18 Amazing Bridges You Wouldn’t Believe Exist

18. Banpo Bridge, Korea

Situated in downtown Seoul, the Banpo Bridge built in 1982, crosses the Han River in South Korea. This stunning bridge connects the Seocho and Yongsan districts and is the first double deck bridge built in the country. Banpo Bridge is mostly famous because of the Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, the world’s longest bridge fountain. Because of its 10.000 LED nozzles, the Rainbow Fountain, which was installed in 2009, won a Guinness World Record! The water that is pumped from both sides of the Banpo Bridge, and falling down to the Han River, is illuminated by the LED lights which creates an amazing view!


17. Devil’s Bridge, Germany

If you haven’t visited Germany yet, this bridge will make you want to book a ticket as soon as possible! Also known as the Devil’s Bridge, Rakotzbrucke, is a jaw-dropping bridge located in Kromlau, Germany! Built in the 19th century, this work of art bridge uses its own reflection in the water to create a perfect circle! This beautiful, man-made bridge, is embellished with spiked rocks on both ends creating a picture-perfect image for everyone! The architecture and the green surroundings are bound to make this experience unforgettable! We strongly recommend you visit this bridge during the fall! The foliage around will give this bridge extra points!


16.Canopy Walk, Ghana

Found within the Kakum National Park in Central Ghana, the Canopy Walk, or Walkway, is 350 meters long. This bridge was actually made by 2 Canadians and it connects seven treetops, thus providing access to the forest. 150 meters from the ground, this “bridge” within the tropical jungle is ideal for adventure seekers and hikers! It might look intimidating, and scary to cross, because of all the ropes hanging around and the wooden planks, but the Canopy Walk is actually really safe to use! So no need to worry! Hundreds of thousands have crossed this bridge, and now you can too!


15. Tower Bridge

Perhaps one of the most famous bridges in the world, and London’s landmark, the Tower Bridge is definitely something you don’t want to skip! Crossing the River Thames, the Tower Bridge is almost 250 meters long and 65 meters tall! It consists of two bridge towers on both ends, connected by two horizontal walkways. Believe it or not, this beautiful bridge was built over 125 years ago and was officially opened by the then Prince of Wales, and his wife, the Princess of Wales. Though you will have to pay an admission charge to visit the two towers, the Tower Bridge’s deck is freely accessible to pedestrians and vehicles.


14. Oresund Bridge, Sweden

Coming up to a whopping 205 meters, the Oresund Bridge in Sweden was built in 1999. Reaching almost 16 km long, this is both a road and railway between Sweden and Denmark, thus connecting the Danish capital, Copenhagen with the swedish city of Malmo! The Oresund Bridge is more than just a bridge though. Besides the stunning views it offers, it has also created a region reaching a population of almost 4 million! Thanks to this connecting link, it has become easier to work on one side of the bridge, and live on the other side! Everything is close to reach because of this stunning construction!


13. Moses Bridge

If you thought that bridges are only above water, this bridge in Netherlands will make you reconsider! Splitting the waters of the moat in half, the “invisible” bridge reminds us of the biblical images of Moses splitting the Nile river! In an effort not to change the appearance of Fort de Roovere, but wanting to also transform it into a cycling and hiking area, the Moses Bridge seemed like the ideal solution. A normal bridge would have spoiled the amazing scenery, but this one allows people to cross it without ever disrupting the view, since it’s at a river level, looking like it parts the waters!


12. Rolling Bridge, England

This 12 meter-long retractable bridge in Paddington Basin, London, for the exclusive use of pedestrians was completed in 2004. This modern creation was conceived by Thomas Heatherwick and what amazes us is the fact that it can curl up to allow the passage of boats through the Grand Union canal basin. This next-generation bridge also won the British Structural Steel Design Award! Although it was given the name Rolling Bridge, the way it works would probably be more accurately described as “curling”. The opening and closing, or “curling”, of the bridge is a beautiful thing to watch and should not be missed!

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11. Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands

We are pretty sure you have never seen a bridge like this before! Located in the Netherlands, and constructed in 2002, this fully automatic movable bridge is made of iron and steel and it is also known as the Flying Drawbridge! Crossing over the Harlingervaart River in the city of Leeuwarden, this road bridge looks like two arms, only briefly, lifting a part of the road to allow the passage of boats and ferries! Although it doesn’t sound possible, the Flying Drawbridge is raised and lowered over 10 times a day, definitely making it something fun, and strange, to watch!


10. The Millau Viaduct, France

If France is on your bucket list, then you should definitely include this bridge as part of your tour! The Millau Viaduct, or Viaduc de Millau in french, had set a world record for the tallest bridge reaching almost 350 meters! This enormous bridge is even higher than the Eiffel Tower and it crosses the Gorge valley of the Tarn river, situated in Millau, Southern France. Reaching almost 2.500 meters long, the Millau Viaduct was officially inaugurated in December 2004 and it offers amazing views! This grand construction is much more than a bridge to facilitate passage! It is a beautiful architectural creation certainly worth visiting while in France!

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9. Ponte Vecchio, Italy

Ponte Vecchio, or Old Bridge if you want its english translation, is a stunning 30 meter-long arch bridge crossing the Arno River in Florence, Italy. This medieval bridge, possibly constructed around 966, is made of stone and what is remarkable is that shops were built along it! Although the Ponte Vecchio was initially built as a defense system, it is nowadays considered as a landmark in Italy. This picturesque setting is ideal for a tour if you are planning to visit Florence any time soon and we highly recommend it, especially during the spring or the summer when you can really enjoy your stroll.


8. Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Surely one of the most known bridges around the world, is the Golden Gate Bridge! Featured in hundreds of films, this bridge should definitely be in your go-to list while visiting the US. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge crossing – yes you’ve guessed it right – the Golden Gate, connecting San Francisco and Marin County. Considered as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, this steel construction is almost 2.800 meters long and finally opened in 1937. It is now perceived as one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks and #1 in every tourist’s list!


7. Duge Bridge, China

The Duge Bridge, also known as Beipanjiang Bridge, in China holds the world record as the world’s tallest and longest bridge! This 296 meter tall construction was built in 2016 and crosses the Beipan River, thus connecting the Liupanshui City in Guizhou Province with Xuanwei City in Yunnan Province. Although it looks like something that must have taken ages to built, the Duge Bridge was actually made only within four years! Seems like the Chinese know how to get things done! Standing at 565 meters above the ground this enormous bridge offers breathtaking views and has certainly made it through our must-go destination list!


6. Siberian Bridge, Russia

The Siberian, or Vitim River, Bridge in Russia is perhaps the most dangerous bridge in the world! This 570 meter long bridge crosses over the freezing Vitim River and it’s a wonder it’s still there! Don’t get me wrong! This old train bridge is actually one of the most spectacular ones in the world but..it’s terrifying! People who have managed to cross the Vitim River are considered heroes since this bridge is covered in “ready-to-fall” wooden planks which can be very slippery due to the area’s freezing temperatures! This bridge might be quite long, but it’s also very narrow, making it hard to cross even if you’re driving a small car!


5. Trift Suspension Bridge, Switzerland

This pedestrian only suspension bridge located in the Swiss Alps is one of our favourites! At a height of 100 meters, the Trift Suspension Bridge is 170 meters and crosses the Triftsee Lake in Switzerland! Getting there is not a piece of cake though! You will have to first take a cable car, then a gondola, and finally hike for almost two hours! The initial bridge was first built in 2004, however in 2009 it was replaced with the current one, which is much safer for visitors to cross! Although this bridge can be very scary for those who are afraid of heights, it is definitely worth visiting, and crossing, to enjoy the amazing views from the top.


4. Living Root Bridges, India

The Living Root Bridges in Cherrapunji, India, near the India-Bangladesh border, is a thing of beauty! Crossing the Southern Khasi and Jaintia hills, the smooth rivers and mountain streams, these bridges were created by nature! There is an Indian rubber tree growing on the slopes of the hills, called Ficus Elastica. This tree has the amazing ability to produce another set of roots from the top. The people of that area realized that they could actually use these roots to cross the hills and then found a way to direct them towards the way they wanted or needed. The scenery is amazing and highly recommended for your next trip!


3. Magdeburg Water Bridge, Germany

If you think you’ve seen it all, then you probably haven’t seen this bridge yet! The Magdeburg Bridge in Germany looks nothing like the other modern ones we have mentioned! It is the largest navigable aqueduct in the entire world that carries not only pedestrians, but boats as well! That’s right! Officially opened in 2003, this bridge crosses the river Elbe and is used to connect the Elbe-Havel Canal to the Mittellandkanal. The Magdeburg Water Bridge is 918 meters long and what amazes us is the weight that it can carry, considering that both boats and pedestrians can cross it!


2. Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge, China

Not really sure whether to call this a bridge or a mystery! The Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge in Mount Tai, China has major religious and cultural significance and the Chinese associate it with birth, renaissance, and the dawn! Composed of three enormous rocks, as well as a few smaller ones, the Immortal Bridge seems to be crossing a never-ending abyss and to this day scientists can’t figure out the precise moment when these rocks actually fell into this place! Looking like these rocks are suspended by an invisible rope, the locals say that the ones who get to cross it will gain immortality!


1. Lego Bridge, Germany

This beautiful multicolour bridge in the city of Wuppertal, Germany is definitely worth being on the top of our list! The Lego Bridge was initially the Wuppertal Northern Railway which was constructed in 1879 and then got its current name in 2011 when the now famous graffiti artist, Martin Heuwold, painted over it to make it look like Lego bricks and made it internationally known! This work of art crosses the Schwesterstrabe and is part of a long pedestrian and cycle path! If you have never visited Germany before, the Lego Bridge is surely a reason to do so and we are certain you will be amazed by the view!