17 Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Most of us take life for granted, not realising that for some, simple, everyday tasks, are massively challenging. Here’s a look at some of those men.

Nr 17 – World’s shortest man

The Telegraph

The Guinness World Records has declared Junrey Balawing, as The World’s Shortest Man.

At the age of 22, he stands at a height of 23.5 inches tall (59.93cm), 7cm shorter than the previous world title holder Khagendra Thapa Magar from Nepal, who was 26 inches tall.

According to his father, the teenager from a poor family in the rural Philippines stopped growing when he was two years old. He had been sickly as a child and doctors were unable to reason why he stopped growing. He now weighs a mere 11lbs and has three siblings, all of whom are normal size.

Nr 16 – Nick Stoeberl

Guinness World Records

In 2015, Nick Stoeberl was the happy recipient of the Guinness Records for having the longest tongue in the world.

The 24 year old Californian’s tongue measures an amazing 10.1cm (3.97in) long from its tip to the middle of his closed top lip.

Part of the reason that Nick’s tongue is so long could be attributed to his father, who was a huge fan of the rock band ‘Kiss’ and as a child, Nick would imitate the band’s frontman Gene Simmons who constantly stuck out his long tongue in music videos.

Nick claims his tongue can not only lick his nose, but can also reach his elbow and his new record supersedes the previous world title held by Stephen Taylor of Britain, with his tongue measuring (9.8 cm).

Nr 15 – Mehran Karimi Nasseri


On the 26th August, 1988, Mehran Karimi Nasseri, an Iranian refugee, traveled to London UK, via Paris France, but on arrival at Heathrow Airport, he couldn’t produce the correct papers claiming they had been stolen on a train in Paris and the British sent him back to Paris.

His entry to France was considered legal, but without the required documentation and no country of origin to return to, he was not allowed to leave the Airport and so began his permanent stay at Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

For the next 18 years, he kept himself clean and well-groomed by washing in the men’s room and sending his clothes to the dry cleaners. Sympathetic airport employees brought him newspapers and food.

In 2006 he was hospitalized for an ailment and on his release, he was finally granted freedom to live in France. As of 2008, he was living in a shelter in the suburbs of Paris.

Nr 14 – Elastic Man

Rebel Circus

Garry Turner was born in Caistor, Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom in 1971.

As a child he realised he was different by the elasticity of his skin and after consulting doctors, he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affects roughly one in every 10,000 people.

By stretching his skin a mind-boggling 6.25 inches away from his body, he was awarded the title of ‘The Man With The Stretchiest Skin’ by the The Guinness World Records in 1999, a title he still retains today.

His condition is so extreme that he’s able to stretch the skin from his belly and use it as a table. He can also cover his entire jaw with skin pulled from his neck and despite the act looking painful, Turner claims it doesn’t hurt at all.

Nr 13 – Tran Van Hay

Viral Trends

Following a traumatic experience after having his hair cut when he was 25 years old, Tran Van Hay of Viet Nam made an unusual decision in his life.

According to his wife, Tran became severely ill after his haircut and afraid of repeating the experience, he decided he would never cut his hair again.

Hidden beneath a scarf for the best part of his life, Tran’s widow had it cut when he died in 2010 at age 73, and it measured a staggering 6.3 m (20 ft 7 in) in length.

She keeps her late husband’s hair in a glass box, but as it was never officially measured by Guinness World Records, Tran Van Hay was never officially recognised as ‘the man with the longest hair.’

Nr 12 – Francisco Domingo Joaquim

World Record Academy

Until his mouth was measured on an Italian tv show in Rome, Italy, on 18 March 2010, Francisco Domingo Joaquim, used to amaze passers-by with his talent on the streets of Angola’s capital Luanda.

Also known as the ‘Jaw Of Awe’ his name was entered in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the title “World’s Widest Mouth” after measuring an unbelievable 17 centimeters (6.69 in)

To further prove the size of his mouth, he participated in an Italian competition named “Big Mouth” where he put a whole can of soda into his mouth sideways stunning all the participants.

Shortly after that performance, he also appeared in another Italian TV show where he shoved a soda can in and out of his mouth 14 times in just under a minute.

Nr 11 – World’s Longest Moustache

Humor Nation

Since growing his moustache since the early 1970’s, Ram Singh Chauhan of India is now recognised by the Guinness World Records as the official owner of the world’s longest moustache, measuring 4.29m (14ft) long.

Chauhan, who describes his whiskers as his most prized possession, is from the city of Jaipur in Rajasthan state, India, and he spends two hours a day grooming his beloved moustache.

As an age-old tradition, moustaches have played a part in Rajasthani and Indian culture for centuries and Chauhan’s extraordinary facial fur has landed him acting parts in half a dozen Bollywood films and even a role in the James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’.

When he first started growing his moustache, he wasn’t aiming for a world record, but contends that if his record is broken, he would want it to be by an Indian.

Nr 10 – Strongest Man In The World


Considered to be ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, American Brian Shaw, stands at 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighs 425 lbs.

After playing college basketball, Brian felt he needed a competitive outlet so he steered his energy towards a strongman career.

He has finished in the top 5 Strongman Competitions since 2011, and has won the ‘World’s strongest Man’ competition four times.

The giant of a man can squat 800 lbs, bench press 525 lbs and deadlift 880 lbs.

He also eats seven meals a day, with sticks to a diet specially designed by a dietician that includes, 12,000 calories a day.

Nr 9 – Man Has Twin In His Stomach

Daiy Motion

For as long as he could remember, Sanju Bhagat, a 36-year-old farmer living in a small village near the city of Nagpur, in India had an unusually large stomach and he was often ridiculed about the size of his belly by neighbors.

Eventually his protruding belly restricted his breathing and the poor farmer was finally taken to hospital where doctors feared he might have a huge tumor and so decided to operate.

A short while into the operation, the medical staff were shocked to discover a strange, half-formed creature with well-developed arms and legs, long hair and nails and when they removed the odd creature from Sanju’s stomach, it turned out to be the stillborn fetus of his twin brother.

According to reports there are only 90 known cases of this abnormality in medical history where a twin gets trapped inside the belly of its sibling who continues to develop normally.

Nr 8 – Longest Time Without Breathing


Goran Čolak of Belgrade, Croatia realised as a kid that he could hold his breath for much longer than the average person.

In 2006, he started his amateur free diving career and one year later, he was breaking several national records in his homeland Croatia.

In 2011, he joined the small, exclusive group of free-diving professionals around the world.

Under the watchful eye of Croatian National coach, Ivan Drvis he has achieved innumerable records including a 225 meters freedive, and surpassing the previous record held by New Zealander Dave Mullins, he also holds the record for Dynamic Apnea, underwater swimming without fins with a dive time of 4.25 min in a 25m pool.

After breaking the world record, he told friends he wanted to dedicate his achievement to his friend and fellow diver, Nicholas Mevoli, an American freediver, who had recently died during a competition in held in the Bahamas.

Nr 7 – Popeye Man

The Mirror

Brazilian born, Arlindo De Souz, had always been in awe of his body building hero, Arnold Schwarzenegger and in an attempt to look like him, the muscle addict injected a concoction of alcohol and oil into his arms to get 29 inch biceps.

The injections aren’t the only unnatural cocktail Arlindo has used to bulk up his body. He has also taken steroids, and even vitamins meant for horses.

The muscle maniac was introduced to the oil and alcohol mixture by a friend who has since died from using the same formula.

Despite the risk of infections which can lead to amputation or even death, the 43-year-old from Olinda, Brazil, claims it’s the quickest way to increase your muscle and bulk without requiring too much effort.

Arlindo, claims he no longer uses the lethal concoction, but also admits he is sometimes tempted to start again.

Nr 6 – World’s Skinniest Man

Biz Planet

Tom Staniford, a budding 23 year old Paralympic cyclist from Exeter, has an extremely rare gene mutation that doesn’t allow him to store fat under his skin.

A research team, including scientists from England, India, Italy and the US, found that a single amino acid was missing from an enzyme that is crucial to DNA replication, causing an abnormality in the POLD1 gene on chromosome 19.

He is one of just eight people in the world with MDP syndrome which struggles to metabolise sugar and carbohydrates.

Although his weight was normal at birth, he failed to retain any body fat from the age of 10, but his syndrome hasn’t stopped him from studying for a degree in law and French, nor has it deterred him from his ambition to represent Britain as a Paralympic cyclist at the next olympics.

Nr 5 – The Wolfmen

The XO Directory

Born with a rare genetic condition called Congenital Generalized Hypertrichosis, also known as “The Werewolf Syndrome,” Larry and Danny Gomez are possibly the hairiest men on the planet.

Their rare condition is shared with two other members of the family of 19 that span five generations who are all afflicted by excessive facial and torso hair which covers almost 98% of their bodies.

There are only about 50 recorded cases of the rare condition, 15 of those are from the Gomez family who have all assisted scientists in their search for answers to the gene responsible for CGH believed to be linked to several markers of the X chromosome.

There is good news though for Larry, who after being gawked at all his life and starring in a circus freak show with his brother Danny, Larry now makes a fortune in Hollywood with a few movie roles and his own TV reality show and he now goes by the name of Wolfman.

Nr 4 – The World’s Tallest Man

World Teen World Newsgroup

There have only been 10 confirmed cases in history of men over the height of 8 feet and in 2009, Sultan Kösen, a part time farmer in Turkey, became the first man in 20 years to be measured by Guinness World Records.
Sultan was born on 10 December 1982, but his incredible growth spurt didn’t start until he was 10 years old. The rest of his family, including his parents and four siblings, are all average size.

Sultan’s height is attributed to an over-productive growth hormone which also leads to a thickening of the bones, large hands, and painful joints.

At a staggering height of 8.3 inches – 2.51 meters, he is the tallest man on earth. He also holds the record for Largest hands on a living person, each one measuring 28.5 cm (11.22 in) from the wrist to the tip of the middle finger plus, the record for largest feet on a living person, with his left foot measuring 36.5 cm (1 ft 2 in) and right foot measuring 35.5 cm (1 ft 1.98 in).

Nr 3 – World’s Smallest Man

Global Times

73 year old, Nepali villager, Master Nau,who stands just 16 inches tall is desperately trying to be recognised as the shortest man in the Guinness World Records’ immovable category, the category for people who cannot walk.

He was measured at 40cm (16in) tall when he travelled from his remote village south-west of Kathmandu to the capital and if his bid as the shortest man is successful, he’ll replace a Taiwanese man who currently holds the title and who stands 27 inches tall.

In the movable category, Guinness World Records currently recognise another Nepalese man, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, 74, who at 54.6 cms holds the record for the world’s shortest man.

Nr 2 – Ice Man

Ed Latimor

One Sunday morning, Wim Hof, aged 17, was walking through a park when he decided to immerse himself into a ice-cold pond of water. The experience was exhilarating and he repeated the ritual every day for the next twenty-five years, eventually mastering his own technique of mind over matter.

In 2007, he climbed Mount Everest wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and shoes but due to an old injury, failed to reach the summit.

In 2009, he climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa (‎5,895 m), again wearing just a pair of shorts.

He has broken the record for ice endurance (1 hour, 52 minutes, and 42 seconds) and has run a marathon in the Namib Desert under scorching heat without drinking any water.

In total, Hof holds twenty-six world records.

Nr 1 – Man Without Limbs

Believers Portal

Nick Vujicic was born in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. Despite being a healthy baby, he was born without arms and legs.

He was one of the first physically disabled students allowed to attend a mainstream school when the Victoria state law changed. However, as a victim of school bullying, he soon became depressed and at the age of 10 he attempted suicide by drowning himself in his bathtub.

Later on in life, Nick realized he wasn’t unique in his struggles after reading a newspaper article about a man with a severe disability and he decided to embrace his shortcomings and use his accomplishments to inspire others to be grateful for life.

Nick has gradually figured out how to live a full life by adapting his lack of limbs to the many tasks most people achieve without thinking. He began giving talks at his prayer group when he was 17, and later founded his non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs and now travels the world offering inspiration to others.