Unique Tattoos You Would Never Want To Have!

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The art of tattoos has been in our lives for quite some time and millions of people decide to get one to have something permanently inked on their body!

But what happens when what you had envisioned looks nothing like what you got? Or even worse, when you get a tattoo on an impulse and you’re left regretting your decision for the rest of your life?

Here are the biggest tattoo fails in history! Some of them are hilarious, while others are just plain weird!

23.Hilarious Poem


If you were feeling bad about wanting a tattoo but having no clue whatsoever about the design you want to get or the place you would want to get inked, then this guy over here is bound to make you feel better!

So our friend Dave over here clearly just wanted to get a tattoo and booked an appointment without really having something in mind! His sweet little poem truly doesn’t make ANY sense and the cherry on top is the final word..Microwave! Just brilliant!

22.Funky Eyebrows


This is what happens when you want to shape your eyebrows but you are too bored to go to a beauty salon every time! Quick and easy! Apparently all this lady wanted was a thin eyebrow! Great job! NOT!

To be fair, this tattoo was probably done a few years back, when it was considered trendy for women to have really thin eyebrows – then again, I don’t think that women were ever supposed to have THIS kind of eyebrows!

Now that the beauty trend has completely changed, she’s probably regretting her decision!

21.To Mother With Love


Poor guy! He just wanted to thank his mother! In an effort to show his respect and love for his mother, and all that she had done for him, this sweet man decided to get a big tattoo on his arm to honour her! This way, the whole world would know how much he loved his mom!

But either this guy doesn’t speak English and found a crappy translation or the guy who inked him didn’t know basic English! Either way, I don’t think his mather will be thenking him for this anytime soon!

20.Clothing Line


When all you need is a corset to give your body the right shape but you can’t find one that you really like!

Remember how cool corsets used to be like 10 years ago? Do you also remember how everyone stopped wearing them because they went out of fashion at some point? But what happens when you have a permanent corset on your body and you just can’t get rid of it?

This lady decided to get a huge corset tattooed on her but that’s not the only weird thing here… is she actually topless on a girls’ night out?

19.Do You Even Lift Bro?


Who doesn’t want great looking abs, right? The past few years both men and women have been doing their best to get in shape and have a great body that they can show off on social media!

But not everyone has the time to hit the gym every day in order to build a perfect body! So what do you do? Well apparently now you tattoo the abs you want and you’re done!

This guy thought out of the box and came up with a great way to get the body he always wanted! Forget about the gym! Don’t sweat it, tattoo it!

18.Lost In Translation


Getting a tattoo in another language is pretty popular and many people choose to do this either because they don’t want everyone to know what their tattoo means, or because they think it looks pretty!

But before you do that, you should make sure that what you’re getting is what you asked for! Take the time to do some research and don’t rely on things you happen to find online!

This guy probably wanted to tattoo something really inspiring in Chinese! But as it turns out, google translation showed him (way too late) that he now had a turkey sandwich on his arm!

17.The Missing Piece


Is this a couple‘s tattoo? Cause if it is, it went horribly wrong for these two!

These two lovebirds over here probably wanted something really special to show their love for one another, but things went south!

I don’t know where they got this design, or if they did it themselves (while drunk apparently), but these puzzle pieces will, sadly, never fit together! Apparently they discovered it way too late – and not on their own either – so there was no turning back! Well, I guess it’s the thought that counts!

16.Ummm… Spell Check Please?


It’s true! You shouldn’t let the past make your dIcisions! OR, maybe you shouldn’t let the past make your DECISIONS, and let the dictionary make them for you instead!

This young lady was probably really excited about her tattoo and was really looking forward to show it to everyone! But honestly, she should really just hide it under her sleeve!

How do you not double check what is about to be permanently inked on you? I’m honestly wondering if she ever realized that something was off or if the tattoo artist is the one to blame for this disaster!

15.Teenage Mutant Nosey Turtles


Dude! Loving Ninja Turtles is one thing but getting your nose tattooed is a whole different story!

Everyone loved these cartoons when we were kids, and if I’m being honest, there are many people who decide to get a tattoo of their favourite cartoon character!

But most of them put Sailor Moon or their favourite Pokemon on their arm, or leg! Some even on their back! But on their nose?

I think I would be more OK if you had done it anywhere else on your body.. But your face! What were you thinking?

14. A Serious TRADgedy


Honey, this is one of those tragedies that are far from beautiful!

I get it, you wanted something hardcore, something noticeable! But make some basic research first! Dictionaries are your friends!!

I honestly can’t wrap my head around it! How do you not know how to spell TRAGEDY? Or even worse, why didn’t anyone tell you that this is NOT the way to write it? Then again, how about the tattoo artist? Did he know it was wrong but didn’t care, or did he not know basic English either?

This is a really ugly tragedy!

13.Fast Food Fan


Don’t get me wrong! I could honestly spend my whole life eating junk food!

But this guy over here must really be in love with his fast-food! He is a walking billboard ad and I’m guessing the meal he’s eating was for free! I seriously hope that he’s getting something out of these tattoos!

Companies must be really using him to advertise their brand, but this man apparently wanted to include every single fast-food chain on his belly and arms! How do you choose what you’re craving the most when you have it all there on display?

12.Who Is That?


Here’s an idea! Before getting a tattoo, do some online research! Don’t just get in the first tattoo shop there is, because you’ll probably end up regretting your decision for a long time!

Take this guy for example! All this sweet dad wanted was his baby’s face on his back, which is fine because the photo is pretty cute! But the result was far from beautiful! The shading is so wrong and the tattoo is so messed up that it obviously ruined this poor dad’s day! (and life).

11.Manga Eyes


Remember how obsessed everyone was with anime cartoons like a decade ago? Obviously this girl was a huge fan and decided to become one of them! What was she thinking?

First of all, this tattoo seems really painful and then, the result is quite disturbing! Getting tattooed on your eyes is definitely a big NO-NO and there’s a good reason for it! It never looks as envisioned and it’s very creepy!

And what happens now that anime cartoons are not considered so cool anymore? I’m guessing she’s probably in a corner right now regretting her decision!

10.A Picture Paints A Thousand Words


You know how you always loved geography class at school? Didn’t you ever think of getting a world map tattooed on your body? I’m sure you did!

Apparently there are even some people who prefer specific parts of planet earth. Like this nice lady over here who clearly had a good time in Africa!

In fact, she had such a great time there that she wanted to let everyone know about it! From the looks of it, the country is not all that she enjoyed and the statement above says it all!

9.No School, Not Cool


Way too cool for school apparently because even the spelling is wrong! Not to mention that it looks like a 5 year old tattooed this on someone!

I cannot stress this enough guys! Do some basic research before getting a tattoo! And I’m not just talking about the tattoo artist that you are going to choose! Take the time – it only takes a few seconds by the way – to google the word or sentence you want to tattoo on your body!

Or else you might end up like this guy and regret it for the rest of your not-so-cool life!

8.Let’s Face It


So picture this for a second! You’re walking down the street and there’s a guy smiling at you but you realize that you’re actually looking at his back!

I honestly don’t get why anyone would get a tattoo on his head, let alone on the back of his head!

The thing that I find most disturbing is the fact that people decide to get a face tattooed there!

This guy over here also wanted to show a guy smiling – along with some weird teeth – which only makes it look even weirder! Oh, the things you do when your drunk!


7.Lost Your Bearings?


Oh, so close! Can be tough when you don’t pay any attention in geography class and hence don’t get your information straight!

I hope you guys can also tell what’s wrong with this tattoo, or else I’m seriously going to start worrying about everything I was taught in school!

As far as this young lady is concerned, my guess is that she is going to have a really hard time finding her path in life! (Please tell me you got the joke!).

But if you thought that her tattoo was confusing, wait till you see the next one!

6.CHECK It Out


This is so confusing! Are we supposed to play chess on him? Is it an optical illusion? Was it what he always wanted? Was it a bad decision? Finally, a question we can answer! Yes, it was a really bad decision!

So, apparently he is one of those guys who really loves tattoos and wanted to fill his body with ink! His tattoos now look like a bodysuit and I really think he’s going to have a hard time covering all these up when he realizes he doesn’t like them anymore (if that ever happens!).

5.Eyes In The Back of My Head (& A Goatee)


This is a real head turner (YES, this was another one of my jokes!).

Apparently this gentleman over here – who for some reason looks like a 50 year-old man – wanted something really impressive so he went to a tattoo artist and asked for another face on the back of his head!

I know what you’re thinking! Maybe this was part of a bet – one that he lost apparently and this was his punishment!

We applaud you for this great decision – and the mustache on your new friend! Looks amazing!

4.Read A Book


I don’t know what the fuss is all about! This guy is right! Knowledge IS power! It’s just not one of HIS powers! My guess is that he skipped a few classes in school to get this inspiring tattoo!

Where do I begin? The fact that he spelled the word “knowledge” wrong? Or that it looks like this was a tattoo artist’s first try on an actual human being?

Maybe there’s a better explanation for this awful spelling though! Maybe the correct word wouldn’t fit on his leg so they decided to make it shorter!

3.Couldn’t Find A Menu?


Just when you thought you had seen everything, you take a look at this guy’s arm and you thank God for finally quitting junk food – and booze for that matter!

This teenager (it actually makes more sense now!) actually tattooed a McDonald’s receipt on his arm as a punishment from his friends!

Apparently his friends gave him two options for his first tattoo so it was either that, or a Barbie tattoo on his butt and he “wisely” chose the McDonald’s receipt! Nice friends, and nice tattoo man!

2.Wot Deed Yoo Sey?


I’m lost for words! This guy is too, from the looks of it! I honestly don’t know where to begin! The writing that is just a mess? The lyrics that are wrong and make no sense or the fact that Jon Bon Jovi became Jon Bovi? This is just too much!

You remember this epic song right? I’m sure you do! So how come the guy getting the tattoo didn’t remember the lyrics – or the singer? Even worse, why didn’t the tattoo artist warn him?

There is only one possible explanation here! This tattoo was done in Vegas and both the customer and the tattoo artist were drunk!

1.King Of Pop, Tattoo Flop


This deserves our first spot and if you haven’t yet realized why, I’ll gladly explain! Even though the Michael Jackson tattoo isn’t that awful because we can actually tell it’s him, it’s the words underneath that make it our N.1 fail!

And I’m not talking about the “Forever with us” part! Take a closer look! Did you see it now? Yeap, that’s right! It says that “He touched so many”! And YES HE DID!

I’m guessing that this guy was a true Michael Jackson fan and when he was getting his tattoo he probably didn’t know the whole story, but boy was he accurate!