15 Of The Richest Women In The World

With all the wealth out there, we decided to create a list of some of the world’s richest women. From real estate tycoons to duchesses, from heiresses to the social elite, our list of the world’s 15 richest women certainly deserve to be acknowledged!
Here’s our round up starting from number 15:

15 Sandra Ortega Mera

Economia Digital Galicia

Sandra Ortega Mera, received a vast inheritance when her mother died in 2013 and she has been using that wealth wisely, increasing her net worth along the way.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Sandra has been buying up real estate in Stuttgart (Germany, New York, Miami Beach, Hollywood, Los Angeles, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Despite being the richest woman in Spain, and considered Europe’s youngest billionaire, Sandra leads a discreet life and is known to reject ostentation.

She devotes her time to Fundación Paideia, the nonprofit her mother started that supports vocational training for people with disabilities and is now the second richest person in Spain after her father with her net worth estimated at $6.4 billion.

14 – Katharine Rayner


When Anne Cox Chambers, distributed the family wealth between her three children, her daughter, Katharine Anna Rayner made the top 100 list of richest women in The United States.

The family wealth, estimated at $20 billion in revenues, was generated by Rayner’s grandfather,
James Middletown Cox who was the founder of Cox enterprises, a major media conglomerate.

Katharine, has never had an active role in the company, preferring to utilise her energy with
Philanthropy. She is on the company’s board at the Public Library of Morgan, New York and works to raise Funds for Animal Rescue.

Katharine has been married twice in her life, but keeps her family away from the limelight.

Her net worth is estimated at $6.3 billion dollars.

Nr 13 – Jocelyn Wildenstein


Swiss born, New York City socialite, Jocelyn Wildenstein, is considered to be one of the richest women in the world, although the 77 year old recently claimed she is broke and gets by on monthly Social Security payments of $900.

In her quest to look more feline, the once attractive socialite nicknamed ‘Catwoman’ is better known, for her facial disfigurement following numerous plastic surgery procedures which are rumoured to have cost millions.

Her divorce settlement from billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein in 1999, is believed to be one of the biggest payouts in US history with Jocelyn purported to have received $2.5billion.

Adding to her woes, she and her current Fiance’ Lloyd Klein, recently faced charges of assault over alleged fights between the two.

12 Cayetana Fitz – James Stuart

The Independent

Until her death in 2014, aged 88, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, known as the Duchess of Alba, was one of the world’s richest women.

The billionairess, was Spain’s richest noble and the world’s most titled aristocrat with more than 50, including, the Duchy of Berwick.

Renowned for her individualism, she was married twice before marrying her third and last husband, Alfonso Diez, a 60 years old civil servant, 25 years her junior at the time of their marriage in 2011.

Her net worth was estimated as high as $3.7 billion when she died and it has been said, she owned so much land, you could walk from one end of the country to the other without stepping off her property.

11 – Margarita Louis Dreyfus

The Bridge

Russian-born heiress, and billionaire, Margarita Louis-Dreyfus is the majority owner and chairwoman of agricultural commodities giant Louis-Dreyfus.

The 167 year old business was left to her by her husband when he died of leukemia in 2009.

With a share of 69% of the company, she has recently made moves to buy out the remaining family stakes, at an estimated cost of $800 million.

She also retains a 5% share in the French soccer team Olympique Marseille after selling the club to former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt in 2016.

She is mother to two sets of twins, having given birth to her more recent twin girls at the age of 53.

Her net worth is estimated at $ $5.7billion dollars.

10 – Massimiliana Landini Aleotti


When pharmaceutical Baron, Alberto Aleotti, died in 2014, he left his wealth to his three children and his wife Massimiliana Landini Aleotti, making her one of the world’s richest women.

Her late husband had built a pharmaceutical empire named Menarini with 16 manufacturing sites around the world and 17,000 employees.

Massimiliana, along with her daughter Lucia and son Alberto Giovani are all actively involved in the company that generates an annual revenue of $4 billion. She is also active in environmental protection issues and educational funding programmes.

The family have been under scrutiny recently by the Italian tax authorities with accusations of tax evasion and proceedings are still ongoing.

With an estimated net worth of $7.6 billion, Massimiliana is one of the richest women in the world.

9 – Blair Parry Okeden


Before she died in 2007, Barbara Cox Anthony, shared the wealth from the family’s media empire Cox Enterprises with her three children, and her daughter, Blair Parry-Okeden inherited a 25% stake.

Blair Parry-Okeden, is American by birth, who grew up in Hawaii, and moved to Australia in the 1970s after marrying pastoralist Simon Parry-Okeden and she is now an Australian citizen.

Forbes recently named her Australia’s richest woman with a net worth of $US8.8bn after exceeding the net worth of Gina Rinehart, whose wealth had fallen to $US8.5bn due to the fall in iron ore prices. and a legal ruling which impacted her shareholding in Hancock Prospecting.

Known to be quiet and reserved, she also authored a children’s book titled, Down By The Gate.

8 – Iris Fontbona

Todays Magazine

Since her husband died from cancer in 2005, Iris Fontbona, has steered the family’s wealth towards new heights of success and today, she is considered one of the richest people in Chile.

During his lifetime, her deceased husband, Andrónico Luksic, had created a fortune in mining and beverages and he left his businesses to Fontbona and their three sons: Jean-Paul, Andronico, and Guillermo Luksic, (who died of lung cancer in 2013 at age 57).

Along with her sons, Iris Fontbona today, controls the largest brewery in the world, the 9th biggest copper mines, the biggest shipping company in Chile, and the 2nd biggest bank of Chile.

As one of the world’s most successful business women, her net worth is estimated at $14 billion.

7 – Gina Rinehart


Gina Rinehart, is the daughter of iron-ore explorer Lang Hancock, who died in 1992. At the time of his death, Hancock Prospecting was faced with financial ruin, with the few remaining assets either under threat of litigation, or heavily mortgaged.

Having built her wealth from the remnants of her father’s iron ore business, Gina, today is one of the richest people in Australia,

The largest slice of her fortune is generated by from the Roy Hill mining project, which started shipments to Asia in 2015.

The mining queen, is also Australia’s third-largest cattle producer, with a vast portfolio of properties across the country.

With a net worth of $15.5 billion, she has increased the value of the business left to her by her father almost 300 times over and has clearly eclipsed him in business success.

6 – Charlene De Carvalho Heineken


With a 25% controlling stake in Heineken, Europe’s biggest beer producer and second largest in the world, Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, is considered to be the richest woman in the UK and one of the richest in the world.

Charlene, became the company’s co-owner after the death of her father, Freddy Heineken, in 2002. With over 73,000 employees, the company’s revenue is estimated at $24.7 billion.

Charlene, who has dual Dutch, and English nationality, is married and has five children. She is a private person who is very energetic in supporting several charitable causes and non-profit organizations and she has an estimated net worth is $15.8 billion.

5 – Laurene Powell Jobs


Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Tech Guru Steve Jobs, inherited a fortune when her husband died in 2011.

With a $20 billion stake in Apple and Disney, she has been putting her fortune to work with a gift of $1.2 billion to The Emerson Collective Foundation, with much of the funding coming from her Disney shares.

With a focus on education, immigration and the environment, she has helped finance College Track, which helps low-income students enroll and succeed in college.

The philanthropist also knows how to enjoy her wealth with a $16.5 million home in San Francisco and a multimillion-dollar yacht and she ranks among the richest women in the world, with a net worth of $21.3 billion.

4 – Maria Franca Fissolo


With a net worth estimated at $25.2 billion, Maria Franca Fissolo is now the oldest billionaire in the world.

She is the widow of Michele Ferrero, who built his Ferrero Group into one of the world’s leading sweets companies, better known for its Nutella chocolate-hazelnut spread, Kinder chocolates and Tic Tac mints.

Until a biking accident that tragically killed Giovanni’s brother Pietro in 2011, the two brothers had previously served as co-chief executives.

When he died in 2015, Michele Ferrero left the majority of his business assets to Maria and their son Giovanni, who became chairman of the company.

Maria, who lives in Monaco, is considered the 29th richest person in the world, and although she is no longer active in the family business, at the age of 99, she is the world’s oldest billionaire with a net worth of $25 billion.

3 – Jacqueline Mars

Celebrity Net Worth

Jacqueline Mars owns an estimated one third of Mars, the world’s largest sweet and candy manufacturer.

The Mars company was founded in 1911 by Jacqueline’s grandfather, Frank Mars who started his business by making chocolates in the kitchen of his home. Although the company has
Grown exponentially, it still remains a family business with an estimated net worth of $60 billion.

Jacqueline worked for the company for nearly 20 years and served on the board until 2016.

In 2013, Jacqueline made the headlines for all the wrong reasons when she was involved in an accident in which an 86 year woman died and another woman suffered a miscarriage. Mars pleaded guilty and expressed regret for the event.

Jacqueline’s is ranked as the 36th Richest Person In The World with a net worth estimated to be around $27 billion

2 – Alice Walton

Money Inc

Until a dramatic $7 billion dollars drop in stock value, Alice Walton was not only the richest woman in the US but also in the world.
The decline in her wealth is mainly due to the negative publicity she received when it was revealed that her employees at the Mega Store Chain Walmarts were not very well paid and she is now ranked 2nd on the richest women list.
Adding to her woes are the numerous motor vehicle misdemeanors she has been involved in including, DUI and a fatality in 1989 when she knocked down and killed a pedestrian.

But it’s not all bad. In January 2016, Alice donated about $225 million to the family’s nonprofit, Walton Family Foundation which recently gave $120 million to the University of Arkansas to establish a School of Art.

Alice and her two brothers have a combined wealth of $133 billion and the 68 year old heiress has a personal net worth around $43.7 billion.

1 – Liliane Bettencourt

Famous Entrepreneurs

Liliane Bettencourt was the principal shareholder of the cosmetics empire L’Oréal, after inheriting it from her father Eugene Schueller, who founded the company in 1907.

Rated as one of the most powerful women in the world, she was the richest woman in France and became the richest woman in the world after overtaking American heiress, Christy Walton of Walmart fame.

Liliane was an only child, and at an early age, she developed an interest in her father’s business and as a teenager she started working for him as an apprentice.

As an adult, she was an ambitious businesswoman, who worked tirelessly to expand the business eventually acquiring numerous other cosmetic brands.

Later in life, her controversial involvement with a much younger man, and her strained relationship with her only daughter gained massive media attention.

At the time of her death in 2017, Liliane Bettencourt was the richest woman in the world, with an estimated net worth of $40.9 billion.