10 Celebs Who Pretend To Be Wealthy

Nr 1 – DMX – Earl Simmons

DMX - Earl Simmons

Well known music Rapper Earl Simmons, aka DMX has been hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons recently.

Allegedly owing $1.7 million dollars in back taxes, he recently pled not guilty to tax fraud and his future doesn’t look too bright.

He has 3 times in the past, declared bankruptcy, and having already served time behind bars for failing to pay child support for his 15 kids, DMX better get busy trying to produce a few hits to avoid being incarcerated again.

Nr 2 – Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

American Actress of Italian descent, Alyssa Milano has not spent her earnings very well and has failed to pay many outstanding bills that are now overdue.

Milano’s creditors are lining up for payment, but she claims that her business manager Kenneth Hellie is the one responsible for any bad financial decisions and not her.

With that in mind, she has decided to use the meagre savings she has left, and sue Hellie in a bid to find a solution to her financial problems. The outcome of that lawsuit should be interesting.

Nr 3 – Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West, husband to reality tv queen Kim Kardashian is said to be $50 million dollars in debt.

His once profitable music career was put on the backburner while he spent millions on his fashion line which has turned out to be a total failure.

With a high maintenance lifestyle and mounting debts, it might be the right time for West to tighten his belt and get back to music.

Nr 4 – Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

Photo Source: CNN

It’s alleged that actor Johnny Depp is $40 million dollars in debt and the law courts are now trying to establish if this is the result of a lavish lifestyle or simply bad financial management.

Depp claims that the incompetence of his former manager is responsible for the piggy bank having no money left, an accusation that has been bounced back at Depp by his ex manager.

To keep the wolf from the door, Depp has sold his luxury yacht plus several properties, but outright refuses to get rid of his private jet. Let’s hope he is left with enough cash to fill it with fuel.

Nr 5 – Nicholas Cage

Nicholas Cage
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It’s not hard to spend vast amounts of money when you have it, but it is rather strange to know that Nicholas Cage spent most of amassed fortune on Dinosaur bones, shrunken heads and old comic books.

Following his strange shopping habits, Cage is now faced with lawsuits for unpaid taxes and loans and has reverted to accept almost any film role to sort out his mounting debts.

Judging by some of his recent, sub standard, acting roles, he longer cares about the script or the role, as long as it brings in a few bucks.

Nr 6 – Ja Rule

Rapper Ja Rule

Internationally renowned Rapper, Ja Rule, should have known better before getting involved with friend and confident, Billy McFarland.

With promises of staging the first ever exclusive music festival known as the Fyre Festival, on an idyllic island in the Bahamas in 2017, Rule has found himself on the wrong side of a lawsuit charging him for defrauding investors, which could cost him $100 million dollars.

With debts as high as $7 million dollars, the festival was a disaster from the get go and ticket holders ended up stranded in the Caribbean without food, water and proper accommodation.

Nr 7 – Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Despite all attempts to keep her private life from the public, Lindsay Lohan’s problems always seem to come out of hiding and her financial headaches seem to be following suit.

It was recently revealed she has run up credit card debt of $600,000 dollars, owes, $300,000 dollars in taxes and hasn’t paid her rent to the tune of $100,00 dollars.

And experts are betting that her mountain of debt will soon force her to declare bankruptcy

Nr 8 – Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser

With a series of physical ailments, lawsuits, and scandals reportedly playing a role in his retreat from the spotlight , Brendan Fraser was once a guaranteed box office success, but his career has taken a nosedive in recent years and he hasn’t landed any big screen roles for four long years.

With a monthly outgoing of $112,000 dollars for professional expenses, $5,200 dollars for gardening services and staff fees of $3,000 dollars, Brendan Fraser’s debts are mounting at a rapid rate and its estimated that he is losing around $87,000 dollars every month.

Nr 9 – Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

As one of the most successful professional boxers of all-time, Mike Tyson’s net worth was around $300 million dollars at the peak of his career.

His success in the boxing ring has not followed in his personal life and he after several scrapes with the law including jail time, plus excessive spending his fortune has dwindled to a $3 million

After declaring bankruptcy a few years back, he is finally putting his house in order and it would seem that he is handling his money a lot better nowadays.

Nr 10 – Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling

The Spelling/McDermott household is in serious financial trouble. Tori and her husband Dean have run-up massive credit card debt and the couple are struggling with money issues.

Their luxury lifestyle has led the couple into a debt of 6 figures and McDermott has fallen behind on child support reportedly to be in the thousands.

With creditors chasing the couple at every opportunity, Tori has made recently made herself scarce resulting in her nanny being served with lawsuit papers in Tori’s absence.

Sooner or later the couple will have to face the music and failure to do so could result in jail time.