minutes of partying whilst on her way to the big house.

Bad news girlfriend, there’s no music in jail. But, we’re sure you can do a dance or two for someone in there.

We love how the guy on the left in the back seat looks like he just came out of a zombie apocalypse!

Our next choice will make you think twice before ever going out in the sun again….

Lookout….. A Snaaaakkee!!

Jeez…. This looks like something out of the anaconda movie. Well, maybe not quite. These unsuspecting ladies decided to take a group photo, when all of a sudden, someone threw a snake in the pool!

Unbeknown to them, the reptile was super friendly and not poisonous.

Still, this photo was snapped probably a microframe before they realized something was lurking right in front of them.

Speaking of lurking, our next unsuspecting lady had no idea that jet skiing can be a risky business….

Cue The Jaws Theme Song!

Deciding to take a jet ski out at sea is an excellent idea, minus fricking great whites in the mix!

That perfect profile photo or “doing it for the gram” was taken to another level with this photo. Imagine just sitting their posing and a beast of the ocean swims past casually? We would be out of there lickety split!

Luckily the big fella swam off and didn’t circle…. Guess he was camera shy!

Another great water activity is surfing, and as you’ll see with our next photo, even nuns partake….

How Many Surfboards Do You Have? NUN!

If you could describe what a surfer looks like, the last thing that would come to your mind is the church, let alone a nun!

This springbreaker got suited and booted for a fancy dress party and caught a few waves in the process.

Our hats off to her! It’s not everyday someone could pull this off and still ride a perfect wave.

As for our next photo, he definitely seems out of his element, by like, 100 years….

Fountain Of Youth

Just a couple of spring breakers…. And grandpa tagging along.

How this happened or what the story is behind this photo we’ll never know, but it sure gave us a laugh!

In all fairness, he seems to be rocking it for his age, and we’d definitely party with him.

For our next photo however, we don’t think she would have been in a partying mood after what happened….

Waterproof Or Dumb Proof?

Obviously this lady didn’t get the memo about electronics and water NOT GOING TOGETHER. Take note, shoving your i-Pad in the sand is never a great idea, especially when an incoming wave is imminent.

Still though, at least she seems undeterred by her now broken tablet. Hope she can buy a new one!

Our next photo has “no care for the world” written all over it, get ready for our next party boy….

Party Boy

Let’s be honest, spring break vacation is nothing without a party! Boy did this guy take it to the next level. We think it’s every guy’s dream to bathe in beer, and this guy took it upon himself to drink the whole tub!

The story goes him and his buddies took as a personal challenge to fill the whole tub with drunken empty cans.

Mission Accomplished!

Our next photo will have you reconsidering ever wanting to work out again….

Muscle Man Or Unimpressed?

If there was a picture that could explain a story, this is it!

Perfectly timed and delivered, the young buck flexing his muscles didn’t expect the girl he was trying to impress show him what she had for dinner.

Seriously, this has to be one of the biggest picture perfect fails in history! He tried, he flexed, and he burned!

But for most people on spring break, getting burned is a regular occurrence, as you’ll soon see with out next fella….

Sunburn Fail or Fashion Tragedy?

Sunburn Fail or Fashion Tragedy?

We don’t know what’s worse…. The hilarious tan lines that have him looking like a leopard, or the bright idea that crocs would be “cool” to wear during spring break.

Now those are some seriously terrible tan lines….How he could even think that this was a good idea is completely beyond us! It’s like he intended to do it. Just really….. No comment.

But if you think his discolouration is bananas, wait until you see the next guy….

This Photo Is Bananas

This Photos Is Bananas

Ok hold the phone. What is a monkey doing on a beach? And secondly, why is it lying on this guy? So many questions with so few answers.

We take our hats off to this guy. At least he found that special classy somebody, which is more than we can say for our next photo.

Half In Or All In?

Half In Or All In?

Imagine this. You went out for a night of partying. You get home to find that you’ve lost your keys and can’t get into the house. You see a dog door, and get the bright idea of climbing through it….. Only to fall asleep mid way!

This unlucky lady experienced just that. We suppose when you look at it, she’s a “glass is half full” kinda gal.

At least she got a good night’s sleep! Which is not what can be said for the next unlucky fella, whose face seems surprised, in shock, and downright disappointed….

No Pictures Please!

No Pictures Please!

The girls on the right seemed to be having a day of fun and freedom, which can’t be said for the unfortunate soul on the left.

This picture captures the “What’s happening?” moment in the funniest way possible!

Seems like he did a little too much partying and ended up on the wrong side of the law….

But nothing compares to the next guy, whose friends decided to play a practical joke on him, in pure spring break style….

Beer Bottle Snow Angel

Beer Bottle Snow Angel

What a photo! This surely took a bit of time to put together, and the end result is amazing!

This guy’s buddies created the ultimate beer wall around their party boy friend whilst he decided to take an impromptu nap.

If there was ever a worst time to take a snooze, it’s definitely gotta be this! We wonder if he moved at all during the rest of the night?

Speaking of moving, our next funny photo shows a guys who definitely would have a hard time lying down after what he went through….

Well if you can wear them, so can I!

Well if you can wear them, so can I!

This photo sums up a joke taken a little too far, or seriously depending how you look at it!

Turns out this guy wasn’t all too concerned about having tan lines and decided his gimmick would be a great conversation starter. Well, it definitely worked, and he’s got this photo to prove it! 5 stars for creativity and bringing humor to this world!

He won’t be lying down too easily after that though, whereas our next photo, captured at the perfect moment, definitely sent her seeing stars….

Bruised Lee or Jackie Slam?

Bruised Lee or Jackie Slam?

We love a good kung fu movie as much as the next guy, BUT, we prefer to just watch rather than recreate our favourite movie martial arts choreography.

Little can be said for this lady. Seriously, what good could have come out of this?

Swinging around some nunchucks is serious business, and she learned that the hard way. Maybe she should use her head more next time.

Pictures captured at the right moment are what we love! So this next one, you’ll definitely have a great appreciation for….

Hungry Like A Giant

Hungry Like A Giant

We’ve all seen those cliche photos of people leaning against the leaning tower of Pisa, or holding the tip of the eiffel tower, and now we’ve seen one friend eating another….

Need we see more?

Getting this shot lined up must have taken abit of work, but oh man, it sure paid off!

Great friends should be kept close, but for the next guy, his friends just let him sleep in the sun…. And burn he did!

Red Bull

Red Bull

Ok firstly ouch!and secondly wow! He must have felt that later on in the day.

Tanning isn’t for everyone but apparently this guy just didn’t get the memo, having been in the sun for 6 hours straight with no sun block. This was just waiting to happen!

Which way to the nearest emergency room? LOL. Get some aloe vera on that ASAP! And stay out of the sun for like 100 years.

For our next guy, you could say that he was in a bit of a “hairy” situation….

Hairy Harry’s Bikini

Hairy Harry’s Bikini

“Relax bro, it’s gonna be hilarious,” said this guy right before he decided to make a fashion statement out of his chest hair.

Well, that’s kinda the reaction he got when this guy pitched up for spring break with his fuzzy top.

Take note, this is definitely not a lost look which is coming back into fashion spring breakers!

Speaking of lost, our next gal took an ingenius measure on the off chance she went missing during spring break, contact number and all….

Lost & Found

Lost & Found

Aimee, whoever and wherever you are, you have got to be one of the best friends in the entire world!

Let’s face it, the partying, drinking and outright fun at spring break can leave the best of us a little lost at times. So as a precaution, this woman’s friends decided to leave a note in the off chance that that might happen.

Pretty sure a business card in the pocket would do, but hey, it works.

Our next photo is of a couple of friends, literally keeping an “eye” out for each other….

Thirsty Much?

Thirsty Much?

When you’re thirst is quenched, its probably a good idea to drink straight from the bottle, and definitely not with your eye, or eyes closed for that matter.

This probably wouldn’t have worked out even if they tried using a cup, but hey, that’s spring break for ya!

However, we have to give props to this lady and her friend, she seems to be absolutely loving the moment!

Unlike this photo, our next one was definitely more horse play….

Sea Horse

Sea Horse

Horseplay can get you into trouble, as clearly depicted in this photo. No matter how fast you gallop, the cops will always catch up with you.

This picture paints a thousand words. What was he doing? Why? What? How? Rumor has it that he didn’t have ID on him.

Still, you can’t help but laugh at the sight of this hilarious arrest. We wonder what his mug shot looked like….

Speaking of animals, we’re jumping to our next photo where a spring breaker was monkeying around in a scene like something out of planet of the apes….

Queen of The Jungle

Queen of The Jungle

If you’re ever surrounded by an army of monkeys (like you ever will be), make sure you haven’t got food on you because they will have it.

These primates were looking for a free hand out and boy were they thoroughly disappointed. The look on this gal’s face shows that she wasn’t going to budge one bit. And rightfully so.

If you’re hungry, YOU’RE HUNGRY, and 2 double whoppers are not for anybody but you. If you’re a fan of the series friends, “Joey doesn’t share food!!” is a perfect caption for this scenario.

But if there is one animal that loves food and is man’s best friend, then this next photo will goes go against all of that….

A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life

The loyalty of a dog can only be tested…. When you’re neck high in beach sand. Whoever captured a photo of this was right on point, as this dog looks like he’s about to do something his owner is not gonna like.

Her face looks like she’s “accepted his choice of being a bad boy.”

What happened next we will never know, but we are sure of one thing…. Sometimes trying to bury yourself in the sand on spring break is not the best idea to come up with.

As for this next photo, we see what lengths college kids will go to in order to have fun when they’ve lucked out….

Party With Grandma

Party With Grandma

Wait a sec…. What’s grandma and her friend doing on the beach? And why are those two guys bumpin’ and grindin’ to what seems like the smallest boombox ever designed?

The hunks know how to party, but the old-timers seem too cool for skool to be impressed with their antics.

You’re dealing with years of experience guys, next time up your game!

If you think this photo is funny, wait until you see our next photo involving a prankster, spider and two women completely unaware of what they’re about to experience….

What. Is. THAT?!

What. Is. THAT?!

We’ve all seen those prank videos floating around the internet with snake, spiders and other creepy crawlies, and this photo is no different.

We love these hilarious games, although the ladies in this photo don’t seem to share the same feelings.

Caught by surprise, these gals were captured reacting to a spider prank just as it came down in front of them, and the prankster is loving it!

But if you thought their reactions were good, then the next photo’s facial expressions are priceless….

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos

When it’s time to rock out, go nuts!

These fellas look like they’ve entered space at excessive amounts of g-force at a first glance. Judging by the guy on the right’s t-shirt, they’re taking head banging to the next level.

Whatever it is they’re listening to, we’ll have the same!

If you are going to party though, then you’ve got to hit the beach too. The next snap, shows us how its not exactly the outcome we expected when going swimming with stingrays….

Everybody Say Cheese!

Everybody Say Cheese!

You go out to swim with the dolphins, and get photobombed by a stingray. It’s funny how the only person who seems to be happy in this photo, is the incredible sea creature.

This one in a million photo is pure comedy gold!

The disappointment in their eyes coupled by the oblivious tourists surrounding them, makes this photo one of the best photos we’ve ever seen.

Be sure if you ever go on one of these tourist attractions, you don’t end up getting your photo ruined!